TATA AIG Bike Insurance Premium Calculator

The TATA AIG bike insurance premium calculator is an online tool that provides customized results based on information provided by you and helps you in determining bike insurance premiums before the policy purchase.

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How to use the TATA AIG Bike Insurance Premium Calculator?

Getting access to the tool is not difficult as it is available free of cost online. You can follow these steps as given below:

1. Enter your vehicle details like registration details, make, model, etc.

2. You can add any add-ons if you wish to purchase

3. Give details of previous claims pertaining to the vehicle, and in case you haven't made any claims previously, you can also apply for NCB(No Claim Bonus)

4. Click on calculate to get access to all the details related to your premium

Benefits of TATA AIG Bike Insurance Premium Calculator

Tata AIG bike insurance premium calculator can help you calculate your policy premium along with the benefits as given below:

  • Helps in decision making

The calculator provides you the details of the premium amount and IDV and hence assists you in choosing the right policy with a feasible premium amount.

  • Gives the premium amount

The premium calculator collects all the required data to estimate the policy premium amount correctly. This is the money you would be paying to ensure your vehicle’s safety under this policy.

  • IDV information

IDV determines your compensation if the vehicle is 75% or more damaged or if it has been stolen and lost completely.

Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance Premium Rates

The IRDAI or the Insurance Regulator and Development Authority of India decide the rate of premium. This amount is determined by your bike and varies from time to time. Refer to the table below for the latest rates by IRDAI

Engine Capacity of Bike

Third Party Bike Insurance Premium Rates

Up to 75cc


Above 75cc but below 150cc


From 150cc to 350cc


Above 350cc


Factors affecting Bike Insurance Premium

A policyholder’s two-wheeler premium is determined and affected by several factors. Your premium will be determined by the amount of risk your bike carries. The premium amount varies owing to several factors such as:

1. Coverage and type of the policy

It is one of the main factors that determine your bike insurance premium amount. If you decide to purchase a basic insurance cover and mandatory third party insurance cover, his premium will be relatively less than the comprehensive bike insurance. This is because of the coverage covered by both of them. The lesser the coverage, the lesser is the premium amount, and the cheaper the policy is.

2. Cubic Capacity of the Engine

The premium is mainly calculated based on the bike's cubic capacity. A high CC means a high premium amount.

3. IDV

A basic model bike will be less expensive as compared to a designer or sports bike. The IDV will be higher for expensive two-wheelers or bikes, resulting in higher premiums.

4. Age of the Vehicle

The insured’s compensation is paid as per the bike’s market value. Hence, for a new bike, the insurer would be required to pay more. So, it charges you more in terms of the premium amount. Hence your premium amount decreases as your bike ages and slowly loses its market value. Hence, the bike’s age is inversely related to its IDV, directly related to your premium amount. IDV (Insured Declared Value) is the approximate market value of the bike and the amount for which the bike is insured.

5. Modification

Modifications are changes in appearance or embellishments that you have applied to your vehicle to enhance its look or efficiency. This involves modifying parts or changing certain parts and adding new ones. Due to these modifications, the premium amount of such bikes increases. Thus, embellished bikes are more likely to be robbed and carry more risk.

6. Add on covers

Add-on covers are included for extra cost on your bike insurance policy. These are useful in certain situations, but they add to your premium amount.

7. Installation of the Safety Devices

If the bike is fitted with safety devices like burglar alarm, then the customer will have to pay lesser premium as the theft risk reduces.

8. Geographical Location

Your premium amount also depends on the place or locality where the two-wheeler plies. In low-risk areas like small towns and villages, the accidental risk factor decreases, decreasing the premium cost. But the holder will have to pay more premiums for the same bike if used in heavy traffic conditions.

9. Age of the Insured and Driver Record

Young drivers carry a high risk of accidental damages as they are new to riding and traffic rules. Hence, their premium will be higher than a comparatively older, more experienced, and seasoned rider. Also, a driver with a bad driving record will be required to pay more premiums than safe drivers. 


