Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Policy Status

Checking the policy status online is a comfortable method as the customers can go through their policy status anywhere and anytime. To get the Kotak Life Insurance Policy Status online, the customers need to register on the company's official website with their mail ID as their Username/Login ID and a password of their own.

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After this process, the policyholder can get any information about their policy by registering their policy number. Login ID is available for the customers who have already signed up on the website.

However, the new customers need to sign up with their details and register as a user. Once the signing up is successful, they can log in and check any information they need about their policies.

The official website of Kotak has a chat support option known as Kaya at the right bottom corner. Customers can also ask any queries regarding their policies through this option.


How to Check the Kotak Life Insurance Policy Status on Policybazaar?

The policyholders will have to follow the steps mentioned below to check their Kotak Life Insurance Policy Status on Policybazaar:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Policybazaar Brokers Private Limited. On the top right, click on the ‘Sign in’ tab.

Step 2: Enter your registered phone number and the OTP received on the same.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the dashboard. Choose the policy tab, here you can check the status of all the insurance policies you have.

How to check the Kotak Life Insurance Policy Status Offline?

Offline mode is available for customers who'd like to have direct interaction with the company. The customers should bring all the necessary documents about the policy and their ID proofs while going to their branch near their location. The branch officials will address their concerns and will clear any doubts of the customers.

Other Modes to check Policy Status

Online and offline aren’t the only available options. Other than online and offline modes, the policyholders can check their policy statuses with the help of their mobile phones. They can use the Kotak Life Insurance app or also check policy status through calls, SMS, E-mail, or even WhatsApp.

These options are much easier for the policyholders because they can check their policy status anywhere and anytime.    

1. Calls

Kotak Life Insurance has a toll-free number for their customers, which is available on their website. This option is available for customers from 8 AM to 10 PM. Policyholders are free to contact the customer support agent through the below-mentioned number.

Toll-Free Number: 1800 209 8800. This is a standard customer care number. However, separate contact numbers are also available for each state and city in India. These numbers will be available on the official website of the insurer.

2. SMS

Unlike the other options, the SMS option of Kotak Life Insurance has different codes for various policy-related requests. Customers have requested to text the codes while asking for an SMS query. The regulations for each question are mentioned below:

  • For Registration - REGL <POLICY NO> <DATE OF BIRTH> to 5676788.

  • Premium Certificate - CERTL <POLICY NO> to 5676788.

  • Unit Link Statement - STMTL <POLICY NO> to 5676788.

  • Renewal notice - RENOTL <POLICY NO> to 5676788.

The policyholder can choose the perfect code which suits their queries and send it to the number mentioned above. Within a few seconds, the details that the customer needed will be sent back to them via SMS text.

3. E-mail

Kotak Life Insurance has an official E-mail address through which the policyholders can know their policy status. E-mail is mainly used for storing important documents and bills. Knowing policy status through e-mail is also a wise option. Policyholders can refer to their policy details whenever necessary.

Official Mail ID: lifeexpert[at]kotak.com

4. Whatsapp

Considering current pandemic issues, Kotak has introduced the WhatsApp option as one of their new customer support options. The policyholder can send 'Hi' to the WhatsApp number mentioned below for getting their policy status.

Whatsapp No: 9321003007

This is the Whatsapp number of Kotak's online policy manager. The customers can also use this if it sounds convenient than the others.

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Advantages of checking Policy Status?

Checking policy status is an essential process while having a life insurance policy. Every customer should have up-to-date information regarding their policies. Being aware of the procedure makes the customer know whether their policy is active or not. Regular checking of the policy status can make the policyholder aware of the maturity date of their approach.

Up-to-date information about the policies can help the policyholders for going through the following processes:

  • For filing a claim

  • For checking the customers’ policy documents

  • For paying their premium regularly

  • For getting fund updates

  • For knowing the maturity dates

  • For managing their policies

About Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance  

Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Company Ltd. is one of the rapidly growing insurance companies in India. They have covered around 30 million life insurance policies all over the country. They are working to become the safest insurance in the country. They have a professional approach.

Their life advisors have superior knowledge and skills which can benefit their customers. They treat their customers with respect and take every step to ensure the needs of their customers. These life advisors are freelance agents of Kotak and so are always available for serving their customers. Hence, they are customer-friendly insurance.



  • Is there any other insurance provided by Kotak other than Life Insurance?

    A1. Yes. Other than Life Insurance, Kotak offers a variety of perfect insurance for different purposes like – Investment and savings plans, Child plan insurance, etc. To know more details about it, anyone can visit the official website of Kotak.

  • Can I check my policy status on mobile?

    A2. Yes. Anyone can check their policy status with their mobile. Whatsapp, E-mail, Call, and SMS options are available for the policyholders to review their mobile phones' policies' status.

  • What to do if the page gets disconnected in the middle of the registration process?

    A3. Please reload and start registering from the beginning, as the reloading might have caused the loss of details entered before the disconnection.

  • Should I register as a User on the Kotak website to get my policy status?

    A4. Existing users can log in with the help of their User ID and password. Simultaneously, the new customers should register on the website and their policy number and other details to get any further information on the policy status.

  • Will the customer support agents contact me back if the call got disconnected?

    A5. Sometimes they do. If the policyholders didn't get a call back from customer support within 24 hours, they would contact the agents once again.

  • Is an Online Policy Manager available for Kotak Life Insurance?

    A6. Yes. Due to the COVID-19, Kotak has made online policy managers available for guiding their customers and helping them with policy-related issues.

  • How can I contact the Policy Manager online?

    A7. The policyholders can contact the Online Policy Manager through the WhatsApp number – 9321003007.

  • What should I do to make my password strong?

    A8. Generally, passwords are made strong by using various categories of characters put together. The customers are advised to jumble the symbols, letters, and numbers to get a strong password.

  • What is the role of a Life Advisor in Kotak Life Insurance?

    A9. Life advisor works as a freelance agent of Kotak Life Insurance. They act as a bridge between the customers/policyholders and the company. The policyholder can contact life advisors to learn about the life insurance policies and ask for advice regarding which insurance suits them best.

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