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New Health Scheme Launched By Bharti-AXA

Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company is a joint venture company between Bharti Enterprises of India and AXA group. The company has a footprint in almost every part of the country offering life insurance solutions. The company has a vision to become leader and preferred company for financial protection and wealth management in the country. It has recently launched new health insurance schemes to provide more protection to the consumers to cover every contingency.


Health Insurance Scheme - Bharti AXA

Below are the new health insurance schemes launched by the company with their features and benefits:

  • HOSPI CASH BENEFIT RIDER: Bharti AXA life hospi cash benefit rider provides fixed benefit to the insurer in case of any hospitalization. It is a non-linked regular pay hospital and surgery cash insurance rider. An insurer is provided daily cash up to fixed amount as per policy in case of any hospitalization for more than 48 hours. Even cash benefit is provided in case patient is admitted in ICU. The fixed benefit is two times of daily cash benefit allowance subject to maximum of 40 days. The rider also provides for lump sum benefit in case of hospitalization for any valid medical surgery. In case of multiple surgeries during a single admission, single payment is done on the basis of surgery attracting highest benefit.
  • TRIPLE PROTECTION HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN: This plan covers up to three unrelated critical illnesses with policy providing lump sum payout of 100 percent of the sum assured for each claim. The policy covers 13 critical illnesses classified into three groups and on diagnosis of an illness, the policyholder remains insured under rest of the groups. Maturity benefits and death benefits are available with the return of premium option. Furthermore, on diagnosis, future premiums payable by the policyholder are waived off. This policy can be taken by an individual over the age of 18 and maximum age limit for entry into this plan is 50 years.
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