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Why to go for Health Cover?

Health insurance provides you with a financial safety cover during unexpected medical emergencies which can come anytime and anywhere. It takes the burden of medical expenses and hospital charges in case of critical illness, any disease, disability and accident.

A good health insurance plan can also contribute effectively to your savings for future investment by diminishing the impact of sudden expenses. There are various health insurance plans available in the market along with many riders and benefits giving all the possible solutions to the customers. You can have an individual plan or for your entire family also. Plans specified to certain types of diseases, disabilities or injuries are also available in the market.


You must have heard about various health insurance plans on television, radio, in magazines, newspapers and other varied media. Determining your needs and accordingly choosing the perfect plan can be a very fruitful part of your life. It will surely support you financially at the time of medical emergencies. The benefits of health insurance vary from company to company and plan to plan. Here are some common benefits you can get from health insurance:

  • You can have an individual health insurance policy, cashless mediclaim, group health insurance, travel health insurance, senior citizen health insurance, maternity insurance, family floater health insurance and critical illness cover as per your needs.
  • Health insurance plans not only to cover the medical expenses, but these also help to save tax under section 80(D) of income tax act.
  • It covers hospital room and boarding charges, ambulance charges, pre & post hospitalization charges, doctor’s consultation charges, diagnostic charges, ICU charges and another material cost.
  • By just submitting all the bills, the insured can get the benefits even if he is getting the treatment at home.
  • An organ donor can get rid of the expenses in surgery and harvesting the organ.
  • In the case of critical illness, the insured will get a lump sum amount covering the expenses related to dialysis and chemotherapy.

With all these benefits of health insurance, you can wave off the burden of medical bills. People are becoming conscious about their savings, safety and expenditure. The world is progressing, technologies are improving; medical illnesses are increasing so as their expenses. To reduce the impact of sudden calamities, taking health insurance is an advisable and a very helpful option.

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