Digit Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance Policy

Digit Zero Depreciation Bike insurance policy offers two-wheeler owners to get their full claim without considering the depreciation factor. Thus, helps avoiding unwanted losses that occur due to depreciation.

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Digit Zero Depreciation Bike insurance policy: An Overview

The owner of the newly purchased bike or any other two wheelers usually requires him to purchase a good insurance policy for the vehicle. A normal two wheeler insurance does not cover vehicle depreciation which is the process of the new vehicle losing its value as it ages. For example, a motorcycle purchased at a price of Rs.1 Lakh will only be valued at Rs.50, 000 after a few years of wear and tear. Digit Zero Depreciation Bike insurance policy offers two-wheeler owners to get their full claim without considering the depreciation factor, thereby avoiding unwanted losses that occur due to depreciation.

Importance of Having Digit Zero Depreciation Cover

Road accidents can result in severe vehicle damage and one must approach the insurance company to claim the losses as a result of damaged parts. Under a normal insurance cover, the company will include a depreciation factor before settling claim to the customer, in the case of Zero depreciation bike insurance Digit offers an add-on cover that will protect the user’s vehicle from incurring losses due to depreciation.

The vehicle owner can get his claim settled and reimburse the amount that he had occurred during the accident. Under normal scenarios, the traditional bike insurance does not cover damaged parts containing rubberized material, fiber body, glass parts and other parts that are not made of steel. Zero Depreciation cover Digit Bike Insurance ensures that all parts of the bike irrespective of the material used are covered under the add-on minimizing the losses for the bike owner.

Benefits of Digit Zero Depreciation Add-On Cover

Digit Zero depreciation bike insurance offers peace of mind to the vehicle insurer by helping save a lot of money during the unfortunate events such as a road accident, natural disaster, etc. Some of the benefits of Digit Bike Insurance add-on cover are as follows.

  • The claim received by the policyholder is greater in comparison to the traditional vehicle insurance policies.
  • Zero depreciation add-on cover extends coverage to bike parts and accessories such as bumper, headlights, etc. reducing the losses to the policyholder.
  • In traditional bike insurance policies, the claim amount is calculated by considering the depreciated value of the damaged part whereas under the zero depreciation add-on cover the insurers calculate the claim amount by considering the actual value of the vehicle component.
  • It reduces the expenses caused due to the road accident enabling the policyholder to manage and save money.
  • The add-on cover also considers the money spent on repairing and replacement of the bike accessories.
  • The age of the two-wheeler is not considered for the add-on cover.

Zero Depreciation Add-on Depreciation Rates

One can understand and compare the changes in depreciation rate by the below tabulated values.

Age of the Two-Wheeler

Depreciation with Zero Dep Cover

Depreciation without Zero Dep Cover

Under 6 months



6 months to 1 year



1 to 2 years



2 to 3 years



3 to 4 years



4 to 5 years



5 to 10 years



Above 10 years



Similarly, the depreciation rate comparison for bike accessories and parts are tabulated below.

Part of two-wheeler

Depreciation with Zero Dep Cover

Depreciation without Zero Dep Cover

Rubber, nylon and plastic parts



Fiberglass parts



Glass parts



Factors Affecting Digit Zero Depreciation Cover

The zero depreciation cover offered by Digit insurance has certain factors that affect the chosen policy. Some of the conditions affecting Digit Zero Depreciation cover are as follows.

  • The bike owner can avail the add-on cover only if the bike is less than five years of age.
  • The policyholder must also be aware of the fact that the claim can be made only twice in the entire policy tenure offered under the cover.
  • The add-on policy covers only repairs and replacement made due to road accidents, expenses incurred due to wear and tear are not covered by the policy.
  • In cases involving complete breakdown, due to mechanical and electrical faults or in case of total damage of the vehicle, the insured does not get his claim.

