Reliance Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance Policy

Every two-wheeler suffers normal wear and tear as it ages, with regular use, etc. Commonly, no bike insurance policy provides coverage for these types of damages, and the owner has to bear the expenses for repair. Such types of damages also stand as an obstruction while policyholders file for a claim and expect to get a settlement of the entire claim amount. It doesn't happen because insurers deduct the repairing costs of the regular wear and tear from the claim amount. To end such woes, you can avail Reliance zero depreciation bike insurance policy.

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Reliance Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance Policy

The Reliance Zero Depreciation bike insurance policy is an add-on cover with Reliance comprehensive bike insurance policy. If you buy this cover, you will be eligible to get the total claim amount without any deductions based on the depreciation of the bike. It means whenever you file a claim; the insurer will provide financial coverage for all the repairing costs. Therefore, your two-wheeler's regular depreciation won't affect the claim amount.

Eligibility Criteria for Reliance Zero Depreciation Cover

The foremost eligibility for purchasing the Reliance zero depreciation cover is that you must have an existing comprehensive bike insurance policy. In addition, once you have purchased the zero dep cover as the additional benefit, you must be able to fulfill the following criteria for being eligible for claiming the cover:

  • Your two-wheeler's age should be within two years
  • Your two-wheeler's brand, model, etc., should be listed under the cover
  • You can claim the once in every year
  • You will be eligible to claim the cover only twice during the policy term

Benefits of the Reliance Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance Policy

The Reliance Zero Depreciation policy offers the following benefits:

  • It strengthens your basic bike insurance policy
  • You don't have to worry about the deductions you may get when raising a claim
  • It increases the security of your two-wheeler
  • The normal depreciation of your bike won't concern you
  • If you have luxury two-wheelers or a bike with unique or expensive parts, this cover is more beneficial to you as it will enable you to get full claim amounts for getting those parts repaired or replaced
  • You will have to bear minimum expenses while getting your two-wheeler serviced after severe damage, such as damages caused by accidents

What is covered by the Reliance Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance policy?

When you add the Reliance zero dep cover to your base policy, it will provide the following coverage benefits to you:

  • Provides coverage for all rubber parts of the bike
  • Provides coverage for all the nylon parts of the two-wheeler
  • Provides coverage for all the plastic parts of the two-wheeler
  • Provides coverage for all the fiberglass parts of the two-wheeler
  • Usually, a deduction of up to 40% is levied on the claim amount by insurers; the zero dep cover provides 100% coverage

What is not covered by the Reliance Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance Policy?

Following are the few things where your Reliance Zero Dep cover won't provide coverage:

  • If your base insurance doesn't offer protection for a particular type of damage, the zero dep cover will be ineffective in that case too
  • It won't offer coverage for mechanical failures of your two-wheeler
  • It won't offer coverage for the breakdown of any part of the vehicle that is not covered under the base policy


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Reliance Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance Policy Reviews & Ratings

4.8 / 5 (Based on 62 Reviews)
(Showing Newest 10 reviews)
Jodhpur, October 09, 2021
Complete support
Recently I have insured my newly bought bike which was gifted to me by my brother. I went to the policybazaar for a bike policy and an executive helped me through the whole process. He provided me complete support and assistance. I took Reliance General plan according to my budget.
Vijayawada, October 09, 2021
Attractive features
I have taken the same plan which my friend has bought for himself. one of my friends has recently insured his bike from Policybazaar and i really liked the features that were provided to him in reliance general plan so I have bought the same plan for my bike.
Coimbatore, October 09, 2021
Good service
I always renew my policy on time because of Policybazaar. I have been using Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance for four years and I always get policy renewal notification. If I ever forget about the renewal I get calls as a reminder of the renewal.
Jabalpur, October 09, 2021
Cooperative staff
Policybazaar has cooperative and friendly staff. I have bought reliance general two wheeler insurance from here and i found the whole process convenient. now i am looking for more plans as i am impressed with the facilities offered to me.
Gwalior, October 09, 2021
Hassle free experience
I do not need to take tension for unwanted expenses as i have purchased reliance general two wheeler Insurance from Policybazaar. buying a policy from Policybazaar is very hassle free and customer does not need to do much things as Policybazaar handles everything.
Kalyan Dombivli, August 18, 2021
Hassle Free Experience
Randomly i was checking the two wheeler policy on policy bazaar. i liked reliance two wheeler policy then i bought it.i contacted the policy bazaar and agent provided me all the information about the policy in detail.i had a hassle free experience with policy bazaar. company gives 100percent support to their clients from their end.
Rajendra Nagar, June 04, 2021
Affordable and customized
Policybazaar helped me customize my bike insurance plan for a reasonable premium. After comparing benefits, I decided to go for Reliance general two wheeler insurance and also got an extra discount for buying online.
Partapgarh, June 04, 2021
Purchasing Reliance general two wheeler insurance for my newly bought bike was the best decision. I bought it two years ago through policybazaar a day after I bought my bike. The company has helped me with roadside assistance many times since then.
Pune, June 04, 2021
Protection for bike
I bought a protective shield for me, my bike, and third party just in case I need it someday. I made an online purchase through policybazaar where I was able to compare different plans. I finally chose reliance general insurance cover.
N.paravur, March 19, 2021
All kind of Info available
I wanted to purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy for my Royal Enfield which I bought recently. I was suggested by my friend to make the purchase online from policybazaar because they provide all kinds of information related to the policy on their website and I ended up buying the Reliance general two-wheeler insurance plan. Thanks team