NCB Protection Cover in Two Wheeler Insurance

As a bike owner, you must have a two-wheeler insurance policy. However, if you have a comprehensive insurance plan then you might be aware of the NCB Protection add-on cover. Buying an NCB protection cover in two-wheeler insurance is considered as one of the significant decisions as it protects the No Claim Bonus even if you raise a claim. To know more about this protection cover, keep on reading.

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What is a No Claim Bonus Protection Cover in Two-Wheelers?

A No Claim Bonus or NCB is a discount on the premium given to the policyholder for not raising a claim during the policy tenure and encouraging safe driving practices. NCB is a feature that offers a maximum of 50% savings on premiums after five consecutive claim-free years.

However, if a policyholder raises a claim during the policy tenure then he/she will not be eligible to get the benefit of No Claim Bonus anymore. Whereas with the NCB Protection add-on, the policyholder gets to enjoy the benefits of the No Claim Bonus even if a claim for loss or damage is filed. 

Features of NCB Protection Cover in Two Wheelers Insurance

Following are the salient features of NCB Protection Add-on Cover in Two Wheelers Insurance-

  • A Bonus Deal-NCB cover guarantees low premiums for more than a year, depending on how many NCBs are collected. 
  • Easily Transferable- If you want to renew or transfer your policy to another insurer, you can transfer the NCB along with the protection add-on cover effortlessly.
  • Extra Security-NCB protection cover costs about 5%-10% of the base policy or maybe a little costly. It keeps the NCB intact even though the insured raises a claim.

How does No Claim Bonus Add-on Protection Cover Works?

Let’s find out how NCB Protection Cover works with the help of an example:

Mr. X bought the NCB protection add-on cover with his comprehensive bike insurance plan. This premium amount of the updated bike insurance plan became Rs. 32,000. Since he did not raise a claim in the first year, the premium amount was slashed down to Rs. 30,000.

But in the second year, he met an accident and had to file a claim. However, with the NCB protection add-on cover in the 3rd consecutive year, his insurance premium amount was slashed down to Rs. 28,000.

What Is Covered Under No Claim Bonus Protection Add-on Cover?

The inclusions under the NCB protection add-on cover are as follows:

  1. It protects your no claim bonus in the event of an Own Damage (OD) claim raised for the loss or damage that occurred.
  2. There is no loss in the bonus of accumulated NCB for the initial 2 claims preferred during this policy per year.
  3. The renewal of policy must be with the company to avail NCB discount.

What Is Not Covered Under No Claim Bonus Protection Add-on Cover?

The exclusions under the NCB protection add-on cover are as follows:-

  1. When wrong claims are made in the existing policy. 
  2. For hiding materialistic facts, misrepresentation, or any kind of fraudulent scenario.

Who can avail of the benefits of the NCB Protection Add-on Cover?

All motorbike owners who wish to protect their driving history and be eligible for premium discounts should go for NCB protector. They can be new bike owners or the ones who are going to buy in the future. Moreover, we recommend NCB Protection Add-on Cover, especially to those who own a superbike or an expensive bike. Also, if you reside in an accident-prone area, you must go for NCB Protection Cover.

Geographical Limit- Any two-wheeler registered in India can avail of this add-on cover.

Pricing- Based on the make and current Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the two-wheeler.

Cost of a No Claim Bonus (NCB) Protection Cover 

You can purchase the NCB Protection Cover over and above the base policy. NCB Protection Cover is an add-on, therefore, cannot be purchased independently without already having a comprehensive or standalone own-damage two-wheeler insurance policy.

The premium of protection cover add-on varies from insurer to insurer. The premium of NCB Protection Cover is roughly between 5% to 10% more than the bike insurance base policy.

Termination of NCB Protection Cover

An NCB protection cover can be terminated by the insurer if:

  • A policyholder makes a fraudulent OD claim.
  • A policyholder hide necessary information related to the accident.


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