SBI Life Insurance Policy Status

SBI Life Insurance offers very simple and hassle-free process to check the status of the policy. The policyholder can check the premium payment status and other details of the policy by online and offline methods. Let’s take a look at the online and offline processes to check SBI Life Insurance Policy status.


Online Process to Check SBI Life Insurance Policy Status

Step 1- Visit the official website of SBI i.e.[dot]in/Login/Registration1.aspx and click on the option of online service on the main page.

Step 2- Once you click on the online service option, the page will be redirected to login page where the insured will have to choose the option of registered user.

Step 3- After entering the login ID and password, the policyholder will have to enter the policy details like customer ID, policy number and date of birth.

Step 4- Once the insured enters all the required details, he/she will be redirected to the other page where they will have to choose the option to view enroll policies.

Step 5- Once the insured clicks on the option to view enrolled policies, the page will display all the details of the policy like enrollment date, vested bonus and premium amount.

Step 6- The insured can check SBI Life Insurance Policy status by clicking on the policy number.

Check SBI Life Insurance  policy Status - Offline Process

SBI Life Insurance has also introduced call support and SMS service as a convenient and quick medium for insurance owner to check the details of the policy, without logging in to the official website of SBI. So in case, the insured is not registered with the website of SBI Life Insurance, he/she can still know the policy status through SMS and call facility provided by SBI.

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How to Check SBI Life Insurance Policy Status via SMS:

As one of the leading insurance providers in India, SBI Life insurance provides customer centric approach and one stop solution for all the insurance needs of the individual. The SMS process to check the status of the policy provides more clarity to the insured and help them to stay updated throughout the tenure of the plan. To know the SBI Life Insurance Policy status through SMS, the policyholder requires sending the SMS to POLSTATUS << Space>> (Policy Number) to 56161 or 9250001848.

Calling Customer Care to Check SBI Life Insurance Policy Status

SBI Life Insurance also offers 24X7 customer support service, where the insured can call and get instant updates on their insurance policies. By calling to the toll-free number of SBI, the policyholder can seek all the information related to the policy just by providing policy number.

Apart from these options to know the SBI Life Insurance Policy status , the policyholder can also email to mysupport@sbilife[dot] and seek information about the premium payment status and other details related to the policy.

Process to Get Registered in SBI Portal for New Users:

SBI Life Insurance offers a very easy and hassle-free process of registration. By visiting the official website of SBI, the insurance holder can register themselves by filling out the registration form available online. With form the insured has to provide all the required documents and submit. Once the registration is done successfully, the insured will receive a message of conformation on the e-mail ID he/she has provided. A link will be given in the mail. The insured will have to click on the link and he/she will be redirected to the webpage where the policyholder will have to link the policy with insured’s account.

Process to Retrieve Password:

In order to reset the forgotten password, the insured has to click the option of forgot password. After that he/she has to enter the login name, date of birth and client/customer ID. The insured will receive a link on the e-mail to reset the password. By clicking on the link he/she will be redirected to reset password page. Once the page is open, the policyholder can reset the password by providing the answer of the hint.

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Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 02 April 2021
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SBI Life Insurance Policy Status Reviews & Ratings

