Kotak Mahindra Bike Insurance Premium Calculator

Kotak Mahindra Bike Insurance Premium Calculator is an online tool that helps interested individuals and policyholders calculate the premium amount for the policy chosen. The calculator is available on the company website. However, it may not show the exact amount for two individuals willing to buy the same insurance for the same model of the two-wheeler.

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How to Use the Kotak Mahindra Bike Insurance Premium Calculator?

The Kotak Mahindra Bike Insurance Premium Calculator is available online on the company website and it is very easy to use. You can also use an online premium calculator on the Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited website. The premium calculator asks for the bike registration number and bike model number from the registered candidates. Then it asks for further details about the health of the bike based on its purchase date and other details. These factors are used to assess the premium amount required to be paid annually based on the type of insurance chosen.

Benefits of Kotak Mahindra Bike Insurance Premium Calculator

Kotak Mahindra Bike Insurance Premium Calculator helps policyholders in various aspects, as put forth below:

1. Helps to make a better choice: The premium calculator helps compare various other available bike insurance in terms of premiums, discounts, and investment amount. It helps the applicant to understand and choose the right two-wheeler insurance, which will be feasible for their budget and finances for the period required.

2. Calculate exact premiums: Kotak Mahindra bike insurance premium calculator helps to calculate the exact premium amount based on the age, location, income, gender of buyers and the model, deductibles, add-on covers, and other facilities opted for the insurance. Therefore, the applicant will get customized information in terms of the amount of premium to be paid.

3. Calculate Insured Declared Value (IDV): The calculator also helps calculate the IDV value, which identifies the sum assured that can be claimed from the insurer in case of loss or damage to the vehicle.

Factors Affecting Two-Wheeler Insurance Premium

The following factors affect the calculation of the premium amount for two-wheeler insurance policies:

  • Engine's cubic capacity:The cost of premium increases with the increase in the engine's cubic capacity.

  • No-claim bonus:The policy would offer around 20% to 50% bonuses if no claim is processed by the insured individuals for extended policy years as applicable.

  • Insured Declared Value(IDV):The amount of premium increases with the increased IDV value of the bike.

  • Number of add-ons:The purchase of various add-ons such as roadside assistance, zero-depreciation cover, etc., with the actual policy will increase the amount of premium.

  • Anti-theft devices:Installing an anti-theft device with the bike will reduce the premiums to be paid.

Why Does the Premium for Comprehensive Bike Insurance Differ from Customer to Customer? 

For efficient estimation of the premium amount, the Kotak Mahindra Bike Insurance Premium Calculator considers various factors such as the bike's model, variant, fuel type, area of registration, cubic capacity, and others. Therefore, the two persons having the same bike of the same model and purchase date would require paying different premiums as per the factors mentioned above, past usage behaviors, and others. In that context, the premiums for a comprehensive and standalone own-damage bike insurance policy that Kotak Mahindra offers vary for individual policyholders.


Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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Kotak Mahindra Bike Insurance Premium Calculator Reviews & Ratings

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Patna, August 18, 2021
great benefits
I was looking for policy for my bike.after seeing many company, i liked the website of policy bazaar.company has given the brief details about their policies on their website. looking at the benefits, i took the Kotak Mahindra two wheeler policy and i bought this policy online without much hassle.
Ayodhya, June 04, 2021
Good customer expert team
The customer expert team of Policybazaar is best and I had bought a Kotak Mahindra two wheeler insurance policy from them. I am happy that I have got best two wheeler insurance plan.
Gurgaon, June 04, 2021
Flexibility in buying the plan
It is flexible to know and to buy the kotak Mahindra two wheeler insurance policy from the website of the Policybazaar. I really like it and I can adjust and customize my plan as per my requirement and services. It is easy to do.
Ata, June 04, 2021
Bought the additional covers
When I bought the Kotak Mahindra two wheeler insurance policy I had also got the additional covers with the same. Those covers are really nice andup to the mark. It has definitely saved my two wheeler.
Wadhwan, February 10, 2021
Cashless Health Claims
The insurance company paid my bike repair bills directly as I had comprehensive policy and the repair were done at a network workshop. I am so happy and satisfied customer. Thank You!
East Godavari, February 10, 2021
Best two-wheeler plans
Policybazaar is known for easy online comparison of insurance policies. And this is true and I realized it when I bought it online from them recently. I am going to buy all the insurance policies for me any my family from you only.
Laharpur, February 10, 2021
Policy Purchase in Few Steps
Today I bought a TATA AIG two-wheeler insurance plan in 3 simple steps. I paid them the policy premium online and they mailed it to me. TATA AIG car premium is quite affordable and coverage is quite comprehensive. Thank you Policybazaar was solving my problem.
Odagoan, February 10, 2021
Such Quick Comparison
It was so easy to compare two-wheeler quotes on their site. They helped me select add-on covers to enhance my policy and get the best one. I looked for bike insurance comparison and got the policy in just few minutes.