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TATA AIG Bike Insurance Premium Calculator Reviews & Ratings

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Kolkata, October 09, 2021
Financial support
Thanks to Policybazaar for giving a great suggestion. i got financial assistance when my bike got damaged. Policybazaar provided me all the facilities, which were promised when I was taking Tata aig Two Wheeler Insurance from here.
Jalandhar, October 09, 2021
Remarkable services
I have received noteworthy services from Policybazaar during the renewal of Tata aig plan which I bought for my bike last year. This was the first renewal so I was not aware of the process. So I took the help of a customer service executive for the renewal.
Bhubaneswar, October 09, 2021
Excellent service
If I talk about my experience with Policybazaar, it has been great so far. It has been a long time since I am using the Tata aig bike plan that I bought from Policybazaar. I have received excellent service since the beginning. Completely satisfied with my plan
Dhanbad, August 18, 2021
Easy to manage
Policy bazaar offered me a great deal for my vehicle. I bought Tata AIG two wheeler policy which was easy to buy online.policy bazaar has easier payment method which is quite good. i liked the proffesionalism and supportive nature in the team. i found easy to manage with the policy bazaar.
Jaipur, June 04, 2021
No claim bonus
Three years ago I bought Tata AIG bike insurance plan and I have been renewing it since then. I also received no claim bonus last year. Thank you policybazaar for your easy online services.
Hardoi, June 04, 2021
Insurance company change
Last year I changed my two wheeler insurance company to Tata AIG. It was an easy process for getting good benefits and better claim settlement ratio. Thank you policybazaar for assisting.
Moradabad, June 04, 2021
Comprehensive cover
I recently bought Tata AIG two wheeler insurance after comparing it with five other plans. I was able to do so through policybazaar. Everything went very smoothly and I got comprehensive coverage for me and my bike. Thank you Tata AIG and policybazaar.
J.n.prasad, October 12, 2020
More exposure
I have insured my two wheeler with the help of tata aig two wheeler insurance policy from the policybazaar. I have got to know about different plans and the policies. Thank you policybazaar.
Vadgaon, September 28, 2020
Natural calamities
I have taken the tata aig two wheeler insurance policy from the policybazaar. It has given me the coverage related to natural calamities and other things. Thank you team policybazaar.
Quilandy, September 24, 2020
Best plans
I have recently got the taat aig two wheeler insurance policy from the policybazaar. It is really amazing plan which I got. Thank you team policybazaar.
Chabhal, July 06, 2020
User interface
The user interface of policybazaar is very nice. I read very good reviews and there articles are quite worth reading. It will explain you the importance of insurance and helps you understand it more better way.
S.c. Pur, July 03, 2020
Online renewal
One of the greatest thing is that everything is done on online basis. I did my renewal of the two wheeler policy from policybazaar via my application. It was simple and quite quick.
N.e.khawdungsei, July 02, 2020
Customer support:
I got full support from customer experience team. It was very nice to get your bike insurance from policybazaar as they are having a generous customer care team.
G.k. Bhatar, July 01, 2020
Online insurance
I booked my two wheeler insurance from policybazaar website. All the work has been done on online basis. It was quick and real. All the work was done on online method and I don’t have to go anywhere.
Tadpatri, June 30, 2020
Speedy work
I got my two wheeler insurance in 5 minutes. Yes, 5 minutes and it sounds little unreal. But you can get your speedy two wheeler insurance from policybazaar for fast work.
G.mahisani, June 29, 2020
NCB is good
I got a very special discount on my NO claim bonus as I got a claim free experience and it was really easy to get. The work was done very fast and it was eventually hassle free.
Ichalkaranji, June 29, 2020
Your two wheeler insurance is a protection shield for you and for your bike/scooter. It will save you from damages, theft, lost and natural calamities and will help you financially.
Chabhal, June 21, 2020
Premium calculator
They have one feature of premium calculator. It is good way to select the plan and select the time frame. One you have added and chosen all the options you will get the premium according to different years scenario.
Captainganj, June 21, 2020
Compare easily
You can compare the different companies plans and also different plans on one website that too easily. It gives you freedom to choose and select the policy according your budget.
Machantola, June 21, 2020
Suggested to my friends
After getting my two wheeler insurance done from policybazaar. I really got good services and whenever my friends ask me for where should we go to tae the insurance. I always suggest policybazaar. As they are great. Thanks team.
Gadag, June 20, 2020
EMI options
I purchased the two wheeler insurance from policybazaar. And they told me over the call that I can make the payment on the basis of EMI too. Which was somehow quite beneficial for me. Low premium rate as well as EMI option.
Aallapalli, June 20, 2020
Add on covers
One of the greastest feature of policybazaar is that they helped me getting add on covers of my choice. I chose the best and beneficial one and got a good premium rate too.
Babhleshwar, June 20, 2020
Sports bike insurance
I am very fond of sports bike. And I visited the website of policybazaar and found that they are giving amazing offers on sports bike insurance. With great riders and less premium price.
Gadag, June 20, 2020
Hassle free work
The working of policybazaar is quite hassle free. I checked on website found the best quote for my bike. I got my insurance in less then2 minutes. I found the great place.
Vadnagar, June 20, 2020
Claim is very easy
I used to feel that claim work is very difficult but now it seems to be easy once I have been associated with policybazaar. My claim was approved in very less time and it was amazing.