Bharti AXA Smart Health Assure Policy

Bharti AXA Smart Health Assure policy is one of the popular health insurance policies from Bharti AXA General Insurance Co. Ltd. The plan covers hospitalization expenses, in- patient treatments, day care expenses and medical emergencies.

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Bharti AXA Smart Health Assure Policy

*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply
*Tax benefit is subject to changes in tax laws. Standard T&C Apply

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    Bharti AXA Smart Health Assure Policy : Key Highlights

    Coverage offered


    Savings on premium

    5% to 25% upon renewal

    Policy Tenure

    1 year

    Free-look period

    15 days

    SI options

    Rs 2 to 5 lakh

    *All savings are offered as per the IRDAI approval. Standard terms & conditions applied

    Features & Benefits of the Bharti AXA Smart Health Assure Policy

    Given below are the main features and benefits of the Bharti AXA Smart Health Assure policy:

    • There is a 30-day waiting period for coverage of most diseases except for pre-existing diseases and critical illnesses that have 48 months and 60 days waiting periods respectively.
    • Pre and post hospitalization of 60 days and 90 days is covered
    • There are flexible sum insured options to be availed with this policy.
    • Lump sum critical illness benefit is provided over and above the sum assured.
    • There is no claim bonus up to a certain percentage of sum insured offered with the policy for every claim-free year.
    • Lifelong renewability is available with this policy.
    • There is free cashless reimbursement from over 4500 hospitals.
    • This premium paid under this policy is eligible for tax rebate under section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961.
    • The insured can be offered with annual health check-up up to a certain SI limit.

    Coverage Offered under the Bharti AXA Smart Health Assure Policy

    To buy Bharti AXA Smart Health Assure plan, one can opt for the Individual or Family Floater option with sum insured options of Rs 2 lakh or 5 lakh. The basic coverage offered up to the sum insured limit for the plan is as follows:

    • All hospitalization expenses, including charges for room rent, boarding, nursing, ICU, diagnostic tests, physician charges, drugs, blood, oxygen and equipment charges are covered up to sum insured.
    • 130 Day care treatment expenses are covered.
    • Medical expenses incurred for treatment under Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Unani and Siddha systems are covered up to sum insured.
    • Domiciliary hospitalization expenses are covered.
    • Medical expenses incurred for treatment of an illness taken while at home that may normally require hospitalization are covered up to sum assured.
    • If the sum insured amount is exhausted due to claims made during the year, the sum insured will be restored up to 100% for all policy members.
    • Expenses incurred for the medical treatment of the organ donor are covered up to sum insured.

    Inclusions of the Bharti AXA Smart Health Assure Policy

    Other than the basic coverage, the following benefits are included under the Bharti AXA Smart Health Assure policy:

    Emergency Ambulance Charges

    Emergency Surface Ambulance expenses incurred for transport from or to the hospital subject to sub-limits specified and the sum assured limit is covered.

    Hospital Cash Allowance

    A daily cash amount within the admissible limit is paid to the policyholder when he is hospitalized for 24 hours as an optional benefit up to 30 days.

    Maternity and Newborn Coverage

    Medical expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth are covered as an add-on benefit under the family floater variant of this policy. Newborn baby coverage is applicable for insured individuals who have opted for maternity cover along with a 3-year policy term.

    Critical Illness Benefit

    After a waiting period of 60 days, if the insured is diagnosed with any critical illness, he can claim the critical illness add-on benefit for qualified diseases such as:

    • Certain cancers
    • First heart attack
    • Coronary heart disease
    • Open heart surgeries
    • Strokes
    • Kidney failures
    • End-stage lung or liver disease
    • Severe coma
    • Major burns
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Fulminant Hepatitis
    • Primary Pulmonary Hypertension
    • Bacterial Meningitis
    • Major organ transplant
    • Any Terminal illnesses  

    Exclusions of the Bharti AXA Smart Health Assure Policy

    The following diseases or health conditions are excluded from the coverage under the Bharti AXA Smart Health Assure plan:

    • Injuries incurred due to war or breach of law by the insured
    • Disease or injury incurred while serving as a member of military or police force
    • Loss or injury incurred while indulging in a terrorist activity
    • Injuries incurred as a result of adventure sports or activities
    • Dental expenses not requiring hospitalization
    • Birth control and fertility treatment procedures
    • Any condition caused as a result of venereal or sexually transmitted diseases
    • Weight management treatment expenses
    • Medical treatment incurred as a result of alcohol or drug abuse
    • Cosmetic treatment expenses
    • Treatment taken outside India

    Eligibility Criteria of the Bharti AXA Smart Health Assure Policy

    The minimum eligibility criteria to buy this policy are:


    Individual or Family Floater

    Minimum Entry Age

    91 days (provided parent is covered)

    Maximum Entry Age

    65 years

    No limit for policy renewal

    Number of people covered

    Individual, spouse and 3 dependent children up to the age of 25 years

    Residential Status

    Residents of India, including citizens, permanent residents, foreigners holding an employment pass, dependent pass or work permit

     Information on Cancellation of the Policy

    Given below are the rules regarding cancellation of the Bharti AXA Smart Health Assure policy:

    • If the insured has any objections to the terms and conditions within the 15-days free look period of the date of receipt of the policy, he can cancel the policy.
    • The policyholder will be refunded the premium amount subject to the deduction of medical and stamp duty charges, if any.
    • The policy can be cancelled only if the insured did not make any claims under the plan.


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