Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Download

For all the owners of two-wheelers in India, it is mandatory to have a two wheeler insurance policy. If you are looking for a bike insurance or getting confused amidst the multiple options, then you can consider Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance to settle with.

Oriental two wheeler insurance offers both third party and comprehensive coverage, which can be availed for covering damages due to man-made and natural calamities and accidents. You can buy this policy online and keep the copy of the Two Wheeler Insurance policy download for future reference. That’s why it is essential to know how you can download this policy and use it at the time of claim.

Steps for Oriental Bike Insurance Policy Download

Here are some easy and quick steps for Oriental insurance bike Policy download. Check out the following steps:

  • Log on to the website of Oriental Insurance
  • Browse to its section of ‘bike insurance’.
  • If in case you have your existing bike insurance policy and you are willing to renew it, choose the renewal option. Now, enter the details related to an existing bike insurance policy in the given field. 
  • For subscribing to a new oriental bike insurance download, choose the option of the new policy, and then enter your details of the bike as given in your registration certificate.
  • Once you have filled in the important details, the insurance premium for a specific policy will be displayed. 
  • If you are ok with the premium amount and it is suiting your budget, then you may proceed by making the online payment via net banking, debit or credit card, etc. 
  • When the process of your online payment is completed, you will be taken to the official website of the insurer from where you can process Oriental insurance bike policy download and related documents. The policy is also mailed on your registered e-mail id. 
  • If in case you face any issue, you can place a call on the customer service desk and the representative of Oriental insurance will be happy to help. 
  • Once the online payment is successfully done, the Oriental two wheeler insurance can be downloaded instantly. 

Hard Copy of the Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

Now you can keep the bike insurance on a smartphone or can even download the soft copy, instead of carrying a hard copy physically. The government and IRDAI have allowed keeping the insurance copy saved on the phone and having it in a form of a soft copy.

You can use various apps that come in handy if in case you have forgotten to carry the hard copy of your policy. Also, keeping the oriental two wheeler insurance policy download on the smartphone helps in saving the hard copy from getting stolen or lost. 

How to Get a Hard Copy of the Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

You can get the hard copy of Oriental insurance bike insurance copy download through various means which includes:

  • You can download it from the official website and can get a print out of it
  • You can get your policy Xeroxed from the original one which you have received in the policy kit
  • In case you have it in the mail, get a print out of the oriental insurance bike policy
  • If you are unable to find it in the mail, it is missing from the policy kit and you are not able to download it from the official website, then the customer service team of Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd. can come to your rescue, which can help in Oriental two wheeler policy download. 

So what are you waiting for? Call the customer service support of Oriental insurance today for a quick and hassle-free oriental bike policy download. 

Steps to Make Changes in Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Document?

Making changes in the Oriental two wheeler insurance policy document is not burdensome work. Well, it is always said to be careful while entering details in the policy form, but even after paying a lot of attention, many people make small errors like spelling mistakes, gender mistakes, etc. 

If you have also done a similar mistake, then always remember to call Oriental two wheeler insurance customer executive for making the required changes in your policy. This will help you to get the changes updated in your policy, and you will also receive a new policy with the amendments as soon as possible.


  • Q: What is personal accident coverage in bike insurance?

    Ans: This is the important coverage that every bike owner should have. The Oriental bike insurance offers coverage of some amount under this insurance plan. The owner or driver of a two-wheeler is covered while driving, traveling, mounting, dismounting, or against the damage. At an additional cost, by adding the add-ons, you can get your co-passengers also covered.
  • Q: How to reach the customer support team of Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance?

    Ans: There are different ways to reach the customer support team of Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. which includes:
    • Visit the official website of Oriental insurance company at www. orientalinsurance.org.in
    • At the toll-free number 1800118485
    Place a call at their official number at 011-33208485 (normal charges will be applied)
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