Exide Life Term Insurance Policy Status

Exide life term insurance company limited, owned by Exide Industries Limited, is a trusted company offering reliable insurance policies to its customers since 2001-02. The company offers a dynamic range of products suiting its customer’s needs. The company distributes its products through various channels, including agency, direct and online.

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Get ₹1 Cr. Life Cover at just ₹449/month+
No medical checkup required
Save more with upto 10% discount
Covers COVID-19
Tax Benefit
Upto Rs. 46800
Life Cover Till Age
99 Years
8 Lakh+
Happy Customers
+Tax benefit is subject to changes in tax laws. +Standard T&C Apply
++ Discount is offered by the insurance company as approved by IRDAI for the product under File & Use guidelines
Get ₹1 Cr. Life Cover at just ₹449/month+
No medical checkup required
Save more with upto 10% discount
Covers COVID-19
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What Is an Exide Life Term Plan?

Exide Life Term Edge is a comprehensive plan that covers your life and secures a safe financial future for your family. Unforeseen circumstances are every man's nightmare. The plan promises to help your family maintain their lifestyle in case of your unfortunate demise.

Three different options are available under the Exide Life Term plan at affordable premiums. The plan also offers a return of premium option at policy maturity if the policyholder survives the term. However, premiums to access such features remain slightly higher than the standard.

Exide Life Insurance Company offers multiple online services and facilitates checking the policy status online. With this service, the policyholders can easily know if the policy is active or near the renewal date and similar details.

How To Check Your Policy Status?

Checking Exide life term insurance policy status online is a quick process. This service is available for both existing and new customers. You can find the details below to check your Exide Life term insurance policy status.

  1. If you are an existing customer

    If you are an existing customer, you can log into your account using a user ID and password to know your policy status. If you do not remember your password or user ID, locate "customer login" on the portal and select "forgot customer ID" or "forgot password." 

    You will be directed to a separate page where you will be required to fill in your policy number and DOB. After submitting, details regarding your policy status will be sent to your registered email or phone.

  2. If you are a new customer

    If you are a new customer, you must register yourself at the web portal by entering your policy number and other credentials. Once you are registered, you can use the credentials to check your policy status by logging in to the official portal of Exide life.

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  3. Other services

    1. SMS service:

      You can also check the status of your policy via SMS service. The SMS must be sent in a predetermined format on the official number as mentioned on the website. 

    2. Virtual Assistant:

      The virtual assistant is a chat box where you can chat with the AI and get details of your policy status. For your convenience, you can choose your desired language to chat with the AI. You will be required to input your query in the chat box, and the virtual assistant will guide you accordingly.

    3. Mail:

      You can also mail your query directly to the official email of Exide or send it through the "contact us" or "write to us" section on the official website.

Why Should You Buy Exide Life Term Insurance?

If you're wondering why you should purchase Exide Life Term Edge, here are some reasons:

  • The plan offers you three options - classic, step-up, and comprehensive.
    • The entry age for classic and comprehensive is 18 to 60 years, while it is 18 to 58 years for step-up.
    • The premium payment term is usually 12 to 30 years with a minimum sum assured for INR 5 lakhs with classic variant while INR 10 lakhs for step-up and comprehensive variant.
    • The maximum maturity age is from 70 to 75 years.
    • The premium payment mode can be monthly, half-yearly or annual. If you choose the monthly mode, you will have to pay 3 months' premium as a lump sum in advance at the inception. 
  • The plan will also allow you to earn up to almost 150% of your premiums paid.
  • In addition to the benefits mentioned above, you will be allowed to enhance your cover with the help of add-ons. These riders can be purchased at the inception or later, whichever is convenient for you.

In Conclusion

If you are the sole earning member of your family, financial protection via term insurance can help you maintain peace of mind. Purchasing a life insurance plan is one of the ways to ensure your loved one’s care after your untimely demise. 

A life insurance plan ensures that your family continues to avail a steady income despite your absence. Exide life insurance policy will be like a financial safety net that will protect your family in case of any financial emergency that may occur upon them owing to your absence.


  • Q. Why is a term plan important?

    Ans: A term plan is known to provide substantial cover at optimum premium rates. The sum assured provides your family financial assistance in the form of maturity or death benefits. The maturity and death benefits will allow your family to maintain the same standard of living even in the case of your sudden demise. In addition, the term plan ensures you are at peace, knowing that your family's future is secure in case of any mishap.
  • Q. How to buy a life term plan?

    Ans: You can purchase through the online or offline mode. To make the purchase online, you will have to visit the company's website, and to make the purchase offline, visit the nearest branch and speak to the executive.
  • Q. How much life insurance coverage is needed?

    Ans: The coverage depends on many factors like the number of dependents, debts and liabilities, investment needs, and the lifestyle your loved ones follow.
  • Q. What to look for before deciding to buy a policy?

    Ans: One of the key areas that you must research before finalizing your purchase is the company's claim settlement ratio. You must check for a guarantee of return, the lock-in period, and details of the premium paid. You also need to be aware of the policy lapses, how to recover and revive your policy and deductibles. You should also know that you can take a loan on the said policy.

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