Reliance Child Plan Premium Calculator

Reliance Child Plan Premium Calculator is easy to access. It is available as an online free tool to determine an estimate of premiums of various Reliance Insurance plans. One can compare insurance policies quickly on the basis of data from this calculator tool.

Why Should You Use a Child Insurance Premium Calculator?

The child insurance premium online calculator helps the policyholder determine the amount of savings required to plan and prepare for the child's milestones. For instance, the child will begin his graduation at 18 and pursue his education until 21. The policyholder needs to understand the financial requirements and prepare the future expenses related to the child's education, such as college admission fees, tuition fees, and hostel fees, etc.

The crucial aspect of the online calculator is that certain economic factors such as inflation rate and interest rate are also taken into account while calculating the premium. The policyholder needs to understand that the cost-good education is likely to increase in the coming years.

The online calculator helps the customer plan ahead and considers all economic factors while preparing for the child's milestones. The online child plan calculator provides the policyholder with a clear idea of the sum assured needed and the amount of premium to be paid to achieve the financial goals.

Some of the reasons to use the Online Child Plan Calculator are as follows:

  • It gives an in-depth knowledge of the workings of the plan.
  • It helps to understand the monthly savings required to fund the milestones.
  • It considers testing times such as unforeseen death of the policyholder or uncertain economic conditions such as job loss of the policyholder.
  • The calculation is done in a child-centric approach keeping in mind the child's age and ambitions, such as the profession the child chooses to pursue in the future.

The Process to use the Reliance Child Plan Calculator

The customer can access the child plan premium calculator on the insurer's official website. It is easily accessible and straightforward to use. The customer needs to click on the menu and choose the child plan calculator in the drop-down menu. The web page directs the customer to the child plan calculator page, where the following information is provided in a step-by-step process.

Child’s Details

The customer needs to provide basic details of the child, such as age, gender, and the child's ambition. The customer needs to enter the cost of education at present to anticipate future expenses. The customer also needs to enter the age at which the child requires the funds.

Cost of Providing the Education

The customer needs to enter the amount required to attain the educational goal of the child at present rates. The customer needs to enter additional details, such as the amount of money he has already saved to achieve the child's milestones.

Confirm the Premium Rate

The customer can purchase the plan by confirming the premium rate. The customer needs to consider his finances, such as his monthly income and expenses, before buying the plan. The customer has a choice to recalculate the premium rate if he is unhappy with the suggested rate.

Key Advantages of using Reliance Child Plan Premium Calculator

The online premium calculator provides a hassle-free approach in providing a comprehensive plan for the child's welfare. It helps to consider factors required to secure the child's future and provide adequate financial support during the child's milestones, such as education and marriage.

Some of the key advantages of using the child plan calculator are as follows.

Economic Factors are Considered

The child plan calculator considers factors such as inflation rate and interest rate that drive education costs. It also considers the risk appetite of the customer while making investments. It helps the policyholder arrive at a reasonable premium rate tailor-made for his budget.

Time-saving Option

The online tool saves the precious time of the policyholder. The customer can calculate the premium in a matter of seconds. The customer only needs to enter the basic details as prompted by the calculator.

Service at Free of Cost

The online calculator is available on the insurer's website, and the online calculations are provided for free. The applicant can access the online calculator throughout the day. The policyholder can also use the online tool from their portable devices such as mobile phones by downloading the insurer's mobile app. The customer can utilize the social media page of the insurer and get the latest information on product releases and news related to bonuses. The insurer uses the social media platform to directly engaging with the customers. The insurer provides several online services free of cost, including the mobile app and social media content.

Information required while using the Reliance Child Plan Premium Calculator

The customer can make use of the online calculator to estimate the premium of the plan. The information required to use the calculator effectively are as follows:

Personal Information

The applicant needs to provide basic details such as his name, age, monthly income, and age of the child, and gender.

Savings-related Data

The customer needs to provide the amount of money saved to date to achieve the financial goals. The calculator will provide a roadmap to achieve the child's milestones.

The customer needs to enter the approximate amount of money required to fund the child’s education and marriage to calculate the future expenses.

