IFFCO Tokio Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance Policy

If you own IFFCO Tokio bike insurance, then let us inform that the basic policy would not cover you for the depreciation of the two wheeler.  However, the insurer has come up with an excellent plan option to cover this situation. With IFFCO Tokio Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance Policy, you can protect your two-wheelers like scooters, motorcycles, bikes, etc., from unknown threats on the road and save on the depreciation costs.

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Reasons to Choose IFFCO Tokio Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance

IFFCO Tokio zero dep bike insurance comes with amazing benefits which include access to a wide number of authorized garages, 24x7 road assistance, instant claim settlement, spare part protection, etc.

Zero Depreciation bike insurance IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Co. Ltd. is one of the most beneficial and highly recommended zero depreciation or nil depreciation insurance policy, which is known for offering good add-on covers and easily procured at times of claim settlement. The policyholders can buy these add-on covers by purchasing a comprehensive bike insurance policy and standalone own damage covers, by the insurance Company. 

If you wish to buy zero dep cover IFFCO Tokio bike insurance online, you need to follow certain steps which include stuff carrying a lot of documentation like your driving license, your RC, details related to your vehicle, etc. Depreciation causes depletion in the value of your motor vehicle with time. Zero depreciation bike insurance policy protects your bike from not only depreciation but also helps you in savings during losses and damage.

Zero depreciation bike insurance policy allows e-payment and digital banking. You can buy your zero depreciation insurance policy online and can secure your online payment with IFFCO Tokio. IFFCO Tokio Insurance company offers many beneficial policies which are simply unique and are available at affordable prices. 

Benefits of IFFCO Tokio Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance Policy

There are various benefits under the IFFCO Tokio bike insurance add-on cover.  They include the following:

  • It allows the policyholders to claim the maximum amount for their bikes.
  • It helps in saving money without any additional expenses.
  • It will pay for the full amount of the damages caused.
  • IFFCO Tokio Bike Insurance allows its policyholders to claim for their zero depreciation bike insurance policy for unlimited times.
  • IFFCIO Tokio Bike Insurance takes complete coverage of your two-wheeler.
  • It wears off any burden on the policyholder whenever he/she asks for claim settlement.
  • It offers zero depreciation add-on covers at very low and affordable prices.
  • The depreciating charges of the bike are not taken into consideration by any means.

Claim Process of the IFFCO Tokio Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance Policy

The claim process of any bike settlement is very essential because it includes the condition where a policyholder appeals to the insurer for delivering the amount of compensation for any mishap incurred to the vehicle by any natural disaster or accident on the road.

IFFCO Tokio bike insurance includes two types of claim settlements for the zero depreciation bike insurance policy. They are as follows:

Cashless Claims: In this type of claim, as the name suggests, the whole process is cashless, i.e, you don’t have to pay anything for the expenses of repairing your motor vehicle. This only activates if you take your motorbike to a motor garage which is authorized by the insurer. After the repair, the company can directly pay the payment bills to the motor garage itself, following their policy protocols. The claim process for cashless claims include:

  • Contacting your insurer after the accident and sharing important details like the location and time of the accident.
  • Now you have to register your claim. After registering your claim, the representative of IFFCO bike insurance will guide you in further steps.
  • A survey will be organized by the insurer to analyze the amount of damage caused to your motor vehicle.
  • The insurer will now send your vehicle to the nearest garage.
  • After the repair, the insurer will bear the payment to the motor garage according to the policy liability and you will be handed over your motor vehicle.

Reimbursement Claim: In this type of claim, you have to inform the insurer for reimbursement for the repair expenses of the damage caused to your motor vehicle. This can only be done if you take your motor vehicle to a motor garage that is not authorized by the IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Co. Ltd. The claim process includes:

  • The initial process includes informing the insurer about the accident by calling them on their toll-free number 1800-103-5499 or visiting their official website. Inform them about the accident and ask them to start the reimbursement process.
  • Now register a claim and get the claim number given to you.
  • IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Co. Ltd. will now send a surveyor to inspect the accident. After the inspection, you can send your motor vehicle will be sent to the motor garage.
  • Now get the motor vehicle repaired at a garage of your will. After repairing send the bill and the receipts to the company to start the reimbursement process.
  • After considering your claim, the company will pay the claim amount.

