Oriental Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance Policy

Vehicles have become a regular part of life for years. Just as individuals require a safety blanket, so do the vehicles. One such safety blanket is getting your vehicle insured. The Oriental zero dep bike insurance or zero depreciation two-wheeler Insurance cover provides the two-wheeler with insurance and ensures that the customers can get the full coverage amount without any deduction of depreciation amount.

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In general, a zero depreciation cover helps the customers to not lose the claim amount due to the depreciation value of the bike parts. Further benefits and features of this cover are briefly discussed below.

Benefits of Oriental Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance Add-on 

The zero depreciation add-on cover comes with a set of benefits that aim to ensure that the customer receives the best of the insurance policy. The key benefits are highlighted below-

  • Oriental Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance Add-on ensures full settlement of the claim amount without deduction of the depreciation value
  • Another significant benefit of adding the oriental zero depreciation bike insurance add-on is that it helps the customers in saving some money. Despite what the depreciation value is, the cover will provide for repairs and replacements as per the policy terms and conditions; through this, the customer can save money that otherwise they would have had to spend on the repairs or parts replacements.

Applicable Two-wheeler Depreciation Rate with and without Oriental Bike Insurance Zero Depreciation Cover

Below is a table showcasing the rate of depreciation that would be applicable with and without a zero depreciation cover:

Age of the Two-Wheeler

Depreciation Rate With Oriental Zero Depreciation Cover (In Percentage)

Depreciation Rate Without Oriental Zero Depreciation Cover (In Percentage)

Less than six months



6-12 months



1-2 years



2-3 years



3-4 years



4-5 years



5-10 years



Over 10 years



Below is a table showcasing the rate of depreciation as applicable on the insured two-wheeler parts:

Parts of the Two-Wheeler

Depreciation Rate without the Oriental Zero Depreciation Cover

Depreciation Rate with Oriental Zero Depreciation Cover

Parts of rubber or nylon or plastic



Parts of Fiberglass



Parts of Glass



Factors that affect Oriental Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance Add-on Cover

Oriental Zero Depreciation Two-wheeler Insurance Add-on has a set of predetermined factors that can potentially affect whether the customer can or cannot get the full benefits of the add-on. Such factors are briefly discussed below-

  • Age of the two-wheeler
    • The two-wheeler's age is not supposed to be over two years.
  • Number of set claims
    • Customers who avail of this add-on can file claims twice during the policy term
  • Repairs and replacement of parts
    • Repairs and replacements expenses that occur due to the usage of the two-wheeler are not covered, i.e., the general maintenance that happens - for instance, a punctured tyre.
  • Limits of claim coverage
    • Customers would not be receiving any coverage if and when the two-wheeler is entirely at a loss, i.e., the presence of total electrical and mechanical breakdown of the two-wheeler.


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Oriental Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance Policy Reviews & Ratings

4.8 / 5 (Based on 46 Reviews)
(Showing Newest 10 reviews)
Howrah, October 09, 2021
No claim bonus
Last week I renewed my Oriental two wheeler insurance policy which i took from Policybazaar and I am happy as I have got a slight discount on the premium rate. i have got no claim bonus for not raising claim request during the policy term.
Srinagar, October 09, 2021
Faster claim settlement
I had an accident last month thankfully I had taken the two wheeler insurance from Policybazaar. i applied for the claim settlement and i got cashless repairing as well as cashless treatment of myself. i did not have to pay any charges whether it is repair expenses or medical expenses.
Aurangabad, October 09, 2021
Best service
I have taken oriental two wheeler insurance after comparing the benefits on the website of Policybazaar. i had few questions regarding payment processing and I got satisfactory answers to all my questions. i would like to buy more plans from here.
Dhanbad, October 09, 2021
Impressive service
When I was taking oriental two wheeler insurance from policybazaar, I was facing some problem in document process. Policybazaar solved my problem within a minute and I bought my plan very easily. i am really impressed with the service provided by the Policybazaar.
Navi Mumbai, October 09, 2021
Road side assistance
Last week i got road side assistance as my bike broke down in the middle of the road. it was twelve at night when i contacted the Policybazaar for assistance. my reliance general two wheeler insurance policy provided me help at midnight.
Allahabad, October 09, 2021
Round the clock assistance
I have got all the facilities from Policybazaar that were promised. I had taken Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance in which the company assured me of round the clock assistance in any difficult situation. a week ago my bike got damaged on the road. I contacted Policybazaar and they provided assistance to me at midnight.
Amritsar, October 09, 2021
Great customer service
Whenever I needed help from Policybazaar, they were always available for me. I am glad that I have taken oriental two wheeler insurance from Policybazaar as their customer service is very good They will be available to their customer if customer contact them at midnight.
Rajkot, August 18, 2021
Fair rate
i had taken Oriental two wheeler policy from policy bazaar website. i got it at a fair price. i am happy with coverage given under the policy recently i contacted policy bazaar for renewal and that was my first experience of renewal.i would say i had a great and hassle free experience with policy bazaar.
Hamirpur, June 04, 2021
Easy to buy
It is very easy to buy Oriental two wheeler insurance online. Since I purchased it through policybazaar, I also got extra discounts. It is a good deal.
Patana, June 04, 2021
Additional benefits
My Oriental two wheeler insurance plan is really good and I found it comprehensive. I have taken some additional benefits to protect me and my bike better. Policybazaar helped me through all of it very smoothly.