Digit Bike Insurance Premium Calculator

Digit bike insurance provides financial protection to the policyholders against unfortunate events such as accidents, natural disasters, thefts, fire, etc. The insurer provides various two-wheeler insurance plans at different premium rates. Therefore, before buying your insurance, you must calculate the premium cost to prepare yourself for the expenses. The Digit Bike Insurance Premium Calculator is one such tool that helps you calculate the premium online.

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What is Digit Bike Insurance Premium Calculator?

The Go Digit General Insurance Limited offers three different plans for bikes - comprehensive cover, third-party cover, and own damage cover. They also have an "Add Extra Coverage" section, which allows you to select different "Add-ons" for extra protection. For example, they have Breakdown Assistance, Engine and Gear-box Protect Cover, etc.

To calculate the premium cost for these different plans with different add-ons, you are recommended to use the Digit Bike Insurance Premium Calculator. The different plans have different premium rates since their coverages are different, so you must calculate the premium to enhance your financial planning.

How to use the Digit Bike Insurance Premium Calculator?

The steps that you need to follow to use the Digit bike insurance premium calculator are:

  • Step 1– Visit their official website. Next, under "Products," click on "Two Wheeler/Bike Insurance."
  • Step 2– Enter city, and select "previous policy expiry" either expired or not expired.
  • Step 3– If your bike is brand new, click on "It's a brand new bike."
  • Step 4– Now, you have to select your city.
  • Step 5– Now, you have to click on "view prices."
  • Step 6– Now select the bike that you own.
  • Step 7– Choose between the three plans available (comprehensive cover, third-party cover, and own damage cover). And remember that the "own damage cover" plan is only valid if you have a third-party cover.
  • Step 8– Select your bike's IDV (Insured Declared Value).
  • Step 9– Now, you can select add-ons that you prefer from the Add Extra Coverage list.
  • Step 10– Enter your bike's registration date.
  • Step 11– Click on "Continue," which will show you the calculated final premium of your desired plan.

Alternatively, you can visit the official website of Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited and use the online premium calculator for Digit bike insurance plans.

Benefits of Using the Digit Bike Insurance Premium Calculator

The benefits of using this online calculator are given below:

  • Easy to use – This calculator is designed in such a way that anyone can use it effortlessly. You don't have to have any deep or advanced knowledge of finance to use the calculator. You can use it anytime, anywhere, and it is available 24/7.
  • Free to use– This tool is free for everyone to use, and also, you don't have to be an existing policyholder to be able to use it.
  • Helps with financial planning– Financial planning is probably the most essential aspect of one's life. Financial planning helps you retire better, live your life better, helps you to achieve your goals in life. So to not mess up your existing financial goals, you must strategically plan before buying any bike insurance. Everyone is different and has different budgets, so you must understand and calculate how much premium will be good for you.
  • Customizable– This calculator allows you to customize the policy. It offers different plans, different add-ons, etc. This customizability allows you to combine different plans and determine which one will be truly beneficial for you.

Factors that Affect the Premium Costs

The factors that affect the bike insurance premium costs are:

  • The premium cost depends on the engine capacity of your bike. For example, the premium cost will be lower for a 125cc and higher for a 200cc bike.
  • Some bike enthusiasts modify their bikes to enhance the look and the performance of their bikes, which can heavily affect the premium cost.
  • There are also other factors such as the age of the bike, the "Make & Model" of the bike, etc.


Digit Bike Insurance Premium Calculator Reviews & Ratings

4.8 / 5 (Based on 29 Reviews)
(Showing Newest 25 reviews)
Bhopal, August 18, 2021
Papereless claim settlement
I found my plan according to my need from policy bazaar. after comparing a lot of plans, i got the Digit General insurance policy. i bought it because they are giving me paperless claim settlement and great coverage with easy online process. company assured that their customer will get 24*7 customer service with satisfaction.
Shikohabad, June 04, 2021
No claim bonus certificate
I have got the no claim bonus certificate from the website of the Policybazaar. I have the plan of Digit two wheeler insurance and it is really good. I did not filed for a claim last year and thats why I have got the no claim bonus certificate this year.
Navada, June 04, 2021
Compare and buy
I always compare and buy the two wheeler insurance plan and I did it on the website of the policybazaar. It is easy and subtle to compare and I have also got the best digit two wheeler insurance plan.
Delhi, June 04, 2021
Easy to pay
It is very easy to make the payment of premium of digit car insurance plan. I did it online and that was simple and quick. Also, I like the transparency. It is one of the best plan I had bought.
J. P. Nagar, July 02, 2020
It helps me in getting a NCB easily. I just call the custoer care team and they helped me in getting the same.
Vadakara, July 01, 2020
Great customer care
The customer care team of policybazaar is very nice and helps in resolving the complaints.
Agalpur, June 30, 2020
Compare and buy
I went to the website of policybazaar and compared the plans with policybazaar. It was easy and I researched on every plan.
Digboi, June 29, 2020
Good plans
I avail a very good plan of two wheeler insurance. It was a great decision to get it done from policybazaar.
Iglas, June 29, 2020
Great sales team
The sales team of policybazaar is quite good genuine. They helped me in getting a good quotation of two wheeler insurance. Thanks a lot team.
Echoda, June 21, 2020
Add on covers
You can avail and can add on the covers according to yourself while you can speak to the sales people. They will help you in the same.
Vadnagar, June 21, 2020
I got the discount when I got the two wheeler insured from policybazaar. It was easy and quick.
Waghai, June 21, 2020
Along with the less premium rates I got the best benefits while getting a two wheeler policy. It was a bonus thing. Thanks team.
East Champaran, June 21, 2020
Excellent Quotes
I really got good number of quotes in the website of policybazaar. Of every company and with good prices.
Vadodara, June 20, 2020
Claim query
I was having a claim related issue. And I called the team. It was resolved in 24 hours.
Bablabona, June 20, 2020
Calculator facility
I went to policybazaar website and saw this calculator which helps us to check about the premium rate with certain year. I checked and after that I bought the insurance.
Vadodara, June 20, 2020
Online Insurance
It is very easy to but the insurance online. Quite happy with this decision. As at home I got a good two wheeler insurance for my bike.
Babina, June 20, 2020
EMI option
While getting my two wheeler insured I got to know that I can avail for EMI option too. It is easy to make the payments.
Vadgaon, June 20, 2020
List of companies
You will get a good list of companies while you are searching a good plans in policybazaar website. They are great and easily to get an affordable one.
K.v.rangareddy, June 18, 2020
Low premium
I got my two wheeler insurance from policybazaar. The premium rate was low and it was not so expensive.
Jagadhri, June 18, 2020
Happy and satisfied
I am very happy with the services of the policy bazaar. It is quite good and unique. They actually take good care of their customers.
Fakirsahi, June 18, 2020
Quick work
It was a quick way to solve everything. I was having some problem with my policy but the query was resolve in 24 hours. Very quick.
Jadcherla, June 18, 2020
Best place to get insured
Policybazaar is best place to get a good insurance plan. As you can compare and get the quotes. And can buy in few minutes.
K.b.p. Pupri, June 18, 2020
Paperless work
With the help of digitalisation we are moving at good way. All the work is to be done in paperless way. I got my policy copy on my email within 1 hour of purchase.
Adivada, May 19, 2020
Online process
One of the greatest feature is that it is an online process and it is quite good that all things has to be done in email and online basis.
Adoni, May 11, 2020
Hassle free
While purchasing the two wheeler policy plan from policybazaar it was quick and hassle free. Also, it was an online process.
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