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Preventive Health Care Plan – A Quick Guide

It is always better to have prevention against diseases instead of approaching the doctor during the condition. A health plan is regarded to be a good one only if it covers preventive measures like doctor’s advice and diagnostic tests. Preventive Health Care Plan endeavors to bring the expensive preventive care checkup in the reach of common people. Identifying and minimizing disease risk factors within a time limit through proper screening, this plan has turned out to be a crucial thing in life of many. Regular checkups and preventive care can keep you safe from diseases which evolve like the silent killer.

Features of Preventive Health Care

Preventive Health Care Plan is a comprehensive plan designed to provide a breadth of benefits to the customers like –

  • Free health check-up all round the year
  • Free doctor consultation even on phone
  • Discounts on tests at diagnostic labs, pathology and radiology labs
  • Concessions at pharmacies
  • Benefits on dental services
  • Discounts even on big treatments in addition to diagnosis and consultation services
  • Saves tax under section 80(D)

Availing Preventive Health Care is a simple 3 step task. Firstly, you need to dial the helpline number on your membership card and describe the medical problem to the representative – secondly, he will guide you to a specialized doctor for diagnosis – thirdly, you get your medical treatment done with the card without spending money now-and-again. 

Difference between Heath Insurance and Preventive Healthcare plan

Health Insurance

Preventive Healthcare Plan

It is either denied to old aged or a higher premium is charged to get them insured

Old aged are welcomed to get this plan and the same fee is charged for all the ages

Pre-existing ailments excluded up to the waiting period

Pre-existing ailments included

Premium is usually high

Annual membership fee is comparatively low

Dental services excluded

Dental services included

Pathology and radiology services excluded

Pathology and radiology services included

The claim process is time-taking

Simple and fast availing of services

Covers hospitalization expenses

Covers normal day to day medical expenses

Cover is limited and exhaustible

There’s no limit to the card usage

Covers serious illnesses

Covers diagnostic and preventive services


Understanding the need of preventive health care, various insurance companies have integrated this plan thereby spreading awareness among people regarding the same. Few plans are –

Preventive Health care Packages

Regular plan – As per this preventive health care plan, one can approach the doctor for regular health checkup and stay prevented against any disease.

Family plan – Here every member of the family can avail preventive health care irrespective of age or gender.

Child plan – Child preventive health care insurance plan authorize parents to take their child (between 0 to 13years of age) for regular checkups to the doctor.

One should opt for any plan considering his/her needs. Even customized plans are available today which are sure to prove as a great money savior. Preventive Health care plan is must to be availed as it is always better to get cured before disease reach to their irreversible conditions. 

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