National Insurance Mediclaim Plus Policy

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"Happiness is composed of misfortune avoided." Mediclaim Plus policy by National General Insurance covers your expense of uncertain illness and makes medical services easy and accessible. This policy covers the healthcare expenses, pre and post hospitalization expenses, maternity, vaccination for new born, allopathic & ayurvedic treatment, serious illnesses and day care treatment etc.

Key Features:

  • There are three plans available under this mediclaim policy
  • Rooms and ICU charges are covered up to 1% and 2% respectively of sum insured or actual expenses, whichever is less under plan A
  • Under all the 3 plans, pre-existing disease are covered after 36 months
  • Vaccination for new born is covered up to Rs 1000
  • Co-payment of 20% of claim if the treatment is taken from non-networked hospital


  • Cumulative bonus can be increased from 5% to 50% on sum insured on renewals
  • After every 2 years, insured can avail certain amount from the insurance company for health checkup irrespective of claims 


Health checkup amount


Rs 1,000


Rs 2,000


Rs 3,000

  • Discount of 10% on premium can be availed if you cover your family under this policy
  • Youth discount is applicable up to 10%, if the age limit is between 18 years to 25 years

Details about Premium

Premium will be charged on the basis of the plan chosen by the proposer.


Sum insured


Rs 1 lac to 10 lacs in multiple of 1 lac


Rs 15 lacs ,Rs 20 lacs, Rs 25 lacs


Rs 30 lacs, Rs 40 lacs, Rs 50 lacs

Policy Details

Minimum Sum Insured: 2 lacs

Maximum Sum Insured: 50 lacs

Policy Period: This policy is issued for one year and can be renewed for whole life.

Change of Plan: The plan can only be changed at the time of renewal and can be changed after 4 years of continuous coverage from the same insurance company.

Grace Period: In case the premium is not paid on the premium due date, a grace period of 15 days is given to insured and during grace period coverage is not applicable.

Waiting Period: During the first 30 days of commencement of policy, any diseases contracted by the insured are not covered.

Portability: In case insured wants to switch to some other insurer, insured should intimate it to insurer prior 45 days of expiry of the ongoing policy.

Additional Riders or Features

  • On the payment of extra premium, critical illness cover can be taken. Under this cover a lump sum payment will be made in case any critical illness is diagnosed. Benefit amount can vary from 2 lacs to 25 lacs.
  • Outpatient cover can be given up to Rs 10,000.

Documents Required

The proposer has to fill an application/proposal form to buy this insurance. Proposer might have to submit medical report in case of extreme conditions or higher age.

Eligibility Criteria

Entry age for the proposer- 18 years to 65 years

Entry age for children- 3 months to 18 years

Insured can cover his spouse, two dependent children (below 18 years) and dependent parents under this policy.


Pre hospitalizations expenses are covered for 30 days and post hospitalization expenses are covered up to 60 days.





Maternity expenses

Rs 30,000 for normal and 50,000 for caesarean

Rs 60,000 for normal and 75,000 for caesarean

Rs 80,000 for normal and 1,00,000 for caesarean

Ambulance expenses

Rs 2,500

Rs 4,000

Rs 5,000

Hospital cash per day




Medical emergency


Rs 20,000

Rs 20,000


  • Treatment of obesity is not covered
  • Treatment of genetic disorder is not covered
  • Treatment of HIV or AIDS is not covered
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