Digit Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance Policy FAQs

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Digit Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance Policy Reviews & Ratings

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Bhopal, August 18, 2021
Papereless claim settlement
I found my plan according to my need from policy bazaar. after comparing a lot of plans, i got the Digit General insurance policy. i bought it because they are giving me paperless claim settlement and great coverage with easy online process. company assured that their customer will get 24*7 customer service with satisfaction.
Shikohabad, June 04, 2021
No claim bonus certificate
I have got the no claim bonus certificate from the website of the Policybazaar. I have the plan of Digit two wheeler insurance and it is really good. I did not filed for a claim last year and thats why I have got the no claim bonus certificate this year.
Navada, June 04, 2021
Compare and buy
I always compare and buy the two wheeler insurance plan and I did it on the website of the policybazaar. It is easy and subtle to compare and I have also got the best digit two wheeler insurance plan.
Delhi, June 04, 2021
Easy to pay
It is very easy to make the payment of premium of digit car insurance plan. I did it online and that was simple and quick. Also, I like the transparency. It is one of the best plan I had bought.
J. P. Nagar, July 02, 2020
It helps me in getting a NCB easily. I just call the custoer care team and they helped me in getting the same.
Vadakara, July 01, 2020
Great customer care
The customer care team of policybazaar is very nice and helps in resolving the complaints.
Agalpur, June 30, 2020
Compare and buy
I went to the website of policybazaar and compared the plans with policybazaar. It was easy and I researched on every plan.
Digboi, June 29, 2020
Good plans
I avail a very good plan of two wheeler insurance. It was a great decision to get it done from policybazaar.
Iglas, June 29, 2020
Great sales team
The sales team of policybazaar is quite good genuine. They helped me in getting a good quotation of two wheeler insurance. Thanks a lot team.
Echoda, June 21, 2020
Add on covers
You can avail and can add on the covers according to yourself while you can speak to the sales people. They will help you in the same.
Vadnagar, June 21, 2020
I got the discount when I got the two wheeler insured from policybazaar. It was easy and quick.
Waghai, June 21, 2020
Along with the less premium rates I got the best benefits while getting a two wheeler policy. It was a bonus thing. Thanks team.
East Champaran, June 21, 2020
Excellent Quotes
I really got good number of quotes in the website of policybazaar. Of every company and with good prices.
Vadodara, June 20, 2020
Claim query
I was having a claim related issue. And I called the team. It was resolved in 24 hours.
Bablabona, June 20, 2020
Calculator facility
I went to policybazaar website and saw this calculator which helps us to check about the premium rate with certain year. I checked and after that I bought the insurance.
Vadodara, June 20, 2020
Online Insurance
It is very easy to but the insurance online. Quite happy with this decision. As at home I got a good two wheeler insurance for my bike.
Babina, June 20, 2020
EMI option
While getting my two wheeler insured I got to know that I can avail for EMI option too. It is easy to make the payments.
Vadgaon, June 20, 2020
List of companies
You will get a good list of companies while you are searching a good plans in policybazaar website. They are great and easily to get an affordable one.
K.v.rangareddy, June 18, 2020
Low premium
I got my two wheeler insurance from policybazaar. The premium rate was low and it was not so expensive.
Jagadhri, June 18, 2020
Happy and satisfied
I am very happy with the services of the policy bazaar. It is quite good and unique. They actually take good care of their customers.
Fakirsahi, June 18, 2020
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It was a quick way to solve everything. I was having some problem with my policy but the query was resolve in 24 hours. Very quick.
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Policybazaar is best place to get a good insurance plan. As you can compare and get the quotes. And can buy in few minutes.
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With the help of digitalisation we are moving at good way. All the work is to be done in paperless way. I got my policy copy on my email within 1 hour of purchase.
Adivada, May 19, 2020
Online process
One of the greatest feature is that it is an online process and it is quite good that all things has to be done in email and online basis.
Adoni, May 11, 2020
Hassle free
While purchasing the two wheeler policy plan from policybazaar it was quick and hassle free. Also, it was an online process.