Documents Required for Claim Settlement

Following documentation is required while filing a claim:

  • Insurance Policy Copy
  • Filled Claim form with signature
  • Registration Certificate(RC)
  • Driving License
  • Copy of FIR if the third party is included
  • Original Bills and payment receipts concerned with motor vehicle repair
  • PAN Card
  • PUC certificate
  • Original repair invoice for cashless claims


IFFCO Tokio Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance Policy Reviews & Ratings

4.6 / 5 (Based on 62 Reviews)
(Showing Newest 25 reviews)
Pimpri Chinchwad, October 09, 2021
Right plan
My father had gifted me a bike and a friend of mine suggested me to get my bike insured as it will help me financially in case of any kind of mishappening. So I came across the policybazaar website and after comparing the plans I found the right plan for me which was iffco tokio plan.
Patna, October 09, 2021
Best plan
The services provides by the Policybazaar to its customers are remarkable. i have received full attention and assistance while purchasing iffco tokio plan for my bike. An executive who helped me find the best plan at the best price was brilliant at his work.
Vadodara, October 09, 2021
Faster claim settlement
I had lost my documents which were required to make the claim. I visited Policybazaar from where I had taken iffco Tokio Two Wheeler Insurance. The team resolved my problem in a single conversation. They are very good in problem solving. i got the claim settlement without any hassle.
Ghaziabad, October 09, 2021
Outstanding service
I am planning to buy more plans from Policybazaar as I am satisfied with the services provided by Policybazaar. the team facilitated me with outstanding service. I have had a wonderful experience while buying iffco Tokio Two Wheeler Insurance.
Ludhiana, October 09, 2021
Complete support
Policybazaar is one of the best service providers. I did not expect that I would get so much support. I went to Policybazaar for bike insurance and with the help of the team I took iffco Tokio two wheeler Insurance. the team shared with me all the details of my policy.
Pimpri Chinchwad, August 18, 2021
Great plans
I did not like my previous policy so i decided to switch and i went to policy bazaar office and i took a IFFCO Tokio two wheeler insurance policy. in the new policy i got what i need in my policy and satisfied with the service provided by the company.
Noida, June 04, 2021
Easy online claims
I purchased Iffco Tokio two wheeler insurance three years ago through policybazaar. I had to claim the policy once last year due to minor accident. Entire process was very smooth and I was able to get the claim very quickly.
Amabala, June 04, 2021
New policy holder
I bought Iffco Tokio two wheeler insurance three months ago through policybazaar. Online buying process and payment was very easy. I could compare 10 different plans before deciding on one. Thank you policybazaar.
Varanasi, June 04, 2021
Easy renewal
I bought Iffco Tokio two wheeler insurance online through policybazaar. The process was very easy. I renewed the same policy this year as well. I like their services.
R.udayagiri, October 13, 2020
I have saved a lot more money when I got the iffco tokio two wheeler insurance policy from the policybazaar and it has been an amazing experience for me and my family. Thank you policybazaar.
Babhleshwar, September 28, 2020
Best insurers
I have recently took the iffco tokio two wheeler insurance policy from the policybazaar. The company is best and have provided with certain good benefits. Thank you policybazaar.
R.k.nagar, September 24, 2020
Choose the best
I have recently choose the best two wheeler insurance policy of iffco tokio and it was done from the policybazaar. It is really good and one of the best plan I had. Safe and secured. Thank you policybazaar.
Bandel, June 30, 2020
Good network
The policybazaar team has a great network and tie ups with different insurance companies. So, it is quite beneficial too to compare and get the plan.
Yashwant Nagar, June 29, 2020
I got the advantage of adding few riders into my plan. It was great way to make their customer happy with small things.
East Champaran, June 29, 2020
Online compare
Before getting the insurance done, I compared various plans and prices at one website of policybazaar and closed the best deal.
Kabi Surya Nagar, June 18, 2020
Online process
The whole process is online so just stay back home and get the insurance done in few minutes.
Udaipur, June 18, 2020
One of best thing of policybazaar is that we can pay our premium rates via EMIs too. It is quite convenient for most the people.
Jabalpur, June 18, 2020
Low premium rates
I searched for various plans for my two wheeler in different websites but found the best one in policybazaar. With low premium rates.
Farenda, June 18, 2020
Unique plans
I got a good and unique plans at the website of policybazaar. Without any disturbance or something I researched and got my bike insurance done.
Iddappadi, June 18, 2020
Customer representative
I was guided by one of the sales representative. He was very good and his knowledge about the plans were superb.
Machavaram, June 17, 2020
Great deals
While you are planning to get insurance done for your two wheeler then I must suggest you to go to policybazaar. As they bring great deals and offers.
Farenda, June 17, 2020
Happy customer
I can proudly say that I am a happy customer of policybazaar. They helped me to get a good plan for my bike.
Kachchh, June 17, 2020
Great discounts
I got the two wheeler insured from policybazaar. I got good discount with huge number of benefits. Thanks team.
Maanikpur, June 17, 2020
Best services
I purchased the two wheeler policy from policybazaar and the service team is quite responsive and effective too.
Vadakara, June 17, 2020
Check and surveillance
After knowing the things in a better way I thought to get my two wheeler insurance done from policybazaar. As they check the whole thing before making a claim and gives accurate information.
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