Core Benefits of Buying a Reliance Child Plan

The child insurance plan provides several benefits for the policyholder. The plan is offered at an affordable rate for all sections of society. The primary function of the plan is to secure the child's future and finance the child's milestones such as education, marriage, or both. The key benefits of the child insurance plan are as follows.

Shield against Unforeseen Events

The child insurance plan protects the child during unfortunate events such as the death of the life insured. The child insurance plan provides death benefits to the insured and ensures that the child is financially secured during unforeseen events. The plan offers regular payouts to meet the expenses of the child's milestones.

Attain Financial Security

The policyholder can utilize the plan to attain financial security for the child. A disciplined and goal-oriented customer can accumulate a large corpus and protect his child financially. If there is a case of an unfortunate demise of the parent, there is no discontinuation of policy. Under such circumstances, there is no need to pay future premiums and the benefits are paid when due to the child.

There is also an option to take the death pay-out either as a lump sum amount or as a fixed portion of the 50% benefit amount as a lump sum, and the remaining in the form of monthly instalments.

Premium Payment Options

The customer has a variety of options to choose from when it comes to paying the premium. The customer can opt for monthly mode, quarterly mode, half-yearly mode, and yearly mode of premium payments. The plan provides flexibility for the customer to make payments. The plan also provides attractive policy terms for the policyholder. Short-term investors can choose shorter policy terms. Long-term investors can choose longer policy terms.

Reliance Child Insurance Premium Rates

Premiums for Reliance Child Insurance are reasonable and would not deplete the bank account of the policyholder. There are cost-effective options, which can be estimated using the Reliance Child Plan Premium Calculator. The cost of life insurance is dependent on the coverage provided by the plan. Premium rates vary in general based on the following factors:


There are different premium rates charged for different age groups. One can buy policies starting from 20 years to 60 years. For term plans, young people can benefit as they will get premium rates in the early years. Some plans are applicable for retirement pensions and have different age criteria.

Policy Tenure

The plans have varying tenures as per the type and the intent of the insurance. The premium also changes with the tenure of the plan.


For some plans, females can get lower premium rates.

Premium Payment Term

The premium rates vary as per the premium payment term. Customers may choose single pay or regular pay. They can also choose different premium paying modes and frequencies.

About Reliance Child Insurance Plans

The Reliance Child Insurance plans help you save in a structured manner so that you can provide your child with much-needed financial stability in the future. It also allows you to enjoy every moment with your child now without thinking about his or her future. Reliance Insurance plans help individuals achieve their financial objectives while also protecting them from the ups and downs of life. One can buy an insurance policy simply for safety.

A single policyholder can also go ahead and purchase multiple policies. One can estimate and analyse the term plan as well as their goal of purchasing insurance policies. Individuals should be required to follow the procedure outlined above when purchasing other insurance plans.

The provided policies are affordable with low premium rates that we can measure using Reliance Child Plan Premium Calculator.


  • Q1. How can I get information about my policy online?

    A1. Reliance Life Insurance has a reliable online network and customers can find their policy status on the insurer’s website. They can log in to their website with their valid credentials. They can access their policy status by providing the necessary information. Reliance's online portal provides anytime access to get the details of one’s policy and provide other policy related services.  One may also contact the Reliance Insurance trained professionals who specialize in policy advice. They aid in the retrieval of all data and knowledge about plans.

  • Q2. Is there any possibility when a filed claim may not settle?

    A2. The policy becomes null and a claim cannot be filed if the person or persons covered commit suicide in a year of the policy commencement date or the most recent policy revival date. The insured person's death by suicide cancels all benefits payable in this situation. The policy bond contains detailed descriptions.

  • Q3. Does Reliance Insurance provide renewal of term plans online?

    A3. Customers can renew their Reliance policies online, on the official site of Reliance Life Insurance. One can also find the best online term plan for their needs.

  • Q4. How can I file a Reliance Insurance Claim?

    A4. Anyone who wants to file a claim for the Reliance Child Insurance must have policy information as well as a claim form. Details like the policy's particulars, the date, and cause of the incident, nominee details, and other identity and incident proofs need to be submitted. One can upload the documents online or submit them in person at the nearest local office.

