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Importance of Health Insurance for Women

Recently, International Women's Day was celebrated with a great aplomb. Women play their roles and responsibilities with pride. They try to make everybody around them happy. They get so busy taking care of their family that they don’t even realize that they are taking their health for granted.

Single women, stay-at-home mothers, married women, working women all should have adequate insurance cover. It is the need of the hour, as it helps to safeguard their health, save money, and create a shield of protection.

The last two decades were the first wave of the financial liberalization that triggered societal change and modernized conventional models that concern the women’s role.

Women, especially in the urban areas, are becoming fiercely self-dependent, and they have become equal breadwinners of their families. Women are liberated enough to take their financial decisions, such as regarding investments and savings. So much has been said about the need and the importance of the insurance in women’s life. Still, women tend to overlook health insurance policy. Consequently, either they are underinsured or they have no coverage at all.


Women need more medical intervention than men because they require reproductive care and they tend to fall ill more often.

Health insurers offer insurance plans particularly for women to cater to their specific needs.

These Health Plans Cover:

  • The women-specific like breast cancer, uterine cancer, fallopian tube cancer, cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, and ovarian cancer.
  • Maternity expenses.
  • Personal accident cover.
  • Hospitalization and post hospitalization charges for critical illnesses treatment.
  • Support of livelihood benefit in case of the accidental death or permanent full disability of an insured woman.

Benefits of Women Health Insurnace

The Following are the Points to Keep in Mind When You Buy Health Insurance:

1. Economic isn’t Adequate

When you buy health insurance, you come across a variety of basic health insurance plans that offer you coverage for minor diseases. These plans might be cheaper but the coverage provided would be insufficient. Avoid financial crisis during medical emergencies by opting for adequate coverage. After all, Health is wealth they say. 

2. Buy Personal Health Insurance

The validity of your health insurance coverage is directly related to how long your tenure is with the organization. The moment your association with the organization is over, the health insurance plan lapses. Job change, retirement etc. affects your financial budget. As long as you are paying the policy premium, your health insurance cover is valid.

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3. Inflation

When you don’t have adequate insurance cover, medical bills can wipe away all your savings and push you closer to a financial crisis. The medical inflation is rising at an alarming rate; a mediclaim policy can ensure your financial safety.

4. Early Bird Catch the Worms

Women should buy medical insurance when they are young, as their health is at its peak and they are free from any medical complexity. The perks of being an early bird are that the premium rate is lower. At the same time, the health policy offers you a comprehensive cover. As you grow old, the premium rate increases and coverage decreases correspondingly.

5. Tax-Benefit

Apart from providing you an insurance cover, having a health insurance plan offers you the benefit of tax-saving as per Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Women under the age of 65 years can claim a tax deduction of up to Rs. 30,000.

6. Prepare for the Unexpected

Having a protective shield of insurance prepares you for the unexpected health issues that can be even worse for you in the future. It can also put an added burden on your shoulders. They say - Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

7. You Need it

Ladies, when you think you don’t need health insurance; it is when you should buy one, which means that you won’t get the full coverage when you actually needed it.

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