Reliance Health Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio

Reliance General health insurance claim settlement ratio is consistent that makes it a great choice to buy health insurance online. Reliance General Health claim ratio is 100%, which showcases that the insurer is trustworthy and can settle all your claim requests quickly. Let’s check out more details about the Reliance health insurance claim settlement procedure.

Claim Process of Reliance Health Insurance

While lodging a claim with Reliance General Insurance, make sure that you have the following details handy:

  • Reliance medical insurance policy number
  • Contact details of the claimant/insured (contact no., email id, address, etc.)
  • Name of the person who is admitted into the hospital
  • Relationship with the hospitalized person
  • Hospital name
  • In the case of health claims - Nature of the disease and the date of commencement of the symptoms
  • In case of an accident- Nature of the  accident
  • Time, date, and location of the accident

Reliance Health Insurance Cashless Claim Procedure

The process to avail the cashless treatment is as follows-

  • Take admission in any of the Reliance registered hospitals
  • Present your Reliance health card at the third party administrator helpdesk 
  • Submit the duly filled claim form
  • You also have to provide the  authorization form, health card, and a photo ID
  • The hospital department will share your authorization form with the Reliance health team and based on the documents submitted you will get an approval 
  • Sign and verify all the bills
  • The hospital will keep the discharge summary and investigation reports ( in original) 
  • Keep a photocopy of all the documents for your records

In case, your cashless claim is rejected you have to:

  • Pay the bills from your own pocket 
  • While getting discharged collect all the reports, bills, and documents ( original copies) 
  • File your claim with the Reliance Health team or TPA to get  reimbursement of your expenses

Cashless Claim procedure in case of an emergency hospitalization

  • Take admission into a network hospital 
  • Collect the pre-authorization form, fill it and get it signed by the concerned doctor
  • Email or fax the pre-authorization form to the insurance provider or TPA dept. 
  • Also, submit all the essential documents, reports and 
  • Keep a photocopy of the investigation reports and discharge summary 

Reliance Health Insurance Reimbursement Claim process in case of an emergency hospitalization

  • Select the hospital and start with the treatment
  • Immediately intimate the insurance provider at their helpline number
  • Pay all the hospital bills from your own pocket
  • Collect all the documents, bills, and reports before discharge ( original copies)
  • Fill the claim form, provide all the documents and lodge your reimbursement claim request with the Reliance General health insurance

Reimbursement Claim process in case of a planned hospitalization

  • Inform the insurance company about the planned hospitalization
  • Get admitted into the hospital
  • Pay all the hospital bills 
  • Before discharge collect all the reports, bills, and documents ( in original)
  • File a claim to get reimbursement for your medical expense incurred during hospitalization 

Documents Required for Reliance General Health Insurance Claims

Here is a checklist of the documents that you need to submit while filing a claim for Reliance health insurance plans under the specific situations-

Daycare Treatment/Hospitalization

  • Claim form filled and duly signed by you
  • Doctor’s prescription stating the onset of the symptoms
  • Medical treatment papers
  • Doctors’ prescription papers
  • Diagnostic reports (like ECG, X-ray, etc.)
  • Original receipts and medical bills 
  • Ambulance bill/receipt
  • Discharge card from the hospital ( original) 
  • In accidental cases, a copy of FIR is required
  • A cancelled cheque ( CTS 2010 format ) 
  • A copy of Reliance Health card
  • Xerox copy of PAN card/ID card

Domiciliary hospitalization

  • Reliance medical insurance claim form ( duly filled & signed)
  • The first prescription from the doctor (stating the date of the onset of the symptoms of the illness)
  • Doctor’s prescription and healthcare treatment papers
  • Medical Investigation Reports
  • Receipts and Original medical bills 
  • FIR report (in case of an accident)
  • Certificate from the medical practitioner recommending the treatment at home
  • Documents proof showing lack of accommodation in the nursing home/hospital
  • PAN card
  • ID card 
  • A cancelled cheque

Critical Illness Claims

  • Claim Form
  • Doctor’s certificate with the diagnosis of the illness (stating the initial symptoms)
  • Radiology reports, pathology reports, and other investigation reports 
  • Original receipts and hospital bills and receipts
  • Chemist bills
  • Hospital admission and discharge card/ certificate
  • Cancelled Cheque/1st page of passbook
  • PAN card 
  • Identification card

To know more about health claims you can call on our helpline number at 1800-208-8787. To write to us you can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 01 April 2021

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