New India Assurance Bike Insurance Premium Calculator

Purchasing a bike insurance policy is very important if you have a two-wheeler. It provides financial cover to you when you raise a claim after meeting an unfortunate accident that led to bike damage. New India Assurance bike insurance has policies for all types and brands of two-wheelers. To select the right and budget-friendly insurance, you can use the New India Assurance bike insurance premium calculator.It will help the insurance holder to find the appropriate plan that suits their requirements.

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What is the New India Assurance Bike Insurance Premium Calculator?

A bike insurance premium calculator of New India Assurance  Company is simply an online tool on which the policyholder can calculate the estimated premium amount of the desired insurance plan.  The premium calculator is digital, and the policyholder has to input details such as bike's model, bike's variant, date of purchase, brand, etc. This information will allow the bike owner to get the premium amount that is needed to be paid to the insurers for a bike insurance policy. The premium calculator makes it easier for bike owners to decide on the right insurance by comparing different policies.

How to Use the New India Assurance Two-Wheeler Premium Calculator?

The two-wheeler insurance premium calculator of New India Assurance Company has two categories. One is for the old bikes and the other for the new bikes.

A new bike will be able to receive a higher premium amount because it doesn't involve depreciation. An old bike, on the contrary, has to face the deduction due to the depreciated value of its parts. However, if an old bike owner has earned a no-claim bonus, then the premium amount can involve a discount.

Using the New India Assurance premium calculator, one can calculate the premium amount by:  

  • Selecting the bike’s make and model.
  • Choosing the location where the bike is registered.
  • Mentioning the year of purchase.
  • Mentioning if the bike has earned a no-claim bonus (NCB).
  • After submitting these details, the New India Assurance premium calculator will provide the premium amount for the bike insurance plan.

Benefits of Two-Wheeler Insurance Premium Calculator

The significant benefits of using a two-wheeler insurance premium calculator are:

  • A two-wheeler insurance premium calculator calculates premium amounts in a matter of seconds. This saves a lot of time in terms of manual labor being involved for calculating premium amounts.
  • The premium calculator calculates the amount digitally through an online medium. One doesn’t have to go around or seek the help of any agent to understand the premium amount of their two-wheeler insurance.
  • The best part of the premium calculator is that it helps to compare the premium amounts of various insurers before choosing a plan.
  • One can easily sort out the right insurance plan for them effortlessly with the help of the calculator.

Third-party Two-Wheeler Insurance Premium Rates

A third-party two-wheeler insurance plan is nothing complicated. It simply is the primary insurance plan that is mandatory for every bike owner in India. It's a part of the comprehensive bike insurance one applies for and is also available as an individual policy.

The premium rates of third-party two-wheeler insurance are not high because they provide limited coverage. Moreover, as add-ons cannot be added to the third-party base policy, the chances of costly premiums are significantly reduced.

Premium Rate for Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan

Unlike third-party insurance, comprehensive insurance provides wide coverage to two-wheelers. It covers the third-party liabilities and also provides financial protection in case the policyholder suffers any loss related to the insured two-wheeler. Overall, a comprehensive plan provides coverage for all types of two-wheeler damages. In addition, you can buy add-ons to increase the coverage provided by comprehensive plans. Therefore, given its wide coverage, it is only understandable that the benefits will be provided in return for a high premium. Hence, the premium costs of comprehensive plans are high as compared to third-party plans.

Factors Affecting Two-Wheeler Insurance Premiums

A few factors that affect the two-wheeler insurance premiums are:

  • Riders with age groups between 18 and 25 are prone to more accidents than the ages above 25. Therefore, owners below the age of 25 have to pay a higher premium.
  • The CC or the cubic capacity of a bike also decides the premium amount. The bikes with larger CC have to pay more premium.
  • The conditions of the geography through which a rider generally rides determine the premium amount too. If the rider belongs to an accident-prone area, the premium amount becomes relatively higher.
  • The details, including the brand, model, and variant, also decide the premium amount. More expensive brands would attract higher premiums because of their high-maintenance nature.

Other factors like No-claim bonus (NCB), IDV (Insured declared value), and fuel type also affect the premium amount.


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New India Assurance Bike Insurance Premium Calculator Reviews & Ratings

