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Various investors may not be fully aware that SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) and mutual funds are not identical, and both terms signify different meanings, intents, and results. However, it is important to understand that the SIP is merely a method of investing an amount in mutual funds, ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plan), and other financial sources. SIP is regarded as a process of investing funds in the money market at a regular or stipulated interval in order to accumulate a significant corpus over the long run.

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In addition, SIP is a route to enter the mutual fund market in order to invest funds and generate considerable returns. Hence, an investor may make an investment by availing of SIP.

SIP Calculator

An Index fund SIP calculator is an online tool that can calculate the returns on investment. The investor may get a fair idea of the returns and investments using the SIP calculator index fund. The actual rate of returns on mutual funds varies from fund to fund due to several factors. However, based on the previous year's result, an investor may get an average rate of return and calculate the total returns accordingly. The SIP index fund calculator gives a clear idea to the investor about the performance of a scheme based on an offered rate of interest. In addition, an investor may draw several comparisons among different SIP funds using the SIP index fund calculator.

How can an Index Fund SIP Calculator Help an Investor?

Instead of paying a lump sum amount, an investor may allocate a premium on a regular interval. It offers a double rate of return compared to traditional methods. The index fund SIP calculator shows the power of compounding by generating more returns on premium amounts. Here are some benefits that an investor may enjoy using an index fund SIP calculator.

  1. Determination of Amount

    An investor using an index fund SIP calculator may determine the amount required to invest to accumulate the desired corpus.

  2. Time Period

    By entering the expected interest rate and premium amount, an individual may decide the time period he is required to stay invested with the SIP plan.

  3. Convenience

    It is straightforward to use the index fund SIP calculator. An investor may quickly calculate the returns by visiting the SIP calculator website.

How to Use the SIP Fund Index Calculator?

It is easy to use the index fund SIP calculator. One needs to follow the steps listed below in order to calculate the SIP returns.

  1. Monthly Investment

    In the first step, the investor needs to enter the amount he wishes to allocate on a monthly basis.

  2. Expected Returns

    In the second step, the user is required to select the expected rate of return on the investment. The interest rate is calculated on an annual basis that varies from 9 to 18 percent and may even escalate to 30 percent. Hence, an investor considering the market risk may take 12 percent as an average rate of interest.

  3. Time Period

    The time period varies from one year to 40 years. According to the desired goal, an investor may enter the duration or time period. However, it is advisable for a young investor falling under the age group of 20-25 to stay invested for at least 30 years in order to accumulate significant wealth for retirement. Nevertheless, the investment should be made based on goals, so the duration is also subject to be decided accordingly.

    Upon entering the aforementioned details, an investor is likely to get the results of the total amount he invested plus the interest he generated over the years.

Let us understand it with an example.

If an investor is willing to save INR 10,000 per month, he may invest it in SIP and calculate the returns using the SIP index fund calculator.

If an investor invests INR 10,000 per month for a period of 10 years by assuming 12 percent as an average rate of interest, he is likely to accumulate INR 46,46,782 at the end of the tenth year. Therefore, the total amount he paid during the ten years will be estimated as INR 24,00,000. At the same time, the total interest he earns from the SIP plan will be evaluated as INR 22,46,782.

Let us see more examples in the table given below.

Premium Amount (INR) Expected Rate of Returns (%) Duration (Years) Total Value (INR)
500 12 10 1,16,170
10,000 12 10 23,23,391
20,000 12 10 46,46,782
50,000 12 10 1,16,16,954
1,00,000 12 10 2,32,33,908


The index fund SIP calculator is a helpful tool to calculate the returns one may get in a long-run investment. In addition, it helps the investor in order to make comparisons among different SIP plans. On the basis of the previous year's performance of a scheme, an investor may conclude the rate of interest and determine the returns using an index fund SIP calculator.


  • What is the least amount I can invest in SIP?

    INR 500 is the minimum amount an investor may consider investing in SIP on a monthly basis. However, there is no limit to increasing the amount. 
  • What are the minimum and maximum tenures in SIP?

    There is no minimum or maximum tenure laid down in SIP. An investor, if he deems fit, may invest for one year and withdraw the amount after ceasing it. He is only required to inform or notify the fund house about the ceasing of policy. 
  • What key details do I need to fill in to use the index fund SIP calculator?

    Listed below are the following details an investor must fill out to calculate the returns using the index fund SIP calculator.
    • Monthly amount: The investor may enter the monthly amount to get the result using the SIP index fund calculator.
    • Expected rate of return: Next, the investor may enter the expected return he may expect from the money market.
    • Time period: The duration or the time period must be filled by the investor while using the SIP calculator index fund. 
  • Can I pause my investment if I'm not capable of paying premiums?

    Yes, the investment under SIP can be paused for a specific period.
  • Can I calculate the returns by entering a lump sum amount in the index fund SIP calculator?

    Yes, the investor may enter a lump sum amount in the index fund SIP calculator and get the returns at a given interest rate. To do this, an investor must first enter the lump sum amount along with the expected return and time period in the index fund SIP calculator.
  • What are some of the best-performing funds in order to compare among nifty index funds using the SIP calculator?

    Listed below are the best nifty funds in 2023 that yield good returns, which can be used using the index fund SIP calculator.
    • ICICI Prudential Nifty Index Fund
    • Principal Nifty 100 Equal Weight Fund
    • UTI Nifty Index Fund
    • Franklin India Index Fund Nifty Plan
    To get the better idea of SIP plans, it is suggested to study the best SIP plans in the market before investing.
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