IndiaFirst Anytime Plan

IndiaFirst Anytime Plan is a pure term insurance plan with option of regular pay as well as single pay. This plan being a pure term plan has only death benefit options with no maturity or surrender benefits.

Key Features

  • It is a pure non participating term insurance policy
  • This plan has both regular pay and single pay premium paying options
  • This plan can be opted for a long policy tenure of 40 years
  • This policy has preferential rates for Non-Smokers opting for a sum assured of Rs 50 Lacs or more


  • If the policyholder dies within the policy tenure, the Sum Assured is paid to the nominee as death benefit and the policy terminates
  • However, if the Life Insured survives for the entire policy, nothing further is payable
  • The nominee gets the Sum Assured on death of the policyholder
  • Income tax benefit on the premium paid as per Section 80C and on the claims received as per Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act.

Product Specification:




Entry Age (Last Birthday)

18 years

60 years

Maturity Age (Last Birthday)


70 years

Policy Term (PT) in years

5 years

40 years

Premium Paying Term (PPT) in years


Equal to Policy Tenure

Premium Paying Frequency

Single, Yearly, Semi-Annually and Monthly

Yearly Premium

Rs 10,000 for Single Mode, Rs 2000 for Regular Mode

No Limit

Sum Assured

Rs 10 Lacs

Rs 50 Crores

Details About Premium

Annual premium in Rupees for a Sum Assured of Rs 1 crore 

Age (in years)

Term 20 years

Term 30 years


Rs 7,866

Rs 9,348


Rs 10,830

Rs 13,338


Rs 16,416

Rs 20,064

Policy Details

  • Grace Period: 30 days grace period is allowed for payment of premium for Annual and Semi-Annual Modes and 15 days for Monthly Mode
  • Policy Termination or Surrender Benefit: there is no surrender value under the plan for Regular Premium Payment.
    • However, for Single Premium Payment, there is Surrender Benefit available after the 3rd Policy year.
    • Surrender Benefit= 40% X Single Premium Paid X (Unexpired Tenure / Total Policy Tenure)
  • Free Look Period: If you would not be pleased with the coverage, and terms and conditions of the policy, you have the option of canceling the policy within 30 days of receipt of the policy documents, provided there has been no claim.


  • In case of suicide committed within 12 months of policy inception or revival only 80% of premiums paid are returned to the nominee.
  • In case of suicide committed after 12 months of policy inception or revival, the death benefit payable to the nominee will be higher or Surrender Value, if applicable or 80% of total premiums paid.

Documents Required

Policyholder has to fill up an ‘Application form/ proposal form’ online and provide self-attested copies of KYC/AML Documents as per the requirement. Medicals will be done as per the company’s internal medical grid.

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