SUD Life Term Plan Calculator

Founded in 2009, Star Union Dai-Ichi Life insurance is a collaboration between Bank of India, Dai-ichi Life Holdings & Union Bank of India. It is one of the leading life insurance companies in Japan. The insurer has a robust network of 15000 branches and caters to more than 9.2 million clients. Focusing on customers’ needs, Star Union Dai-Ichi Life Insurance offers a comprehensive range of insurance products, such as the SUD Life term plan at low premium rates that financially protects the family of the customers in case of their absence.

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In order to choose the most appropriate term insurance plan according to the buyer’s requirements, the SUD Life term plan calculator can be used. It offers a convenient and simple means to estimate the amount of premium that is to be payable to get all chosen policy benefits and profits. 

What is SUD Life Term Plan Calculator? 

SUD Life term plan calculator is an online tool that is established to calculate and help you understand the estimated premium amount that you will be required to pay for your SUD Life term insurance plan. You can use the SUD Life term plan calculator free of cost online and get a better idea of the premium rate you have to pay in order to get the sum assured cover and policy benefits you require from your plan. The term insurance calculator takes certain factors into consideration like present income, age, marital status, health conditions, debts, and the number of dependents, to help you select a term insurance plan that ideally fits your requirements and life objectives. 

Why Should You Use a SUD Life Term Plan Calculator? 

The SUD Life Term plan calculator is a simple and hassle-free tool that is easily available online on the insurer’s website. It is helpful to use this calculator before investing in term plans because of the below details: 

  • It helps buyers to find the right insurance policy that fulfills their long tenure goals. 

  • With the help of the SUD Life term plan calculator, the user can compare different insurance plans and make their selection easily. 

  • The buyer can compute an estimation of the premium they have to pay every month for their term policy 

  • It helps the life assured to change their investment strategies as per their budget and needs

  • It also allows the buyer to assess whether the maturity payout of a specific plan would be adequate to meet the family’s financial needs. 

Different types of Plans

How To Use SUD Life Term Plan Calculator? 

The policyholder is required to follow some simple steps to calculate the premium rates for their chosen protection policy by using the SUD Life Term Insurance Calculator. Let’s discuss the step-to-step guide to use SUD calculator: 

Step1: Visit the Star Union Dia-Ichi's official website

Step2: Click on the ‘Premium Calculator’ tab 

Step3: Select the plan you want to buy from all term insurance plans. 

Step4: Then, enter the basic information such as name, DOB, gender, mobile number, email ID, age, location, and smoking habits

Step5: After this, select the desired policy benefits such as policy term, sum assured, premium payment tenure, benefit option, payment mode, rider, and payout option. 

Step6: Once the essential information is filled in, you can check the page of the estimated premium that shows the premium on a yearly basis and detailed benefits of the policy. 

Step7: After finalizing the term plan, you can pay the premium amount and buy the policy. 

Benefits of SUD Life Term Plan Calculator 

Star Union Dai-ichi Term insurance plans are the right financial safety options to secure your family members during any eventualities. The key benefits of the SUD Life term plan calculator are: 

  1. Comparison is now easy

    With the SUD Life term plan calculator, you can easily compare different term plans offered by various companies to find the right plan that suits your requirements. 

  2. Free Online tool

    SUD Life term plan calculator is a freely available online tool that helps compare different term insurance plans and select the right one as per your needs. 

  3. The right amount of premium

    The calculator helps you compute the right amount of premium of your SUD Life term insurance plan as per your requirements 

  4. Life cover assessment

    Customers can choose from various coverage options as per their needs and budget within a particular plan. This helps them ascertain if their investment objectives are adequate to fulfill their protection requirements. 

  5. Saves time and cost-effective

    SUD Life term plan calculator offers the premium rates for the desired policy immediately once the necessary details are entered. Insurance buyers save a lot of time as they do not have to do the manual computation or visit offices for submitting documents to determine the premium amount of a plan. 

  6. Easy to Understand

    Policy buyers no longer have to depend on insurance companies and their complex processes to get their premium rates. SUD Life term plan calculators use easy algorithms that help them calculate the premium quotes in just a few clicks. 

Five things to know before buying Term Plan Five things to know before buying Term Plan

Factors Affecting the SUD Life term plan Premium Quotes 

SUD Life insurance plan offers a comprehensive range of term policies at low premium prices. While purchasing an insurance plan, the person is required to pay a fixed amount called a term insurance premium. Different people get different rates of premium and are computed based on: 

  • Age: The premium rates are lower at young ages in comparison to older people because they are considered active and healthier at early ages. 

  • Gender: Gender plays an important role in determining the premium rates. Women are provided lower premium quotes than men having the same age because as per the surveys women be likely to live longer than men. 

  • Sum assured: Policy buyers who opt for a high amount of coverage are offered lower rates of premium. 

  • Policy term: The longer the policy tenure chosen by the policyholder, the lower the premium amount is required to be paid 

  • Mode of payment: Buying term plans online attracts lower rates of a premium because the online mode does not require any intermediaries 

Along with the above-mentioned parameters, the lapse rate, mortality rate, and investment earnings are also taken into consideration while assessing the gross amount of premium for a term insurance plan.

Why Buy Term Life Insurance from Policybazaar Why Buy Term Life Insurance from Policybazaar


  • Before purchasing a SUD Life term insurance plan, it is a good decision to use the SUD Life term plan calculator to understand the details of the cover and the premium amount in a better way. The accurate details that you are required to enter are age, gender, date of birth, yearly income, number of working years in the future, lifestyle habits, number of dependents, and contact details.
  • A SUD Life term calculator is safe and simple to use as it helps to compute the estimated premium amount that you are required to pay to protect the future of your family. 
  • Various term plans offer the insurance buyers the option to select additional riders such as accidental death benefit, waiver of premium, critical illness cover, family income benefit, etc. Since all these riders offer attached benefits to the policy buyer, the premium amount charged for the term plan that comes with riders will be higher. 
    • Policy tenure 
    • Mode of paying a premium 
    • Life cover 
    • Lifestyle 
    • Age 
    • Premium payment term

Different types of Plans

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