4.3 / 5 (Based on 29 Reviews)
(Showing Newest 25 reviews)
Abohar, March 10, 2021
Financial stability for my family
I got the sbi general term insurance plan last year as I am concerned about my family. I searched various great plans and got to know into the website of policybazaar. Such great plans. Great work.
Baripada, March 09, 2021
Various good offers
I have recently bought a sbi term insurance plan from the website of the policybazaar. I am happy that policybazaar and team provided me with so many good offers at reasonable prices. Thanks.
Ambala, January 08, 2019
Less costly
This is the plan which I have bought from SBI. Here we have to make the lump sum payment of premium amount. And in case if the person dies then the amount which has been paid will be given to the family. The premium amount is less costly. I like the plan and would recommend everyone.
Mubarakpur, October 10, 2016
SBI term insurance
SBI life eshield Term insurance policy which i buy from sbi life insurance ltd is perfect policy plan. Insurance gave me more security and more benefits. Service is fast which is given by the company members. Renewal of the plan can be done through online portal service.
Sorada, August 24, 2016
My my sbi life eshield insurance policy is the best. Policy gives maximum coverage and claims are good. The service is quick and behaviour is very nice from the whole members of the company. Good decision to take this term insurance plan.
Kota, July 27, 2016
SBI term policy
Every one have insurances in this time, so i buy one for me and my family safety. Service given by the company members is fabulous and my plan is sbi term insurance which is a quality product. It gives full facilities to me and my parents.
Tezpur, July 27, 2016
Fantastic Insurance
Very fine terms and conditions of my sbi life eshield insurance plan. The coverage is maximum and claims are even better. Services provided by executives of the company is awesome and on time. 24X7 assistance by the staff members.
Katehri, July 27, 2016
High Coverage
SBI eshield insurance plan i have is fabulous, i took it from sbi policy insurers. Just the premiums are little bit high but the returns are huge with good number of benefits. The service is super fast and renewals can be done on web portal.
Madhuban, July 27, 2016
Term plan
The colleague of mine suggested me a online sbi saral plan. The policy is perfect and it coverage ratio is about 91%. Service by the members of the insurance company is quick and due to this the claiming become more easier than before. Sbi policy i have satisfies me completely.
Rajkot, April 21, 2016
Great Policy
I buy sbi life term insurance plan. The policy coverage is 94% and the premiums are low ~28 K. The claims are easily sanctioned because the service is fast from the executives side and from online web page also. The policy premiums are 5% less for women. Great investment which saves taxes too.
Kanpur, April 21, 2016
Above Average
SBI life term insurance plan is one of the perfect insurance i took it. The policy is good in service and it can be buy online also. The web service is awesome and 5% less for women on premiums. Policy coverage and the claims are high. Due to online facility, it reduces the paper work and the waiting part is erased. It saves taxes also.
Ooty, April 21, 2016
My sbi life term insurance plan is good with nice benefits. The policy coverage is high ~89% and the claims are approx. Rs.36 L after policy get mature. Claims are easily sanctioned because of fast services provided by the executives. Fantastic policy plan which provides good terms and conditions.
Navi_mumbai, April 21, 2016
Good Investment
I own sbi life term insurance plan and it really very good. The premiums are ~Rs.39.3 K per year. The claims are good and easily sanctioned. Service facilitate by executives and staff members are very nice and fast. The policy saves taxes and it is really very good investment for future.
Jajpur, April 21, 2016
Very Nice
Policy plan is nice with huge benefits like low premiums and the policy coverage is high 87%. Claims are are good and the payback amount is around Rs.33 L after the policy get mature. Internet services are great with easy interface and vast variety of policies are there with full descriptions. Good future investment which saves taxes.
Agartala, April 21, 2016
Good Service
I purchase sbi life term insurance plan. They has good in facilitate the fast services. Policy coverage is 91% and the claims are good with easy claiming process. The investment is good and it saves taxes also. The behaviour of executives and staff members is good with great service provided anytime.
Hyderabad, March 02, 2016
My term plan has all benefits which i bought from sbi life insurance. Policy coverage is 90% and claims are ~Rs.18 L. Service are good and claiming process get easy due to fast service. I really like the policy terms and conditions.
Plan Name: eShield
Agent Code: BPW00301
Udaipur, March 02, 2016
superb plan.
My term policy plan is with sbi life insurance. Policy is nice with low premiums and even terms and conditions are also good. Policy coverage and claims are high. Service is the best and executives and staff behave well with any query or conversation.
Plan Name: eShield
Agent Code: BPW00301
Delhi, March 01, 2016
Good Plan.
I purchase sbi life insurance term policy plan and i'm really happy with the terms and conditions of the policy. Coverage of the plan is high and the investment is low. Claims are also good ~Rs.13 L. The service is fast and always on time. Thanks for this great policy plan.
Plan Name: eShield
Agent Code: BEW00148
Mumbai, February 25, 2016
Average Policy.
I bought sbi life insurance term plan. The policy coverage and the claims are not that much as i expected. Premiums are high and services are okay not the best and not even poor. Kaam chalau plan hai.
Plan Name: eShield
Agent Code: BPW00301
Indore, February 24, 2016
My policy plan is not that good as i expected. Even the premiums are high but the returns are not. SBI life insurance term plan provide good services but not much good in other fields. Claims are also fair.
Plan Name: eShield
Agent Code: BPW00065
Vadodara, February 24, 2016
Policy coverage is less.
I have sbi term insurance plan which has low policy coverage but the service provided is great. Premium is low but the returns are also not much higher. An average policy plan according to me.
Plan Name: eShield
Agent Code: BEW00148
Patna, February 19, 2016
Great Policy Plan.
I have sbi term insurance policy plan which has low premiums. But the investment is also little bit high. Policy coverage is 90% and the claims are easy to get without any waiting. Service is really good, i'm happy with my policy plan.
Plan Name: eShield
Agent Code: BEW00148
Indore, February 18, 2016
Average Policy.
I bought term policy plan and sbi life insurance has low premiums on policies. You guys provided the nice services but please improve on your websites. Claims and policy coverage are high. I must say an average policy with okay benefits.
Plan Name: eShield
Agent Code: BPW00065
Delhi, February 18, 2016
Fine term plan
SBI life insurance term plan i have which provides me many benefits. Low premiums and high returns. Policy coverage is 80% and Policy claims are around eighteen lakhs. Services are pretty fast and on time time now. Great work.
Plan Name: eShield
Agent Code: BPW00301
Bengaluru, February 12, 2016
Good Life Insurance Policy.
My life is secure with sbi insurance. The policy is good enough to give five stars with closed eyes. The policy coverage is 90% and the claim is ~Rs.25 lakh. The service is very fast and follow-ups is time to time with nice response.
Plan Name: eShield
Agent Code: BBE06282
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