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Royal Sundaram Lifeline Supreme Plan

Royal Sundaram Lifeline Supreme Plan

The Royal Sundaram Lifeline Supreme plan is a comprehensive health insurance plan that is suitable for both individuals and families. And the cost of the premium is also not too much. It is health insurance with critical illness rider benefit in the same plan. It covers most of the serious health conditions.

It is a comprehensive plan with health and wellness benefits, Annual Health Check-up facilities, and Second Medical Opinion for Critical Illness among other benefits. If you are above the age of 18 years then you can buy Royal Sundaram Lifeline Supreme Plan. And you if you want to include your spouse and children in the same plan then you can opt for a Family Floater plan.

Advantages of Royal Sundaram Lifeline Supreme Plan

  • The policy tenure options that are available are 1,2 and 3 years
  • Second medical opinion for 11 life-threatening illnesses
  • Domestic evacuation cover in case of a medical emergency
  • Double your no-claim bonus and sum insured amount after 5 years
  • Easy purchase, renewal and cancellation process

Inclusions of Royal Sundaram Lifeline Supreme Plan

Mentioned below are the coverage benefits that you can enjoy under the Royal Sundaram Lifeline Supreme plan:

  • Inpatient hospitalization charges up to the sum assured limit
  • Pre and post-hospitalization charges to be repaid up to sum insured limit for 60 and 90 days respectively
  • Day-care medical procedures and surgeries up to the sum insured limit
  • Ambulance cover up to INR. 5,000 rupees
  • Organ donor hospitalization expenses up to the sum insured limit
  • Domiciliary hospitalization charges up to a specified limit
  • No-claim bonus benefit ranging from 20% to 100%
  • Retention of NCB even after filing a claim
  • 100% restoration of the sum insured upon exhaustion of the sum insured and No-claim-bonus
  • Inpatient hospitalization expenses for AYUSH treatment expenses up to the sum insured limit. The treatment should be taken in a government hospital and the limit is up to Rs. 30,000 in non-government hospitals
  • Animal bite vaccination up to INR 5,000
  • Annual health check-up facility for insured members older than 18 years, irrespective of the claim filed
  • Second opinion for treatment and diagnosis of 11 specified critical illnesses
  • Emergency medical evacuation cover in India up to INR 1 lakh

Sum Assured (Rs.)

You can choose the minimum sum insured option of INR 5 lakh
You can choose the maximum sum insured option of INR 50 lakh

Common Exclusions Under the Royal Sundaram Lifeline Supreme Plan

There are certain medical conditions that are not covered by Royal Sundaram Lifeline Supreme Plan. Mentioned below is the list of exclusions:

  • Pre-existing illnesses as mentioned in the policy and as declared by the policyholder at the time of policy purchase will only be covered after completion of 36 months of the policy period. The claim will be nullified in case there is any gap while renewing the policy.  
  • Critical Illness that is diagnosed within the initial 90 days of the policy commencement
  • Any health condition that was diagnosed within the initial 30 days of purchasing the policy
  • Diseases such as Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy, Hip/Knee Replacement, Stage Renal Failure, Cataract shall not be covered until two-years of the policy term is completed.

Permanent Exclusions of Royal Sundaram Lifeline Supreme Plan

Here is an extensive list of the permanent exclusions under this plan:

  • Illnesses resulting due to addictions and disorders
  • Any hospitalization resulting due to involvement in Adventure Sports or Hazardous activities
  • Puberty and Ageing
  • Alternative Treatment apart from AYUSH treatment
  • Congenital Diseases
  • Artificial Life Maintenance
  • Charges for Medical Papers
  • Conflict and Disaster
  • Dental/Oral Treatment
  • Circumcision
  • Treatment is undertaken in an unauthorized hospital or from an unauthorized doctor
  • Injury resulting from an Unlawful Activity
    Hereditary Medical Conditions
  • Convalescence and Rehabilitation
  • AIDS and HIV
  • Cosmetic Surgeries
  • Dressing and Medicines for OPD Treatment
  • Eyesight Treatment
  • Hospitalization for Investigative or observation purpose only
  • Items of convenience and personal comfort
    Psychosomatic and Psychiatric Conditions
  • OPD Treatment
  • Stem Cell Implantation
  • Obesity
  • Preventive Care
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Self-inflicted Injuries
  • Reproductive Medicine
  • Sexual problems/Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Speech Disorders
  • Treatment for Alopecia
  • Unproven/Experimental Treatment

Royal Sundaram Lifeline Supreme Plan Cashless Claim Procedure

  • For all the planned treatments, the TPA needs to be informed in advance at least 72 hours prior to hospitalization. This is essential for timely cashless authorization
  • For all the emergency cases, the TPA needs to be notified within 24-hours of the treatment/hospitalization.
  • Start by filling and submitting the cashless authorization form as provided by the TPA. Before sanctioning the claim, the TPA will assess your coverage limit and your eligibility to avail the policy benefits
  • Submit all the required documents, filled and signed claim form to the TPA department. For any disagreement, the TPA will get in touch with you within 4 hours of form submission.
  • Pay any extra cost that is attached to the treatment, if it is not  covered by the policy
  • Your claim will be rejected if the illness or treatment is not covered under your policy. The intimation will be provided within 2 hours.

Royal Sundaram Lifeline Supreme Plan Claim Procedure for Reimbursement

To claim for medical expenses incurred in a non-network hospital you can follow the claim procedure as enumerated below:

  • Submit the duly signed and filled Sundaram Lifeline Supreme claim form. This needs to be submitted within 30 days of getting discharged from the non-network hospital
  • If Royal Sundaram is satisfied with your documentation, then the claim amount will be compensated within a month of filing the claim
  • If the claim is rejected or the insurer finds a discrepancy, then a letter of rejection will be issued and is shared with you within a week of claim submission
  • The payment will be made in the name of the policyholder
  • You can submit all the documents at the nearest branch office

It is an all-inclusive plan that will cover most of your medical expenses and all you need to pay is a small premium amount annually.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 11 June 2020
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