Bharti AXA Life Shining Stars Plan

As a responsible parent, one would always want to make sure that one's children accomplish a cent per cent success in all challenges that life throws at them.
One would like to ensure that one's child is always protected from financial instabilities. It is challenging to make sure that one is not compromising on their goals of protecting their children's future while keeping them safe in every circumstance.

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Best Child Saving Plans
  • Insurer pays your premiums in your absence

  • Invest ₹10k/month and your child gets ₹1 Cr tax free*

  • Save upto ₹46,800 in tax under Section 80(C)

*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply

*Please note that the quotes shown will be from our partners
Nothing Is More Important Than Securing Your Child's Future

Invest ₹10k/month your child will get ₹1 Cr Tax Free*

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Bharti AXA Life Shining Stars Plan provides one with the option of choosing from multiple policies and premium paying terms. The insured can also choose the options of benefit payout depending upon the child's needs.



Policy Tenure

12-20 years

Premium Paying Term

7-15 years

Premium Paying Mode

Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, & annually

Entry Age

18-60 years

Maturity Age

72-80 years

Grace Period

30 days (15 days for monthly frequency)

Sum Assured

Min- Rs. 50,000

Max- No limit; subject to underwriting norms


Loans are available under this policy once the policy acquires surrender value.

Benefits of the Bharti AXA Life Shining Stars Policy

Here are the core benefits of Bharti AXA Life Shining Stars Policy offered by Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company to its buyers:

Flexi Payout Option-

The maturity benefit comes with two payout options:

(a) Flexi payout option - The Insured may also opt to receive the payout after a year, all through the maturity payout period.

(b) Annual payout option- For the Annual payout option, one may also choose to receive the current value in a lump sum for all expected payouts in the future.

These payout options can be chosen at the time of the policy inception. This option can also be modified when the policy matures according to the child's needs. 

Death Benefit-

The Death Benefit under the Bharti AXA Life Shining Stars Plan ensures that the needs of the policyholder's child are fulfilled if something unfortunate happens to the life insured (parent) within the policy term. The further premiums shall be waived off in such a condition, and the Death Sum Assured will be paid. However, the Maturity Benefit shall go on uninterrupted, which will be payable to the nominee once the policy matures.

Maturity Benefit-

The policyholder will be entitled to the Maturity benefit if he survives until the Maturity Date and has paid all due premiums. This benefit is the Sum Assured on Maturity. It is equal to the Sum Assured under the policy and will be paid as a lump sum.

Policy Loan Benefit-

The policy offers the flexibility to take a loan from the Company in case of any financial emergency. The interest rate will be specified by the Company while advancing the loan.

Tax Benefit*-

Based on the prevailing tax laws, the policyholder is eligible for tax benefits on the benefits received under the policy and the paid premiums.

*Tax benefit is subject to change in tax laws

The Premium for Bharti AXA Life Shining Stars

The Bharti AXA Life Shining Stars premium applicable for this policy is dependent on the following factors:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Sum assured
  • Policy term(PT)
  • Premium payment term(PPT)

The premium payment mode could be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual.

The minimum premium for a PPT-7 and a PT-12 is Rs. 5791.*(Standards T&C apply)

People can use the Bharti AXA Life Shining Stars calculator available online to get an idea about the premium sum to be paid.

Additional Riders for Bharti AXA Life Shining Stars

The additional riders available for the Bharti AXA Life Shining Stars policy for added protection are:

  • Bharti AXA Life Term Rider
  • Bharti AXA Life Hospi Cash Rider
  • Bharti AXA Life Accidental Death Benefit Rider

Eligibility for Bharti AXA Life Shining Stars

  • Minimum age of entry: 18 years age last birthday for all Policy terms
  • Maximum age of entry: 60 years age last birthday for all Policy terms
  • Maximum age at maturity: The age at maturity could be 72 years, 73 years or 74 years for 12 years, 13 years or 14 years, respectively.

What are the documents required to buy this policy?

To buy Bharti AXA Life Shining Stars policy, one must provide the following documents-

  • Identity proof- AADHAR card, voter's card or passport
  • Address proof- AADHAR card, ration card, driver's license or passport
  • Income proof- Salary slips or income tax returns

How to buy this plan online?

One can buy Bharti AXA Life Shining Stars online by clicking on the 'Buy Now' option provided on the website.

The steps to be followed to buy it online are as follows:

  • Fill in your personal details
  • Provide the proper details and the plan details, which you intend to buy. The Bharti AXA Life Shining Stars calculator will give you a quote for your saving plan
  • The next step is to take care of the premium payment if you agree with the quote
  • Once the payment is confirmed, the policy documents will be emailed to you

Exclusions of Bharti AXA Life Shining Stars policy

Based on Bharti AXA Life Shining Stars reviews, the policy has a Suicide clause. In case of the policyholder's death by suicide within a year from the date of risk commencement or the policy revival date, his nominee or beneficiary will become eligible to receive Policy Surrender value, or at least 80% of the total premiums paid until the date of death, whichever is higher. This will hold good if the Bharti AXA Life Shining Stars policy status is active.


Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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