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Top Bharti AXA Health Insurance Plans

If you are planning to save on medical care then investing in a good health insurance policy is essential. Many insurance companies offer customized health insurance plans to protect you from higher medical costs. From pre-hospitalization to recovery grant, home nursing to coverage of outpatient emergency treatments, a comprehensive health insurance plan can make your life easy.

Bharti AXA offers 3 comprehensive health insurance plans to meet your medical needs. The company has insurance plans of Rs 2 lakh, Rs 3 lakh and Rs 5 lakh. These plans are also called as SmartHealth BASIC (Rs 2 lakh), SmartHealth Optimum (Rs 3 lakh) and SmartHealth Optimum (Rs 5 lakh) respectively. In an event of critical illness, Bharti AXA’s Rs 3 lakh and Rs 5 lakh plans provide double the sum insured.Along with a huge network of 4300+ partner hospitals for cashless hospitalization, the company also provides benefits such as reimbursement of pre and post hospitalization expenses.


Bharti AXA’s Rs 3 lakh and Rs 5 lakh plans include a cover for critical illness, which is given to the policyholder as lumpsum compensation in the event of the policyholder being diagnosed with any of the 20 critical illnesses covered in the plans. Also, the policyholder gets double benefit with the two plans wherein you will receive hospitalization benefit of Rs 3 lakh and Rs 5 lakh. You would also receive an additional lumpsum compensation of Rs 3 lakh and Rs 5 lakh respectively. However, this cover is applicable only after 2 months of inception of the policy and is subject to a month of survival period.

One of the main benefits of Bharti AXA health insurance plans is the day care treatment where 24 hours of hospitalization is not required for treatments such as dialysis, chemotherapy, eye surgery, etc. undertaken at a partner hospital.

Bharti AXA’s top-selling health insurance product is the Triple Health Insurance Plan. In this plan, a policyholder can make up to three claims for any unrelated critical illness. After making the first claim, all the future premiums are waived off and paid by the company.

This plan provides a cover for 13 critical illnesses(split into three groups – A, B and C and the policyholder can get 100% sum assured for each claim made.The minimum age at entry into the Triple Health Insurance Plan is 18 years whereas the maximum age at entry is 80 years, and maximum age at maturity is 85 years. This plan also help the policyholder receive tax benefits under Section 80D for all the premiums paid towards health insurance benefits of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Bharti AXA also offers riders on its health insurance plans. On the Triple Health Insurance Plan, the policyholder can enhance protection by opting for the below rider:

Bharti AXA Life Hospi Cash Rider

This rider allows payment of a fixed benefit for each day of hospitalization. It also offers a fixed amount benefit in case the policyholder is admitted in an Intensive Care Unit or a lumpsum benefit in case of surgery. This rider is available at an extra cost/premium.

Most of the Bharti AXA Health Insurance Plans provide coverage for a maximum of four family members with up to two adults and two children. Also, the plans extend a benefit of health check-ups, that is, after every block of four claim-free years of the policy, 1% of the sum insured will be provided towards the cost of the health check-up.

All the plans are lifelong renewable and covers you for your entire lifetime. Also, a renewal discount of 5% every year is provided, maximum being 25% on a progressive scale.

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