Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Calculator

Life insurance policies are crafted to fulfill the needs of people, so that the they may derive maximum benefit from each policy. This is where Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Calculator comes into play. The calculator helps to determine the best plan suited for every individual.

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How to Use Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Calculator?

You must take the following steps if he/she wishes to use the calculator:

  • Locate the official website of Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Ltd. online.

  • Click on the ‘Life Insurance Plans’ tab.

  • Click on the plan that appears to suit your requirements.

  • Now Click on the ‘Calculator’ button at the top right corner of the page, where the insurance plan is explained in detail.

  • The calculator will now require the customer to input their personal details like name, age, gender, policy term, etc.

  • After all the details have been filled in, the customer must click the button labeled ‘Calculate’.

  • The premium amount will now be visible.

  • You must check this amount carefully and decide whether or not it is within your financial constraints.


The main advantages that a customer enjoys when using Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Calculator is as follows:

  • Using these digital calculators gives the customers an opportunity to compare life insurance plans and choose the best one for themselves.

  • They are fast and easily accessible, and one can do it from the comfort of his/her house.

  • They provide accurate data, and the actual premium values may vary only slightly from what is displayed on the website.

  • They are easy to use, and all the steps are well explained on the company website.

Information Required:

The following information is required while using Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Calculator:

  • Personal Information: The calculator needs the personal information of the customer, e.g., name, date of birth, gender, etc.

  • Health Information: Certain inquiries regarding the health of the customer are required by the calculator, such as smoking habits, lifestyle, etc.

  • Sum Assured: This is required in order to calculate the premium amount.

  • Term of the Policy: The customer must determine for how long he/she wants to invest in the policy and make this information available to the calculator.

  • Premium Payment Frequency: This is information regarding how often the customer wants to pay premiums. The payments may be made on an annual, semi-annual, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Benefits of Buying Reliance Life Insurance Plan:

Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Plan provides life coverage at a nominal cost for customers. This plan is good for those who want to create a corpus that their family can inherit in the event of their demise. This protects the family and provides them with financial independence.

  • Secure Investment: The policy provides financial security to the customer and his family, which they can decide when and how to use.

  • Death Benefits: The death benefit can be claimed by the beneficiaries in the event of the death of the customer so that his/her loved ones have some financial security in their absence.

  • Tax Benefits: In addition, the plan provides tax benefits under Section 80 C to the policyholders.

  • Low-risk Investment: The plan is a low-risk investment wherein the customer is not exposed to market risks and will earn rewards irrespective of the market situation.

Why Should You Use the Calculator?

Using the Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Calculator is a good way for the customer to save time. Since the calculator is capable of making assumptions and calculations based on a number of factors can be used to sift through policies swiftly. Based on the information provided to it, this digital calculator is able to provide answers to your queries within seconds. This otherwise would be a tedious task to accomplish manually.

Using the Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Calculator also gives the opportunity to make comparisons between different plans and get the premium estimations. One can compare the returns and the benefits of each plan and choose from a wider range of options.

Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Premium Rates

Certain factors directly affect the premium rates of life insurance plans. Therefore, customers must know about these factors before they make a plan purchase. They are as follows:

  • Age: Premium rates are lower for younger customers. It is hence advisable to begin investing in life insurance early.

  • Gender: Women get better premium rates than men.

  • Sum Assured: Higher the Sum Assured, lower will be the premium, is the general rule of thumb.

  • Occupation: People in dangerous occupations usually have to pay higher premiums, like sailors, miners, pilots, etc.

  • Premium Payment Term: If a customer invests in a policy for a longer period of time, he will usually get a reduction on the premium amount.


  • Is it possible to change the nominee in Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Plan?

    Ans: If a customer wishes to change his nominee, he/she must fill a Nomination Form and submit it at a Reliance Nippon branch office alongside copies of KYC documents. The document copies must be self-attested.
  • What is the process to add a rider to the Reliance Nippon Plan?

    Ans: A customer may instate a rider to his plan on any policy anniversary. However, the person will be required to submit a filled and signed request form at a branch office for the same. The addition of a rider usually takes a period of around seven days to be enforced.
  • What is the process of making partial withdrawals on the Reliance Nippon Plan?

    Ans: A customer can apply for a partial withdrawal once the policy has completed its lock-in period. The following documents will be required:
    Request form, savings bank account details, canceled cheque, and KYC documents that the customer has attested. The process usually takes seven days to be completed.

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