Factors to Consider before Buying Women Health Insurance Plan

Times have changed and now women are no longer confined to just house walls. Women have strengthened their roles at home and at work and in every walk of their lives. They can fulfill their duties at the house and at work and alongside tend to take care of their health too. But, sadly they are so engrossed in playing the different roles in their life that they forget about insuring their health with medical insurance policy.

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    They have already surpassed the stereotype and are growing professionally, but despite the professional growth, their health is still being ignored.


    Men and women’s both can have similar health issues, but their effect is different on women’s body. Women should have some of the best health insurance policy to address their health concerns adequately. Simply put, health insurance plans for women are a great solution to safeguard their health and ease the financial burden form their shoulders.

    Women Health Issues

    Studies reveal that women are more vulnerable to health issues in comparison to men. They juggle every day with their schedule to meet everybody’s expectations around them.  Simple instance - just look at your wife or mother around you and you would get the answer.

    Definitely, women health issued needs special consideration. And there are various health insurance companies such as United India Health Insurance, Star health, etc. that are coming up with women-specific health insurance plans to cater to the women-specific illnesses in an effective manner. These medical insurance plans will ensure health security to a large number of women across the country. It will allow them to avail the best medical treatment in India and even abroad (depends on the type of health insurance coverage).

    As per the report by National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, women are more vulnerable to health issues like - STDs, heart attacks, Osteoarthritis, diabetes, blood pressure, depression, and UTIs. To assure their good health, it is important to understand that most of their health issues may not be biological but may be resulting due to a hectic lifestyle, stress, lack of sleep, and inadequate nutrition. 

    The Importance of Following a Healthy Lifestyle

    • The old saying’ health is wealth’ seems to be true when one encounters a health issue. Women who are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle will have fewer health issues like PCOD, etc. The money saved can be utilized in other productive expenses like a child’s education, etc. 
    • Women with lesser health issues feel energetic throughout the day
    • They are able to concentrate on personal and professional life
    • They enjoy satisfying and healthy relationships with friends, families, and colleagues

    Basically, a stress-free mind and a healthy diet lead to a long and healthy life.

    The Need for Health Insurance for Women

    Amid pollution and sedentary lifestyle, it is inevitable to fall prone to lifestyle health issues. Women remain vulnerable to health ailments even after following a healthy lifestyle. More and more incidents of health issues are reported even after following an exercise regime, healthy diet, adequate sleep, etc.    And there are various other things that continue to ruin their health.

    the Amid medical inflation and the increasing cost of health care), buying health insurance coverage for women is almost inevitable. Fortunately, it is quite easy to compare health insurance plans online in India and find a policy that is suitable for one’s financial needs and health concerns.

    Factors Women Should Consider Before Buying a Health Insurance Policy?

    Benefits of medical insurance include hospitalization expenses, accidental cover, emergency medical treatment cover, for self and your family member. You can buy an individual plan or get your spouse and children also covered under the same. Here is a list of some of the benefits:

    • Medical Facilities - With a medical insurance policy in place, you can avail some of the best medical facilities. You can take treatment in any of the network hospitals for cashless hospitalization cover and give yourself the best medical treatment for a speedy recovery. 
    • Medical Expenses - Even a minor medical treatment can drain all your savings. With an adequate health insurance cover, women who own financial responsibilities can enjoy their peace of mind, especially in case of medical expenses. This will keep the savings intact, and your insurance provider will compensate for the medical expenses.
    • Composure - Women, who have a hectic work routine, can save themselves from running pillar to for any medical emergency. You can enjoy financial security that comes with a medical insurance policy.
    • Tax Saving Benefits - In addition to health security, medical insurance also provides tax exemption benefits U/S 80D of the Indian Income-tax Act. The limit varies in case of an individual and family floater plan.

    How Women Can Find The Best Health Insurance In India?

    Here is a quick rundown of important parameters that a woman should consider before buying a health insurance policy for herself and her family:

    • Go for a policy that  covers both pre and post hospitalization expenses
    • While selecting a policy, take into consideration special coverages like maternity benefits.  If possible, opt for a policy that covers the newborn baby as well. And if you are planning a baby in one or two years, then find a maternity insurance plan with a minimum waiting period.
    • Buying a policy before the 30s recommended as with age you become prone to lifestyle issues. It can be difficult to select a plan as per your wish if you have a pre-existing illness. So, the earlier the better.  
    • Go for an insurance company with a good incurred claim ratio or claim settlement ratio that can be checked online at the IRDA website or on the insurer’s website. Suppose you are buying a United medical insurance plan then you can check on United Healthcare India’s website as well.
    • Look for plans that cover breast cancer, cervical cancer, etc.
    • Cashless hospitalization in-network hospitals are always recommended if you want to experience a hassle-free claim process. Check the list of insurer’s network hospitals, and their availability in your vicinity

    Over to you

    Every woman is special and so is their health. If you are also one of those women, who are playing multiple roles in their lives and want to secure their future, then you should spare some time and get a health insurance policy to avail the best medical services.  Among all your responsibilities, it is one of the most important ones.

    Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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