Raheja QBE General Cancer Insurance Plan

Cancer is a life-threatening health-condition and if detected early, it can be treated successfully. Timely diagnosis has cured a lot of people all over the world. Raheja QBE cancer insurance policy offers the required financial support to help you avail the best treatment in one of the best hospitals. You don’t have to worry about the cost of cancer treatment with this policy in place.

Coverage Provided in Raheja QBE Cancer Insurance Plan

The expenses that are covered in this plan are as follows:

  • Anyone between the age group of 1 day and 70 years can get coverage under this plan
  • Sum Insured amount ranges in the multiples of Rs.1 lakh and the maximum limit is Rs. 10 lakhs In case the policyholder is diagnosed with cancer, the insurer will pay the insured for diagnostic investigations and treatment by a qualified doctor or surgeon:
    • 50% of the Sum Insured or 2.5 lakh rupees whichever is less
    • Payment is made in lump sum upon acceptance of the cancer insurance claim
    • All the essential medical expenses that were incurred on the diagnostic procedures and the cancer treatment, in excess of 75% of the lump sum amount paid as stated above.
  • Compensation of medical expenses after submission of all the original bills
  • Quarterly reimbursement of claims for actual expenses incurred, till the total sum insured amount is exhausted
  • One special feature is that, if the policyholder gets diagnosed with Cancer and files a claim during the policy term, then he/she can continue to avail the benefits up to the SI limit even after the policy has expired for up to 5 years from the policy inception date
  • Only the members insured in the policy are eligible to avail the policy benefits
  • There is no exit age if the policy is renewed timely without any break in-between
  • Insured members lesser than 50 years of age can get coverage on the basis of the self-declaration and medical certificates by a registered doctor as mentioned in the proposal form.
  • For applicants who are above 50 years a pre-medical test is required. Once insured under Raheja QBE cancer policy and after confirmation of no pre-existing cancer and if such members are diagnosed with cancer later on that too in advanced stages, they shall be offered coverage under this plan.
  • 50% of the medical expenses incurred on pre-policy medical screening shall be reimbursed by the insurer
  • The policy needs to be renewed before the expiry of the due date. The insurance company provides 30 days of grace period from the renewal due date. In case the policy is not recommended within the grace period, then the insurer may agree to issue a fresh policy and the accumulated benefits such as NCB will not be retained.

Things You Need to Know about Raheja QBE Cancer Insurance Plan

  • Raheja QBE Cancer Insurance policy is easily renewable unless there is misconduct by the insured or any fraudulent transaction in relation to the policy or a moral hazard.
  • You can easily renew this policy once your claim has been sanctioned/approved under this plan
  • If you have not filed any claim during the policy term your sum insured amount will be increased by 5% at the time of renewal provided that the cumulative bonus for the total period shall not exceed 25%. The earned Cumulative Bonus will be retained only if the policy is renewed within 30 days of the grace period.

Exclusions of Raheja QBE Cancer Insurance Plan

The plan does not compensate for expenses incurred under the following circumstances:                                                                                                            

  • Any claim that is not supported by diagnostic investigation reports mentioning the diagnosis of Cancer.
  • Any disease, injury, or illness that is directly or indirectly related to nuclear weapons.
  • Any disease, injury, or illness that is caused as a result of the insured person getting in contact with radioactivity or radiation from any source
  • Any cancer-related condition or cancer for which the policyholder showcased signs and symptoms or has been diagnosed or has received medical treatment/advice 48 months before purchasing the Raheja QBE cancer insurance policy
  • False or incorrect diagnosis or if any fraudulent devices are adopted while filing a claim under Raheja QBE cancer insurance policy

Raheja QBE Cancer Insurance Claims

The insurance company aims to provide excellent claims service to its customers.  Raheja QBE Cancer Insurance claims team ensured fair, friendly, and timely settlement of all the registered health claims.

Raheja QBE claims service offers you:

  • Transparency and innovation while settling claims
  • An established global team consisting of claims management experts
  • Outstanding and seamless claim settlement service
  • An equitable, friendly and efficient claims handling service combined with quick payment
  • Close management of all the claims

How to Make a Claim

To register a claim you will require the following information:

  • Raheja QBE cancer insurance policy number
  • Time and date of the hospitalization
  • Name and contact details of the person lodging the claim
  • Medical reports
  • Name and Contact Number of the person handling the claim

Inform the Insurer

For any medical treatment, you need to intimate timely on their dedicated toll-free number/ mobile number at the earliest convenience. You can also write them an email from your registered email id. It is essential to inform the insurance company at the earliest if you want the timely settlement of your claim.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 18 December 2020

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