Step Up SIP Calculator 2024

Step-up SIP is a type of Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) where you increase your investment amount by a certain percentage every month or year. This can help you grow your wealth over time faster than a regular SIP. A step up SIP calculator is a powerful and user-friendly financial tool that enables you to estimate the expected SIP return and potential growth of your investment. Let’s dive deeper into how a SIP step up calculator helps you to grow your wealth faster.

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What is Step Up SIP?

Step Up SIP, which is also known as top up SIP, is an investment strategy in which you can increase your total amount of investment every month or year by a certain percentage. Some ULIP funds and mutual fund^^ schemes also allow you to choose the period in which you will increase the SIP amount. Therefore, as you grow your SIP, your investment will also increase. This can help you grow your wealth over time faster than a regular SIP.

For Example:

If you start with a SIP of Rs. 5,000 per month and increase it by 15% every year, your investment amount will be Rs. 6,750 per month in the second year, Rs. 8,238 per month in the third year, and so on.

What is the Step Up SIP Calculator?

A Step Up SIP Calculator is a financial tool that helps you estimate the future value of your SIP investments if you increase your SIP by a certain percentage on a regular basis. 

The step up SIP Calculator takes into account the following factors:

  • Monthly investment amount

  • Growth percentage of your SIP investment

  • Expected rate of return

  • Tenure of investment

Step up SIP calculator 2024, also known as top up SIP calculator, helps you to compare how different investment amounts and growth rates affect your future returns. This information can help you make informed decisions about your investment strategy.

Illustration of Step Up SIP Calculator

Let’s say you made an annual investment of Rs. 10,000. And then you decided to step up the SIP by 10% every year. In 2nd year of investment, your SIP amount will be Rs. 11,000. The year after that, the SIP premium amount will be Rs. 12,100, and so on for 10 years.


  • Monthly investment amount: Rs. 10,000

  • Annual step up SIP: 10%

  • Expected rate of return: 10% per annum

  • Tenure: 10 years


  • The total amount that you invested: Rs. 19,12,491

  • The estimated returns you would gain: Rs. 9,88,655

  • The total value that you would get at maturity: Rs. 29,01,146

Benefits of Step Up SIP Calculator

The following are the benefits of using a step up SIP calculator:

  • Optimised Investments: A top up or step up SIP calculator helps you decide how to smartly increase your SIP contributions over time. This ensures that your investments stay in line with your growing income and helps maximise returns.

  • Flexibility: Based on the top up SIP calculations, you can adjust your SIP amounts periodically as per your financial situation and investment goals. This flexibility allows for better financial planning and adaptability.

  • Goal Achievement: By using the calculator, you can set specific financial goals and analyse the projected returns. This helps you to stay focused and disciplined in achieving your financial objectives.

  • Data Visualisation: The calculator often provides easy-to-understand graphs and charts that showcase the potential growth of investments, making it simpler for you to understand and track your progress.

  • Informed Decision-making: With accurate projections and insights, you can make well-informed decisions regarding your SIP investments, leading to better portfolio management.

  • Risk Assessment: You can assess the impact of various interest rates and market fluctuations on your investments, allowing you to plan for potential risks.

  • Time-saving: The calculator automates complex financial calculations, saving you time and effort in manual computations.

  • Accessibility: Many top up or step up SIP calculators are available online, making them easily accessible to you from anywhere at any time.

How Does the Step Up SIP Calculator 2024 Work?

The step up SIP calculator works by using a formula to calculate the future value of your SIP investments. The formula takes into account the following factors:

  • Your monthly investment amount

  • The growth percentage of your SIP investment

  • The expected rate of return

  • The tenure of the investment

The calculator then uses this formula to calculate the future value of your SIP investments. The future value is the amount of money that you will have accumulated in your SIP plan at the end of your investment period.

How to Use Step Up SIP Calculator 2024?

Following are three simple steps through which you can compute the Step Up SIP returns in a matter of seconds:

Step 1: Open the Step Up SIP Calculator page.

Step 2: Enter the following details in the Step Up SIP Calculator:

  • Investment Amount (Monthly)

  • Growth Percentage of SIP Investment

  • Expected Rate of Return (ROI)

  • Tenure of investment

Step 3: Click on the 'Calculate' tab.

