Digit Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Download

Digit bike insurance provides great coverage options alongside enriching customers with a genuine support system. Their bike insurance policies are easy to the eye can doesn’t have any loopholes or undermining terms that hinder the understanding of the consumer. Since India has a mandate to possess bike insurance, purchasing bike insurance is mandatory and important for both financial and legal needs.

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When you buy a bike insurance policy from Go Digit Insurance Co. Ltd., they provide you with a policy document that covers various aspects of the contract and creates a binding between the two parties. They have a completely digital-based platform allowing you to digitally purchase and seek claims. And you can also do the Digit Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Download right from your device digitally. Let’s find out more about the insurance policy and the document.

Key Elements of the Digit Bike Insurance Policy

Here are some of the major factors of the bike insurance policy mentioned in the policy document:

  • Insurance policy Number
  • Policy term
  • Type and Variety of Policy
  • Premium Value and IDV
  • Policyholder details
  • Terms and conditions of the plan
  • Inclusions under the policy
  • Exclusions under the policy
  • Procedure for claims

Steps for Digit Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Download

Here’s how you can easily do Digit Bike Insurance Policy Download:

First, you’ll need these details for downloading the policy:

  • Policy Number
  • Details of the policyholder
  • Any other documents as mentioned required

Step 1: Visit the website of the insurer

Step 2: There click on the download policy option.

Step 3: Once you have clicked on the same, you’ll be presented with the window of login or sign-up option. Click on the login if you already have the credentials. Or else you can click on sign up and register with your mobile number and email id.

Step 4: Once you log in or signup with your email id and phone number you will enter them into your dashboard.

Step 5: Now once you enter into the dashboard you can see your policy details under the dashboard. There click on your bike insurance policy.

Step 6: Now click on download the policy document and then a request will be generated. This will process your request and you will be emailed the policy. Simply open your email and do Digit two wheeler policy download.

You can also download the policy over WhatsApp by following method:

Step 1: Send a Hi message to the Digit Self-Serve WhatsApp number. The number is 70260 61234. Make sure to message with the number registered with you.

Step 2: Now you will receive a message from Digit Customer Care. Reply to the message with ‘1’.

Step 3: Then Digit will send you the document right away in WhatsApp.

Is Hard Copy of the Digit Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Document Necessary?

Since the insurer offers complete online solutions starting right away from purchasing to renew and claim settlement, you won’t necessarily need a hard copy of the two-wheeler insurance. All things can be done with ease by the soft copy itself. However, if you want you can do the Digit Two Wheeler Insurance Download by the aforementioned methods.

How to Get a Hard Copy of Digit Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

You can access the policy document with the use of a website portal or even the WhatsApp access mode that Digit has recently launched with an initiative Digit Self Service. From there you can access and download the documents. However, for the hard copy, you can either contact customer service and request them to courier you the copy of the insurance document. Or as we said above, simply download the document and make a printout of the same.

Process to Make Changes in Digit Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Document

Digit allows a completely flexible basis when it comes to two-wheeler insurance. They offer the customer option to make changes and modify accordingly as and when required. For this, you can go to simple navigating steps and complete the modifications for tenure, policy amount, terms, premium amount, and more. Just contact customer care on their toll-free number or WhatsApp with your registered number and request the changes you want. The policy document will then be easily modified as per the new proposed condition and then you can do the updated Digit bike policy download again using the same aforementioned ways as the website’s customer portal or WhatsApp.


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