4.8 / 5 (Based on 50 Reviews)
(Showing Newest 25 reviews)
Faridabad, October 09, 2021
Instant updates
From day one, i always gets prompt updates of everything. i bought new india assurance plan for my bike last year and till now i receive the same service from policybazaar which i used to get earlier. i am happy with my decision to take the plan from here.
Meerut, October 09, 2021
Attractive facilities
Thanks to Policybazaar for providing me attractive facilities in my budget. i found a suitable deal for my bike. After going through many plans I bought New India Assurance Two Wheeler Insurance from Policybazaar and got amazing benefits under the same.
Rajkot, October 09, 2021
Add on cover
I took new india assurance two wheeler plan from Policybazaar. Everything was quite easy whether it was the purchase process or payment or customizing the plan. With the help of add on cover feature, I made my plan even more better.
Kalyan Dombivli, October 09, 2021
Suitable plan
Policybazaar took good care of my needs. the team Suggested me bike plans according to my budget. I found everything very easy, be it the renewal process or the purchase process. I took New India Assurance Bike Plan which was suitable according to my pocket.
Vasai Virar, October 09, 2021
Faster claim settlement
Last month my bike got damaged, with the help of my New India Assurance two wheeler plan, I got cashless repairing. i got faster claim settlement through the policy Bazaar. Policy bazaar offers great deals to their customers. Highly recommended.
Varanasi, October 09, 2021
Easy to compare
While searching on Google, when I went to the website of the policy bazaar, I saw a lot of plans according to my needs. I wanted to insured my two wheeler and i got new india assurance two wheeler plan here.
Ranchi, August 18, 2021
good benefits
I bought a New india assurance two wheeler policy from policy bazaar. It will give you a third party coverage. you do not need to pay extra charges to buy a policy and i just bought it online within a minute. They will give you 24x7 service.
Faridabad, August 18, 2021
add on covers
i recently bought New India assurance plan for my two wheeler through policy bazaar. i added some extra features under my plan and i got some extra premium like accessories coverage
Meerut, August 18, 2021
budget friendly
i got my best two wheeler plan from the website of policy bazaar. i am happy that i got best plan under my budget. when i visited to their website they have a lot options out of which i chose New India assurance two wheeler plan.
Lucknow, June 04, 2021
Best plan
I recently bought a new bike and was looking for some good insurance company. While going through New India two wheeler insurance plan on policybazaar, I knew I can trust my bikes safety with them. They have one of the best benefits that help us ride worry-free anywhere in the country.
Kanpur, June 04, 2021
Easy online purchase
I bought my motorbike last year. For its insurance, I contacted policybazaar for New India two wheeler cover for their benefits. I bought the policy online on policybazaar and the process was quick and easy.
Gonda, June 04, 2021
Get double benefits
New India two wheeler insurance covers me and third party for accidents and other unplanned events. I bought it through Policybazaar, which also offered online buying benefits. I recommend this policy for all your bikes and scooters.
Habra, February 15, 2021
I bought New India Assurance two-wheeler policy from Policybazaar. I am so happy with their website experience and overall experience. You can reach out to them on call or email anytime. Thank you!
Babhleshwar, February 15, 2021
Online Comparison
It is so easy to compare two-wheeler insurance quotes online and find the best one with add-on covers. I bought New India Assurance two wheeler insurance for my Yamaha bike. I just went online, searched for bike insurance comparisons and bought an affordable bike insurance policy online.
N.paravur, February 15, 2021
Best Claim
My bike got damaged in an accident. I called Policybazaar’s two-wheeler insurance claim team. I got compensation for my bike damage. Thank you guys for good claim support! You helped me a lot.
Gadag, January 22, 2021
Affordable Add-on Cover
I was looking for add-on covers like accessories cover, co-passengers cover, and personal accident cover. It was Policybazaar that helped me get these add-ons at a nominal premium that too fuss-free. I was able to compare different add-on benefits in an affordable manner.
East Godavari, January 22, 2021
Trusted Theft Claim
My Yamaha bike got stolen from my office. I immediately registered claim with Policybazaar. With minimal paperwork I was able to get my theft claim. Thank you New India Assurance and Policybazaar for such prompt service.
Odagoan, January 22, 2021
2-wheeler Renewal
I renewed my two-wheeler policy online just by entering my customer ID, policy number, and insurance quote number. Thank you Policybazaar I am very happy with New India Assurance Two-wheeler Insurance policy.
Vadali, October 01, 2020
Low premium rates
I found the two wheeler insurance policy from the policybazaar best and convenient as it came under my budget. The premium rate of the policy is much lower and under my budget. I am thankful to New India assurance for giving me best plans. It is safe and secured.
East Midnapore, September 30, 2020
Documents with online facilities
I have made the documentation work online and submitted in an online way via whatsapp and email. It is easy and no need to go anywhere. The whole customer care team of the New India assurance are priceless and understanding. Thanks to team for such better assistance.
Dabugam, September 28, 2020
Benefits and add on covers
I have recently got the new India assurance two-wheeler insurance policy. I got the amazing benefits such as zero depreciation, no claim bonus and the personal accident coverage with minimum premium rates. I found It valuable plan for me and my two-wheeler. Thanks team.
N.paravur, September 23, 2020
A great and apt plan
I have recently got my two wheeler insurance policy from the New India assurance. I found it apt and useful at the time of claim. My claim was settled in time and I connected with them over the call for the same. Need not to go anywhere. Great work team New India assurance.
N.paravur, September 21, 2020
Compare two wheeler plans
When I was planning to get the two wheeler insurance policy I checked into the website of the new India assurance. It is really amazing as I can easily compare all sorts of plans for my two- wheeler. Thanks to whole team.
Yavatmal, September 18, 2020
No claim bonus services
I have recently got my no claim bonus certificate from the new India assurance company. It is a kind of certification which is given at the time of when you don’t file for the claim. The work is easily done. And I really don’t have to repeat my words. The whole team is very helpful in nature. Thanks a lot team New India assurance.
Habra, September 14, 2020
Good option for two wheeler
I have taken the two wheeler insurance policy from the new India assurance company. It is one of the best plans for my two wheeler and it eventually gave me best options for the safety and security of my two wheeler insurance policy. Thank you so much team New India assurance.