National Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies

The National Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies policy covers several travel emergencies and medical contingencies that may arise for the insured while his/her stay in a foreign country for the purpose of employment or studies.

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National Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies

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    This policy is offered by National Insurance Company Ltd. where anyone between the ages of 5-70 years can purchase it. The applicant should buy the policy at least 30 days before traveling out of India after submitting the essential documents.

    Eligibility Criteria



    Minimum Entry Age

    5 years

    Maximum Entry Age

    70 years


    Number of people covered

    Individual, Spouse and Children

    Residential Status

    Indian citizens going abroad for studies or business.  Foreign nationals employed by Indian companies and drawing salary in Indian currency.

    Coverage Offered

    Given below is the basic coverage offered under the National Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies policy:

    • Medical expenses up to the maximum amount specified in the policy are covered in the event of an insured's illness or injury. The insured will be paid the expenses incurred up to whichever of the following occurs first:
    • The maximum dollar amount stated in the policy or
    • 52 weeks after the injury/illness
    • 12 weeks after the policy expiry date
    • Coverage for mental, nervous or emotional disorders is covered limited to 50% of the expenses. Further coverage of medical expenses will be terminated if the insured medically evacuates from the country where he/she is posted.
    • Medical evacuation expenses if they arise because of an illness or injury, and the insured person needs to be hospitalized in India, within the permissible limit, which is USD 1, 50,000.
    • Repatriation (transportation of mortal remains) and Alternative expenses- In the event of the insured person's death, the insurance company will pay the actual expenses for his mortal remains transportation to India or the funeral expenses, not exceeding USD 10,000.
    • Medical Emergency Reunion expenses- Expenses incurred by the insured resulting from injury and illness requiring hospitalization and immediate evacuation to India are covered up to USD 5000.  

    National Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies Plan: Inclusions

    Other than the basic coverage, the National Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies Policy offers the following inclusions:

    Contingency Insurance: If the insured is not able to complete his studies in the Country of Study due to an illness or injury there that results in death, loss of entre eyesight or permanent total disability, the nominated sponsor of the insured will be compensated by the Insurer. The compensation will be up to USD 750 for each month of completed study during the insurance period. The sponsor is the person who supports the insured person financially during his period of overseas study.   

    Suppose the insured cannot continue his/her course of studies due to mental, emotional or nervous disorder. In that case, the same will be entitled to 25% of the due amount payable as a benefit, provided the person exhibited acceptable behavior during the studies.

    National Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies Plan: Exclusions

    Given below are the exclusions that are not covered by the National Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies plan:

    • Any claim for any pre-existing injury and illness
    • No claim will be paid if the insured person, at the time of taking up the insurance:
    • Is on a treatment waiting list
    • Has traveled for the purpose of treatment
    • Has received a terminal prognosis
    • Has traveled to the country of posting or study against the advice of a medical practitioner
    • Is over 60 years of age
    • The insurance policy will not cover:
      • Dental Treatment except if it is a result of direct injury
      • Treatment for congenital conditions and cosmetic surgeries except if necessitated by an injury
      • Treatment related to self-inflicted injury, suicide, or drug and alcohol abuse
      • Loss or damage due to invasion, war, or military attacks, or nuclear and radioactive components
      • Expenses for examination and prescription for hearing aids and eyeglasses
    • X-ray and physical examination expenses not related to the diagnosed illness
    • Expenses related to pregnancy, child birth and associated complications.
    • Adventure sports and hazardous activities' injuries 

    Features & Benefits of the National Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies Plan

    The salient features and benefits of the National Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies Health Insurance Policy are:

    • This is an overseas Mediclaim policy that covers travel emergencies while the policyholder is abroad for employment or study.
    • The policy covers expenses for illnesses, medical evaluation, repatriation, medical emergency reunion, and contingency insurance.
    • Claim assistance is provided by the overseas service provider.
    • Claims will be payable in foreign currency to the physicians and hospitals abroad.
    • This premium paid under this policy is eligible for tax rebate under section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961.

    Cancellation Policy

    • Policy Cancellation is allowed only when the journey is not undertaken, and the passport of the insured is provided as proof.
    • Request for cancellation is allowed within 14 days from the first day of the policy.
    • Partial premium refund is permitted provided there is coverage for 60 days minimum and the unexpired period is not less than 14 days without any claim.


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    Hariyana, September 16, 2021
    Tax savings
    The term plan is beneficial to save the tax amount too. I have saved a lot of tax and got a rebate too under my plan. I am happy and it is a part of investment. I took the plan for the financial safety of me and my family. Thanks team for good plans.
    Punjab, September 16, 2021
    Time and money saving plans
    I have saved a lot of money when I bought the term insurane plan online. I visited the policybazaar and check the premium calculator page. From there I searched for various good plans. I saved a lot of money and time too. I would recommend the policy to my friends and also tell them to buy a plan from policybazaar.
    Amritsar, September 16, 2021
    Customer experience team
    Great to know that the customer care team of Policybazaar is superb and friendly. I opted a term plan from policybazaar and found it the best one. I was facing the issue related to name spelling and connected to policybazaar. The team immediately worked into my case and it was resolved. Thank you so much team Policybazaar.
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