SBI Life Insurance Policy Statement

SBI Life Insurance policy statement is a document that includes all the information related to the policies offered by the insurer. The document includes details about three key types of insurance offered by the company. These are individual plans, group plans, and online plans.

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The policy statement allows the interested individuals to read all the benefits provided through various plans. The statement also includes key clauses and norms the policyholders must follow if they continue the policy. 

SBI Life Insurance policy statement helps the interested applicants to make informed decisions and get optimum benefits from any policy purchased based on their financial and family constraints. 

How to Get the Policy Statement?

The SBI Life Insurance policy statement is accessible only to SBI customers. The policy statement is offered in online PDF form from the SBI Life Insurance website. The individuals must log in to the website by providing their account details to download and read the policy statement. 

The policy statement is also accessible at SBI Life and from its advisors or agents. They would provide the policy statement as a booklet to help individuals read the clauses and norms more effectively before purchasing the policy. 

The individuals can get an SBI Life Insurance policy statement at their convenience. However, the purchase of the policy statement does not ensure any commitment or authority to any insurance offered by SBI Life. 

The policy statement is exclusive for understanding various insurances offered by SBI Life. It is not an insurance document. The individuals are required to follow different processes to purchase any insurance of their choice finally. 

Information Included Policy Statement 

The key information included in the SBI Life Insurance policy statement is mentioned below:

  • Policy Schedule: The policy schedule includes various forms mandatory to fill up to purchase the policy. The schedule helps the applicants to provide required information about beneficiaries or policyholders systematically to manage the policy effectively. 

  • Policy Booklet: It is a booklet mentioning all the policy details more clearly and precisely. The booklet offers key information about a specific insurance policy. 

  • Policy Definitions: The part provides definitions of all the critical terms or abbreviations used repetitively in the policy booklet and other policy-related documents. 

  • Policy Benefits: SBI Life Insurance policy statement includes the benefits offered by SBI Life insurance through its different insurance policies catering to different needs of beneficiaries across various strata of society.

  • Enrollment Clauses: The policy statement also provides the information and clauses mandatory to be followed by each applicant if they want to purchase the policy. The enrollment clauses help beneficiaries get the optimum benefits from the policy as per the norms of SBI Life Insurance. 

  • Termination Clauses: The statement also includes termination clauses that are critical to every policyholder. SBI Life Insurance can terminate the policy for the policyholders in case of any breach of norms as mentioned in the clauses. 

  • Provisions: The statement includes provisions that make the SBI Life Insurance and other establishments responsible for managing the policy. It also includes conditions where the beneficiaries can take the opportunity to make more informed choices after purchasing the policy. The provisions include details regarding taxation, free look period, grace period, nomination, assignment, and other related information. 

  • Complaints and Grievance Management Process: SBI Life Insurance policy statement also include the details regarding the complaints and grievance management mechanisms in case of any discrepancies or issues found while managing the policy by the beneficiaries or other establishments. 

Benefits of SBI Life Insurance Policy Statement

SBI Life Insurance policy statement holds all the information required for policyholders to make an effective decision about purchasing and managing their insurance plan. The statement is not helpful for end customers only but also for agents of SBI life. 

SBI Life manages its operations through 80,000 financial advisors who are responsible for providing the customers with all the information to purchase the right insurance policy. 

The policy statement includes key information such as types of policy offered by SBI Life, the benefits of the policies, key clauses, provisions, enrollment process, and exclusions. The policy statement also includes the formats of various forms that help the interested individuals understand the information they require to purchase the policy.


  • What are the key tax benefits offered by SBI Life Insurance Policy?

    Ans: SBI Life Insurance Policies are liable for tax levies as per the central or state government norms as applicable. The key tax benefits differ for traditional and ULIP plans. However, the tax deductions are applied on the following premiums.
    • Traditional Plans: Base Premium, Rider Premium, and other charges as applicable.
    • ULIPs: Mortality charges, administration charges, fund management charges, surrender charges, withdrawal charges, and other charges. 
  • How to settle the claim of SBI Life Insurance?

    Ans: The policyholders of SBI Life Insurance can follow the claim settlement process through online and offline modes. They are required to provide necessary documents and information related to the claim settlement. The insurer will verify all the information before successfully settling the claimed amount. 
  • What are the provisions mentioned by SBI Life Insurance if the original policy document is lost or misplaced?

    Ans: The policyholders can apply for duplicate policy documents if they lose or misplace the original policy document. 
  • How to check the policy status?

    Ans: SBI Life Insurance allows policyholders to check the policy status at the company website by providing registered mobile numbers and policy details. They can check other related information on the website or call the customer service team for further assistance. 
  • How to check all the premiums or money paid by the policyholders?

    Ans: The insured individuals can check all the premiums paid to date by login in SBI Life Insurance portal. They can download the payment summary per financial year or policy certificates from the portal.

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