Output of the Step Up SIP Calculator

Once you hit the calculate tab, the algorithm of this SIP calculator will calculate the amount of the return by using the data you fed. 

At the end of the calculation, you will receive the following output from the step up SIP calculator:

  • The sum of all the SIPs you made during the tenure of your fund portfolio.

  • Approximate gains that you will make from your SIP investment.

  • Expected total returns that you will get at maturity

Key Takeaways

The step up SIP Calculator is an invaluable tool for you to optimise your Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs). With its ability to adjust SIP contributions over time, this calculator offers flexibility, goal-oriented planning, and informed decision-making. By visualising potential growth and providing valuable insights, it empowers you to make strategic choices and work towards achieving your financial aspirations. Using the SIP calculator can lead you on a path of disciplined and adaptive investment, ultimately helping you maximise returns and secure a brighter financial future.


  • Can I step up the existing SIP in 2024?

    Yes, you can step up an existing SIP in 2024. You need to visit the website of your fund house and log in to your SIP account. Select the SIP fund that you wish to step up, enter a new investment amount, and click on the Step Up button.
  • Why step up SIP is suitable for investors in 2024?

    There are a few reasons why Step Up SIP is suitable for investors in 2024:
    • Helps to check inflation and ensure that your investment remains valuable.

    • Helps you to smooth out the volatility of the market and ensure that your investment grows steadily over time.

    • If you have long-term investment goals, such as retirement or a child's education, then Step Up SIP can be a good way to reach your goals.

  • How is step up SIP calculated?

    The amount of your investment in a step-up SIP is calculated using the following formula:

    Investment amount = Initial investment amount * (1 + step-up percentage) ^ tenure

    For example, if you start with an initial investment amount of ₹5,000 and a step-up percentage of 10%, your investment amount in the second year will be ₹5,500, in the third year, it will be ₹6,050, and so on.

  • Is step up SIP better?

    Step-up SIP can be a good option for you if you are looking to grow your wealth faster and are comfortable with a higher level of risk. However, it is important to consider your individual circumstances and investment goals before deciding if a Step Up SIP is right for you.
  •  When can I choose the step up SIP?

    You can choose to Step Up SIP at any time. However, it is important to consider your individual circumstances and investment goals before you decide if Step Up SIP is right for you.
  • What is the advantage of the SIP?

    In SIPs you invest a specific amount every month. With the Step Up SIP, you get the added benefit of increasing the investment amount. You can plan it accordingly with your salary increase or the work bonus. SIPs are a monthly affair, so you also get around the market fluctuations. The interest that you generate over the years is in compounded form. Therefore, if you wish for wealth generation, you should opt for Step Up SIP.
  • When can I choose the Step Up SIP?

    When you begin investing, you can choose to do the Step Up SIP. You can plan the percentage to Step Up as per your finances. This works on the assumptions. Therefore, if you find yourself in a financial predicament, you can always cancel your Step Up SIP and opt for a regular SIP. Depending upon your fund manager, you can suspend your Step Up SIP for three months.
  • Can I change the Step Up percentage using the Step Up SIP Calculator?

    You can readjust the Step Up percentage using the Step Up SIP Calculator. The Fund Manager allows investors to choose the rate they wish to use while doing Top Up or Step Up SIP. While calculating, you can try different combinations of investment amount and the Step Up percentage until you find the one suitable for you. This needs to be done before you invest in the Fund. Once you start investing in the Fund, you can not change the percentage.
  • What are the tax implications on SIP investment?

    SIP premiums will help you get the tax rebates. Below are the details of the tax implications on the SIP investment:
    • If long-term capital gains that you earn through your SIP investment are less than Rs. 1 Lac, then you do not have to pay any taxes. 
    • The short-term capital gains that you earn through SIP are taxed at the 15% tax slab. 
    • You can even claim tax rebates under the Income Tax Act, 1961 Section 80 C on the SIP premiums you pay every month. The amount has to be up to Rs. 1.5 Lacs. 

*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan.
*Tax benefit is subject to changes in tax laws. Standard T&C Apply
~Source - Google Review Rating available on:-
^10(10D) Tax benefit are for Investments made up to Rs.2.5 L/ yr and are subject to change as per tax laws.
^^The information relating to mutual funds presented in this article is for educational purpose only and is not meant for sale. Investment is subject to market risks and the risk is borne by the investor. Please consult your financial advisor before planning your investments.

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