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Which Insurance is Best in India?

Insurance is a financial product that transfers the risk to a company in exchange for regular premiums. So, for example, if you want to secure your mother, you can buy life insurance at affordable premiums payable monthly, and in case of an eventuality during the policy term, the insurer will pay out the sum assured to the nominee. This financial benefit, offered in case of a death or a loss, makes insurance necessary in everyone’s financial portfolio. 

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Let us understand what is the need for insurance before we decide “which insurance is best in India?”

What is the Need for Insurance?

As discussed, “What is insurance?” . It is product that provides financial security in case of an unforeseen event. The payout from these plans can help you pay for medical emergencies, cover damages caused to vehicles or property, and offer financial benefits in case of a death. With general insurance plans, you can recover the damage caused to your health and property, while life insurance provides benefits in case of death or survival within the policy term. No matter the type of insurance you buy, the payout from insurance can help you pay off any remaining loans, maintain your current lifestyle, and pay for the child’s higher education.

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Types of Insurance Plans Available in India

There are several types of insurance plans available in India, but insurance can mainly be divided into the following two groups:

  1. Life Insurance

    Life insurance plans protect the life of the life assured for a fixed tenure, and in case of an eventuality like death or diagnosis of critical illness, these plans payout the base or rider sum assured to help take care of the financial obligations and maintain the current quality of life. These plans include term insurance, return of premium term plans, 100% refund of premiums at no cost term plans, whole life insurance policies, endowment plans, retirement plans, and child plans.

  2. General Insurance

    This includes a variety of insurance plans that provide coverage against damage, loss, or theft of health or non-life properties. This way, people can secure their possessions and receive a financial benefit to recover the losses incurred by the policyholder. Therefore, in case of damage to the insured object, the insurer will provide a benefit amount to help take care of the financial loss. These plans include health, marine, travel, car, bike, and business insurance plans.

What are the Benefits of Insurance in India?

Let us take a look at all the benefits of insurance you can avail of by buying the best insurance in India:

  • Financial Protection: Insurance plans provide financial protection to the policyholder in case of damage, loss, theft, or death of the insured/assured. These plans offer a compensation amount in the form of a claim benefit in case the death/damage occurs within the policy term. Insurance plans are a great way to secure your important possessions and loved ones at affordable premiums.

  • Secure Child’s Future: With life insurance plans, you can secure your child’s future by ensuring they have enough financial benefits in case of an eventuality with the parents. Plans like whole life insurance and child plans can help your child fulfil their dreams and pursue higher education with the payout received.

  • Security of Savings: With insurance plans, you can receive an additional amount from the insurer in case of damage or loss of the insured object without draining your savings. For example, if you didn’t have car insurance, in case of damage to your car, you would have to use your savings to bear all the expenses yourself. But with car insurance in place, you can use the insurer payout to pay for the car damage and save your savings.

  • Pay off Remaining Loans: Many people take out loans to fulfil their financial needs, like buying a house or car. But in case of the policyholder’s unfortunate death, the burden of these loans may fall upon the shoulders of your family. Thus, with life insurance, in case of your unfortunate death, your family can use the benefit amount to pay off all the remaining loans and debts.

  • Post-retirement Independence: With the payout received from life insurance on survival, the policyholder can maintain their financial independence after the end of their monthly income. Plans like retirement plans, pension plans, term return of premium plans, and other investment plans can provide a maturity benefit on the survival of the policy term. However, in case of death during the policy tenure, the death benefit payout can help the policyholder’s spouse secure their financial future during retirement.

  • Tax Saving Benefits: You can claim tax saving benefits under sections 80C, 80CCC, 80D, and 10(10D) with life insurance plans and under sections 80D with health insurance plans.

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Which Insurance is Best in India?

The best insurance in India is subjective, and to answer the question, “Which insurance is best in India?” you have to understand the needs of a person. If a person needs to secure his newly purchased car, a life insurance plan might not be the best option, but if a person wants to protect the financial future of his loved ones, life insurance would be the right option. But to help you figure out “Which insurance is best in India?” we have created a list of factors you should keep in mind before purchasing an insurance plan.

What are the Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Insurance in India?

Here is a list of factors you need to consider before buying the best insurance in India:

  • Assess your Needs: Before buying the most suitable insurance plan, you need to assess your needs. In the case of life insurance, you need to assess your age, annual income, monthly expenses, and the required life cover.

  • Premium Rates: The premium rates for insurance plans depend on a variety of factors like age, health conditions, life cover, policy terms, and benefits offered within the plan. For example, the premiums of an endowment plan will be higher than a pure-term plan since it offers maturity and survival benefits.

  • Policy Tenure: The policy tenure of your insurance plan should be long enough to cover your dependents in case of an eventuality. But it is important to remember that the premiums increase with policy tenure. Therefore, make sure to get coverage for the required term only.

  • Claim Settlement Ratio: The claim settlement ratio (CSR) is the ratio of claims received in a year to the number of claims settled by the insurer. Ideally, you should buy an insurance plan from a company with a high CSR of over 95% to ensure the company settles your family’s potential future claims.

  • Solvency Ratio: The solvency ratio is the company’s capability to settle all the active plans. As per the IRDAI mandate, every insurer should maintain a solvency ratio of 1.5 or 150% to be able to sell insurance plans.

  • Compare Policies Online: You should always compare insurance policies online from different insurers based on their premium rates, sum assured, or CSR values. By comparing insurance policies online, you can get a better understanding of the plans and their offered benefits and select a plan that fits your needs the best.

  • Read the Fine Print: You should read the policy details and documents carefully before purchasing an insurance plan. This lets you know about the inclusions and exclusions within the policy and helps you avoid any future confusion.

Wrapping it Up!

To understand “which insurance is best in India,” you need to understand what a person’s requirements are. The best insurance depends on a person’s needs and can be customised to provide the required benefits. There are two main groups of insurance: general and life insurance, under which there are several types. You can find the best insurance in India by going through their respective features and benefits and purchasing the plan that fits your needs.


  • Which insurance is best in India?

    Ans: The best insurance in India depends on individual needs and preferences. Life insurance, health insurance, motor insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, and personal accident insurance are popular options. It is important to evaluate coverage, claim settlement process, reputation, affordability, and customer reviews before choosing the best insurance for your specific requirements.
  • What factors should I consider when selecting insurance?

    Ans: When selecting insurance in India, consider factors such as coverage, premium affordability, claim settlement ratio, reputation of the insurance provider, network hospitals (in the case of health insurance), policy exclusions, customer support, and the terms and conditions of the policy. Assessing these factors will help you make an informed decision.
  • Is life insurance necessary?

    Ans: Life insurance is highly recommended, especially if you have dependents or financial obligations. It provides financial security to your loved ones in the event of your untimely demise. Life insurance can help cover debts, loans, education expenses, and daily living costs, ensuring your family's well-being and stability.
  • Which company gives best insurance?

    Ans: The company that gives the best insurance depends on your needs. Every insurer provides plans that fit the different needs of people from different walks of life. You can buy insurance plans based on your requirements by comparing plans from different insurers to find a plan that fits your specific needs.
  • What are the 3 most important insurance?


    The 3 most important insurance are:

    • Life Insurance: Provides the financial benefit in case of death of the life assured and maturity benefit on survival of the policy term.
    • Health Insurance: Covers the cost of hospital and medical bills in case of a health emergency during the policy coverage.
    • General Insurance: It covers non-life objects like a home, car, bike, mobile, and other such important possessions.
  • Q: Does the company provide online term insurance plans?

    Ans: Yes, one can buy Aviva term insurance online.

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