Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Plan

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Introduction –

In today’s hectic life schedule we hardly care about our health, which leads to bad health condition with increase in our age and lifestyle. So, to continuously monitor your health, Royal Sundaram Health Plans have Lifeline Insurance plans, which take care of your daily medical needs as well as medical emergencies.

Key Features–

  • Flexibility to choose plans according to your requirements.
  • 100% reload of Sum insured is available at no extra cost charged.
  • Wide sum insured option from 2lac to 1.5crore which is covered under 3 different options with different benefits.
  • No room rent capping or disease specific limits.

Key Benefits –

  • All day care procedures upto Sum insured is also covered under this plan.
  • Double your sum insured in 5 claim free years with no claim bonus.
  • It also Coversayush treatment as well as vaccination in case of animal bite.
  • Premium paid is tax free under Tax regime 80(C).

Details about premium –



2 lac

3 lac

4 lac

1 year

Rs. 4,037

Rs. 4,419

Rs. 5,140

2 year

Rs. 7,542

Rs. 8,241

Rs. 9,604 

3 year

Rs. 10,867

Rs. 11,851

Rs. 13,838




5 lac

15 lac

50 lac

1 year

Rs. 5,672

Rs. 8,561

Rs. 13,344

2 year

Rs. 10,624

Rs. 16,058

Rs. 25,105

3 year

Rs. 15,350

Rs. 23,236

Rs. 36,434




25 lac

50 lac

150 lac

1 year

Rs. 33,233

Rs. 45,244

Rs. 63,187

2 year

Rs. 62,095

Rs. 84,095

Rs. 118,064

3 year

Rs. 89,501

Rs. 120,870

Rs. 170,173

Coverage –



*The above data may change. Please check the policy wordings for more details.

Policy Details -

Age Limit - Entry age for the policyholder, spouse and parents is 18 years with lifetime renewal option. Entry age for dependent Children is 91 days to 25 yrs.

No Maximum age limit for this plan.

Coverage type – Individual as well as family floater.

Sum Insured Options –

Classic – 2 lac, 3 lac and 4 lac.

Supreme – 5lac, 10lac, 15lac, 20lac and 50 lac.

Elite – 25 lac, 30 lac, 50 lac, 100 lac and 150 lac.

Exclusions –

  • Waiting period of 2-4 years is applicable for pre-existing diseases as per plans respectively.
  • Cosmetic, aesthetic, or related treatments will not be covered.
  • Any illness or disease contracted due to intake of alcohol or other addictive substances will not be covered.
  • Treatments consisting of non-allopathic medicine are not covered under this policy.

Documents Required -

To buy the policy, a proposer has to fill up an ‘Application form/ proposal form’ with accurate medical history along with the address proof. Medical examination may be required in some cases, based on the sum assured and the age of the person.