  • Q5. Do child plans provide any maturity benefit?

    A5. The Reliance Child Plan provides an amount that equals 25% of the Sum Assured along with an additional maturity bonus as a maturity benefit. This is paid in the last 4 years of the plan and even on account of the unfortunate death of the parent.

  • Q6. What is the age limit to buy Reliance Child plans?

    A6. For Reliance Child Insurance, the minimum age of the parent to buy this policy is 20 years old, and the maximum is 50 years old. For the child, the minimum age is zero years to a maximum of 18 years.

  • Q7. What information do I need to find out the required term insurance coverage?

    A7. One will need to provide information age, debt information, and income information must all be provided. Individuals can get an estimate of how much coverage they need using a Term Plan calculator or may also refer to an insurance agent. Term insurance premiums for a Reliance child plan vary depending on the person’s age and financial obligations.

  • Q8. Can the Sum assured amount be increased in these term insurance policies?

    A8. With adjustments in one's life circumstances, one can quickly increase the guaranteed sum amount. The premium box displays the optimal income for the selected Amount of insurance. Depending on the financial situation, one may change the Amount guaranteed.

  • Q9. Is a loan against this policy available?

    A9. No, there is no provision for a loan against the policy.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

Reliance Child Plan Premium Calculator Reviews & Ratings

4.1 / 5 (Based on 23 Reviews)
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Dhampur, July 26, 2016
Reliance child plan
The child insurance policy which i have buy for my son is very good with many benefits. Reliance life insurance provides the best services which is fast and on time. Perfect claiming process and coverage is high approx. 90%.
Bhramgiri, July 12, 2016
Child Policy
Child insurance policy is very important and useful insurance for child secured future. Policy coverage is good and maximum expenditure is given by the insurer. Claiming is easy because of fast service provided by the company.
Ahmedabad, June 29, 2016
Good Plan
My child's insurance policy is very good with some good benefits. The premium is less. Service facilitate by the company members. Internet service is also good and easy to access and anybody can use it. Good future security for my son and the policy fulfill my son's dream.
Bengaluru, April 21, 2016
I own reliance life child insurance policy plan which is an average one. The service is fast and the policy coverage is approx. 76%. The claims are okay but the claiming process is bit lengthy. Executives and staff members are doing great work with good response. Okay policy and good for tax saving. Good for middle class person.
Delhi, April 21, 2016
Awesome Policy
The best child policy plan i bought from reliance life insurance and the policy plan is awesome. The policy coverage is 93% and the claims are 44 L after policy get mature. The investment is low and the returns are high. Good future plan with tax protection. Service you provided is very quick and on time till now.
Palwal, April 21, 2016
Great Deal
I had reliance life child policy plan for my child. The policy is nice, Good policy coverage ~93% and claiming amount is Rs.44 L after policy get mature. But the service is bit slow, please improve it. And the behaviour of the executives and staff members are nice. Good future investment with saving tax too.
Panipat, April 21, 2016
Satisfactory Plan
I found awesome child policy plan from reliance life insurance. The claim is high and the policy coverage is 88%. Service you provided is fast and very quick. Daily updates are mail and texted to me. The policy is good for future investment and it saves taxes also.
Thrissur, April 21, 2016
Nice Child Plan
I purchase child policy plan by reliance life insurance. Policy coverage is 92% and the claims are high. Premium is low and the services are fast and with great response from executives and staff members of the company. Good future investment and it saves taxes too. I'm happy with my policy plan.
Nawada, April 21, 2016
I Like The Policy
I buy a child policy plan for my child from reliance life insurance. Policy coverage is high 93% but the premium is low. Claims are easy to get because of the fast service provided by the executives and staff members. Daily updates are also mailed to me time to time. Fine policy good work. Good future investment and it save tax also. Like the policy.
Purwa, April 21, 2016
Superb Policy
The best child policy plan i bought from reliance life insurance and the policy plan is awesome. The policy coverage is 93% and the claims are 39 L after policy get mature. The investment is low and the returns are high. Good future plan with tax protection. Service you provided is very quick and on time till now.
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