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Why Are Add-On Covers in a Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy Required?

In order to protect your assets, it is suggested to insure them. From home to health to your vehicle, you can insure everything in present time. On one hand, where other types of insurance policies are voluntary, a vehicle insurance plan is mandatory in India. As per the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, any vehicles plying on the roads of India are required to have insurance. So, whether you are purchasing a car or a motorbike, it is necessary to get it insured before using.

Some studies show that approximately two-third of the population of India uses a motorbike. The reason for the same can be its lesser cost over cars, affordable maintenance, or easy navigation on the busy roads of India. Apart from its usability, youngsters, these days make expensive bikes as their status and style symbol. Be it for any purpose, if you are purchasing a motorbike in India, it is illegal to ride it without insurance policy.

Since you cannot avoid insurance in two-wheelers, however, you can take a cheaper option in the form of third-party insurance, which is legally compulsory. In a third-party insurance plan, your insurance company covers the loss or damage caused to third-party property or life due to the accident by your motorbike.

If you need better coverage in the form of insurance for your own two-wheeler against any accident including the cover for third-party, it is recommended to purchase a comprehensive policy. Apart from comprehensive cover, motor insurance providers also offer some add-ons in order to supplement your insurance plan.

Add-on covers or riders basically enhance the scope of coverage of your comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan but are available by paying an extra premium. The thought of paying an extra premium may give a shock to most of you and hence many may give it a miss. However, there are some really useful features that the add-ons or riders add in your comprehensive plan and make is more useful for you.

Here we are going to discuss some of the reasons why these add-ons are required:

  • To Cover Personal Accidents: One of the very common add-on that most of the two-wheeler insurance plans like United India Two-Wheeler Insurance covers is personal accident cover. Usually, personal accident cover is available in two variants. One covers owner or driver of the motorbike and other covers the passenger. The first type of cover comes as an inbuilt feature in most of the insurance policies, however, it is the second for which add-on comes in picture.
  • Get the Invoice Price of Your Vehicle: In case of total loss or theft of your bike, the insurance company pays the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your vehicle. The IDV is the current market value minus the depreciation applied on your bike. However, if you want the actual rate mentioned on the invoice of your vehicle including the road tax and registration charges, then an add-on with the name of ‘Return to Invoice’ works the best.
  • To Get Zero Depreciation Cover: When you make a claim, your insurance provider pays the depreciation value of the damaged parts of your bike. It does not repay or covers the actual cost you paid in replacing these parts. If you take zero depreciation cover, then the depreciation factor will not at all come in the picture and you will get the actual amount of all the damaged parts.
  • For Covering Medical Expenses: Another advantage that you can get as an add-on to your comprehensive insurance policy is a medical cover. Under this, the insurance policy takes care of the medical expenses incurred due to the accident from the insured two-wheeler. Some add-ons of this category also provide the facility of daily cash allowance for a fixed number of days in case of hospitalization.
  • To Get Roadside Assistance: To protect you from the unwanted situation of breakdown of your two-wheeler in the middle of a road, roadside assistance is needed. If you have taken an add-on related to the same, you can easily avail the facility of roadside assistance provided by your insurance provider.
  • To Cover the Price of the Consumables: In two-wheelers, the consumables are its nuts and bolts, sealants, lubricants, engine oil, types, etc. The values of these consumables are not paid in the insurance claim. However, if you have taken an add-on to cover these, then the cost of the consumables will also be covered in your policy.


These are some of the benefits that you can easily get by adding the relevant add-on to your comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan. As you can see most of the benefits are good in some or the other terms for everyone. However, personal accident cover and zero depreciation are two of the most popular add-ons. The reason for the same is their coverage that safeguards you in case of any major damage or loss. In this way, with a small dent in your pocket, you can get some of the top insurance facilities from your insurance plan. So, if you have not taken any add-on with your insurance plan, then you can either take it while purchasing a new plan or renewing a plan, such as you can purchase with United India Insurance Online Renewal for Two-Wheeler.