United India Bike Insurance Premium Calculator

The United India Bike Insurance Premium Calculator is a digital tool that allows a person to calculate the premium for buying a United India two wheeler insurance policy. It uses the details of the two wheeler to estimate the premium likely to be charged for buying the policy.

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What is United India Bike Insurance Premium Calculator?

People considering buying United India bike insurance can calculate premiums using a bike insurance calculator on the website of Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited or the United India General Insurance Company Limited. The United India bike insurance premium calculator is designed especially for people with a new bike and vehicles less than two years old. Bike insurance premium calculator United India efficiently computes the premium rates for the new bikes that come straight from the showroom.

How to Use United India Bike Insurance Premium Calculator?

The United India bike insurance premium calculator is an easy-to-use tool. The bike owner needs to enter the basic details of the two-wheeler, such as the manufacturer's name, model number, engine capacity, vehicle registration date, city, locality, etc.

United India online calculator can be used by following the below steps:

  • Visit the official website of Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited or the United India General Insurance Company
  • Go to the option of buying two wheeler insurance
  • Enter specific information related to the bike, such as the manufacturer's name, variant model, vehicle registration details, etc.
  • Choose the type of coverage preferred for the bike
  • Select “Calculate Premium” to get the details of the bike insurance plans available
  • Pick add-on covers and also provide details of No Claim Bonus if applicable
  • The premium will be calculated based on the details

Benefits of United India Bike Insurance Premium Calculator

Some of the key benefits of using a premium calculator by United India bike insurance are as follows:

· Online Comparison

The United India premium calculator can be utilized for comparing and analyzing various two wheeler insurance plans offered by the insurer to find the most suitable plan. The bike owner can make a better and informed decision while buying the policy with the help of this tool.

· Instant Quote

The bike owner gets an instant quote for the United India bike insurance policy without going through extensive calculations. Besides, it is also a paperless, efficient and quick method. The policyholder can alter the coverage and check its impact on the premium to make the policy more affordable.

· Flexibility

The bike insurance premium calculator is available online. This allows bike owners to access and use it anytime and anywhere across various devices. 

United India Third Party Two-Wheeler Insurance Premium Rates

The following table shows the United India third party bike insurance premium rates:

Engine Capacity

Premium to Buy a New 5-Year Policy

Premium to Renew  Existing Policy for 1 Year

Less than 75cc



Between 75cc to 150cc



Between 150cc to 350cc



Higher than 350cc



(Source: IRDAI)

United India Comprehensive and Standalone Own-Damage Bike Insurance Plans Premium

A bike owner can buy United India comprehensive and standalone own-damage bike insurance plans at a higher premium rate. If the insured bike meets with a road mishap, the comprehensive and standalone-own damage bike plans can save the policyholder from financial distress as the insurer will pay for the damages to the vehicle and the treatment of the bodily injuries.

A United India comprehensive bike insurance plan comes with wider coverage along with add-on covers. This makes a comprehensive plan the most expensive bike insurance plan.

Although the United India standalone bike insurance policy also comes with add-on covers, it only provides coverage for the own damages sustained by the insured bike. Nonetheless, the premium for third party bike insurance is lower than a standalone own damages policy.

Factors Affecting Two-Wheeler Insurance Premium

United India two-wheeler policy premium depends on the following factors:

1. Age of the Bike– The higher is the age of the car, the lower will be the premium as the value of the car depreciates with time lowering the liability of the insurer.

2. Type of Coverage– The premium for United comprehensive two wheeler insurance is higher than third party bike insurance because the former comes with wider policy coverage.

3. Insured Declared Value– IDV is the maximum claim amount that the insurer agrees to pay to the bike owner in case of an emergency. Therefore, the higher is the IDV, the higher is the bike insurance premium.

4. Make & Model of the Bike– The premium for a high-end bike is more than a basic bike. Thus, the make & model of the two wheeler also estimates the bike insurance premium.

5. No Claim Bonus– No Claim Bonus is the discount granted by the insurer for not making any claims in the previous policy tenure. The higher is the No Claim Bonus, the lower will be the premium.

6.Modifications- If the bike owner has made several modifications to the bike, such as fitting extra accessories, devices, etc. the premium will be expensive.

7. Electronic Devices- Bikes with advanced features, such as anti-theft devices, can lower the risk of the vehicle getting stolen and thereby, reduces the policy premium considerably.

8. Engine Capacity of the Bike- The engine capacity suggests how powerful the bike is and how costly will the repair be. If the engine has a higher cubic capacity, then the premium will also increase.


Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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United India Bike Insurance Premium Calculator Reviews & Ratings

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Amravati, October 09, 2021
Faster claim settlement
Thanks to Policybazaar for helping me in my time of need. Under their guidance, I easily raised the claim request. United India Bike Plan made repairs cashless. I did not have to pay any amount for repairing as I got the claim settlement so quickly and easily.
Salem, October 09, 2021
Hassle free process
Policybazaar offers the easiest process of buying a plan. i went through a simple and hassle free process when I got my bike insured from Policybazaar. I preferred the online process due to the covid situation and got full support from the team in the online process as well.
Warangal, October 09, 2021
Hassle free experience
An executive helped me understand better about the two wheeler policy. With the help of an executive I took United India Two Wheeler Insurance from Policybazaar. My experience with Policybazaar has been great and hassle free. Glad to got a great plan
Mira Bhayandar, October 09, 2021
Supportive staff
Policybazaar has so many good employees. Everyone in the team is amazing in their work. They are well trained and always interact well with the customers. When I went to Policybazaar for United India Two Wheeler Insurance I got so good service from the team.
Thiruvananthapuram, October 09, 2021
Renewal is easy
At the time of renewal, I was visiting Policybazaar, but before going, I contacted Policybazaar to know about the documents required for renewal and the executive told me that there is no documentation in renewal process and secondly i can renew my plan from home itself.
Bikaner, October 09, 2021
Great benefits
On my birthday my parents gifted me a bike. A relative of mine suggested me to insure my bike. I got my bike plan from where I got my health plan. i went to Policybazaar for bike insurance and according to the benefits I wanted in my plan, i chose United India Bike Plan.
Jalgaon, October 09, 2021
Problem resolver
The support I have received from Policybazaar was unexpected. Policybazaar is always ready to help its customers till the issue is resolved. I had a query related to my United India bike plan for which I contacted Policybazaar and they solved my problem in a minute.
Navi Mumbai, August 18, 2021
Great features
i was looking for two wheeler insurance as a middle class.one of my friend suggested me to buy United India two wheeler insurance plan as they have great features. i bought it through policy bazaar.
Amritsar, August 18, 2021
Great coverage
I had taken united india two wheeler insurance from policy bazaar. this policy also covers damages caused to third party property and person as well as own vehichle. i did not need to go anywhere. i got all the information about policy from their website.
Allahabad, August 18, 2021
renewal process
i had to renew my United India two wheeler plan which i took last year through policy bazaar but i was not aware about the renewal process. i contacted customer service of policy Bazaar and they guided me so well. thanks to the team who available 24*7 for their customers.