Post Office FD Calculator 2022

Post Office Fixed Deposit also known as Post Office Time Deposit are one of the most preferred investment options offers by Indian Postal Services.  As a government backed savings scheme, post office fixed deposit are considered one of the safest options of investment, which offers guaranteed returns.  Similar to banks FDs, the interest amount of POFD schemes can be calculated by using post office FD calculator in an easy and hassle-free manner.

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Post Office FD Calculator

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Time Period

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About Post Office Fixed Deposit Scheme

In post office fixed deposit scheme, the subscribers need to contribute for a specific tenure and fixed interest rate. The higher the investment tenure will be the higher interest an individual will be able to earn on the contribution made towards the scheme.

Post Office Fixed Deposit Interest Rate 2022

The Post Office FD account can be opened for tenure of 1, 2, 3 and 5 years with different interest rates of specific year. The interest applicable on Post Office FD is subject to TDS.  Let’s take a look at the post office FD interest rates.

Tenure Rate Offered
1 year 5.5%
2 years 5.5%
3 years 5.5%
5 years 6.7%

How to Calculate Interest on Post Office Fixed Deposit?

 By using Post Office FD calculator an individual can compute the interest payout easily. To calculate the interest amount, the individual will need to use the formula of compound interest.

Maturity Amount = Principal * ( 1+Interest Rate /4)^(n*4) 

- Where n is the number of years and the interest rate should be the annual rate. Also, the above formula is for interest compounded quarterly.

Let’s understand with an example:

Suppose a person has deposited 1 lakh at 6.8% interest for 5 years, the maturity amount would be

Maturity Amount= 100000*(1+.068/4) (5*4)

Maturity Amount=  Rs.1,40,360

Interest Gained = Rs. 40,360

The interest on post office FD is computed quarterly but paid annually. At the time of redemption the accumulated sum will be given to the individual via cheque. The interest earned is fully taxable. It is added to the annual income of the investor and is taxed at the applicable tax rate.

Benefits of Using Post Office Fixed Deposit Calculator

Here are some of the benefits of using Post Office Fixed Deposit calculator.

  • As post office fd calculator is an automatic calculator there is no scope of any error.
  • It makes the complicated calculation easy at multiple tenures, interest rate and amount, this saving time and money.
  • The tool can be easily used online and is free of cost.

Features of Post Office FD Calculator

  • Post office time deposit can be opened for different tenures of 1,2, 3, and 5 years.
  • The interest is paid out annually but calculated quarterly.
  • The scheme is best suitable for investors with low-risk appetite and who wants to gain guaranteed return on investment.
  • The interest rate for a five year term deposit scheme is notified before April 1st every year.

Post Office Fixed Deposit Investment Rules

The minimum deposit an individual can make towards the POFD scheme is Rs.200 and thereafter in multiples of INR 200.  An individual can open a joint or individual FD account in post offices. The individual can open post office FD account in all public and private sector banks. Moreover, it can be transferred from one post-office to another in a simple and hassle-free way. 

The premature withdrawal from post office fixed deposit scheme can be made only after completion of 6 months.  After completion of 6 months the premature withdrawal can be made at a penalty of 1%. After completion of maturity tenure, the subscriber can reinvest the maturity amount into the Post office FD scheme or can redeem the maturity amount.  Moreover, the investor can also take loan against Post Office Fixed Deposit by requesting the post office.

Post Office FD Calculator – FAQs

  • Q. How is FD calculated in Post Office?

    Ans: Calculation of Post Office Fixed Deposit interest rates is compounded by the below-mentioned formula:
    MV = Principal * (1 + Interest rate / 4) ^ (n * 4)
    MV = Maturity Value
    n = tenure of Fixed Deposit
    Note: Interest rates are compounded quarterly at an annual interest rate.
    Illustration: Mr. X deposited an amount of Rs. 1 lakh in his Post Office Fixed Deposit account for a period of 5 years at 7.8% interest. The maturity value will be computed as:
    Maturity Value = Rs. 1,00,000 * (1 + 0.078 / 4) ^ (5 * 4)
    Maturity Value = Rs. 1,47,145
  • Q. Is Post Office FD safe?

    Ans: In general, Fixed Deposits are considered as one of the safest investment options if the investor does not have a high risk-taking appetite. The investors earn fixed returns on their income at decent rates that help in safeguarding the financial future.
  • Q. What is the minimum amount to open Post Office Fixed Deposit Account?

    Ans: The minimum amount required by an investor to open Post Office Fixed Deposit Account is Rs. 200 whereas the maximum amount has no limit.
  • Q. How to calculate maturity amount using FD Calculator?

    Ans: Every bank and the financial institution offering a Fixed Deposit account also provides an FD Calculator that helps in the easy and hassle-free computation of the maturity value. The following basic details are required for the calculation of FD Maturity value:
    • Total investment investor is willing to make
    • Rate of interest
    • Tenure for which investment will be made
    Once entered the following details, the estimated maturity value to be received will be displayed.
  • Q. Is the interest taxable?

    Ans: Yes, the income earned on the interest is taxable.
  • Q. Can I break my Post Office FD?

    Ans: Premature closure of the Post Office Fixed Deposit account is allowed but only after 6 months of the account opening.
  • Q. Can a minor open an FD account at the post office?

    Ans: Yes, minors above the age of 10 years are allowed to open a fixed deposit account.
  • Q. Is the extension of the FD account possible?

    Ans: Yes, an individual can extend their FD account at the time of maturity.
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