Reliance Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) - Product Overview

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Reliance SIP is an ideal option for all kinds of investors including rural and middle class people who are expecting to gain high yet minimal risk returns. Through keeping aside small amounts on a regular basis, it is possible to build a substantial corpus over the years. This systematic plan is flexible with a wide range of options making it beneficial and worthwhile in all respects. 

What to expect from Reliance Systematic Investment Plans

High benefits associated with Reliance SIP make this a worthwhile investment in all regards. One of the reasons why this plan is popular with investors is because you can start with a minimum possible amount which is as low as rupees hundred on a monthly basis. Some of the options available for the investors include hundred rupees monthly investments for five months on a regular basis. Another option is payment of five hundred rupees monthly for one year.

Finally, you may also opt for a plan where you pay INR 1000 regularly for six months for getting the same returns later. Those who want can even pay quarterly where they need to pay INR 1500 in four different installments. A main positive feature of Reliance SIP is its high level of flexibility. The financial status of the investors and their needs to help them to decide the payment mode they want to go for. Returns through SIP depends on the market condition can be quite high when the luck favors.

How to invest the amounts

As with the amounts to invest the modes of investment, also change in keeping with the requirements of the individual and one can find a method, which suits completely. This includes electronic clearing services, debit direct mandates, and post dated cheque.

Types of SIP Plans

Equity Plan

Those seeking long-term appreciation can always go for equity SIP investments where you can choose the options you like and this includes capital appreciation or dividend options. Here you can go for any of the variety of available plans. These include the following.

  • Diversified Large Cap: This again is of various types including actively managed funds, conservative investments where the company choice for investment is based on lowest/ highest market capitalizations. Then there are those specifically for NRIs with focus on stable companies to get such investors to take part in the growth trajectory of Indian economy. Others make the most of short and long-term opportunities.
  • Diversified Mid and Small Cap: This is ideal for those who are seeking higher market exposure for investors. If you are thinking about small or mid cap investment options for longer than a three-year period this is surely an ideal way to see your money grow gradually yet steadily. Those looking for high-risk investments with high returns can also find something, which works wonders for their financial scenario with such Reliance SIPs.
  • Diversified Multi Cap: Those who are looking for a diverse investment portfolio are going to make the most of this kind of SIP schemes. This is a flexible way to invest your long-term money based on the opportunities and potential of market cap.

Debt Plan

Those looking for a steady and comparatively risk free investments through SIP can go for Reliance Debt Plans. These options include options that are a fixed income source including government securities, bonds, and corporate debentures. Compared to equity investments these provide a stable option to individuals. When there is a long-term money return to consider, market fluctuations fail to have a definite impact and this adds to the benefits associated with Debt plan for SIP.

Benefits of Reliance SIP

  • No Need for Market Timing:

Now you do not have to be a soothsayer for predicting the correct time for buying or selling. Everybody knows how risky an endeavor is this and not to say time consuming. SIP does away with regular tracking forever. This is because you are investing definite sums on a regular basis and ensure long-term benefits in the process. Regular and disciplined investment is what SIP involves.

  • Achieve Financial Goals:

If you are looking for an investment scheme, which is an effective tool towards financial stability, one does not need to look beyond systematic investment plans. You may need money for various stages in your life as well as the life of your family. This can be anything from the educational needs of your child, their marriage, home purchase, or planning for retirement. Systematically achieve your goals through a pertinent regime through Reliance SIP.

  • Lowered Costs Per Unit:

Investments through SIP are spread over a period and more importantantly, it is uniform. Therefore, you will be buying fewer units when the market rises and buying more in a falling market scenario. This in turn brings down the average costs related to per unit purchase in your investment plan.