6 Smart Financial Moves To Celebrate Women’s Day

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Woman- an adult female human. Are these words enough to describe the most beautiful creation of God? The answer is of course not. When he hasn't spared any detail in crafting her then why should we spare words to describe her? A nurturing parent, a loving spouse, a hard working employee, a selfless caregiver, a generous teacher- assembling all this makes a Woman.

Women’s Day

A woman along with meeting household responsibilities and family commitments, also pursue a professional life. She embodies the very sense of supernatural wisdom, feminism and synchronized thoughts. But still, some way or the other, this society is still male dominated. However, there are 25.63% female workers in India.

There is nothing a woman can't do by herself. One major part of life where she lacks is Personal Finance. Most of the women leave the decisions related to investments and finance on their spouse. They neglect to take part in such matters although it is a very crucial aspect of their life. Depending more on their husband decreases the financial confidence in women. A woman can be a better money manager than a man but she is cautious by nature and tends to minimise the risk. Research says that a woman feels greater pain when she loses money than a man.

A woman should be financially independent as it allows her to take her own decisions. A financially independent woman can be a good financial backup for her family at the time of crisis. Moreover, she will be able to contribute not only to her family, but also to society and nation. Apart from all this, a financially independent woman can follow her dreams. So, go ahead, step out of your comfort zone, know yourself and start exploring your horizons. Because, a successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with those bricks which others have thrown at her.


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