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6 Outstanding Health Insurance Plans from Apollo Munich

Apollo Munich is a leading insurance provider in India. The insurance company is firmly established and offers some very well structured plans that help people in various life situations. From young, healthy corporate to aged, retired persons, everyone can find a suitable Apollo Munich health insurance plan for themselves. Listed below are some of the best Apollo Munich health insurance plans. Take a look.

1. Apollo Munich Optima Restore Insurance Plan

The Optima Restore Insurance Plan from Apollo Munich is a very good and useful plan. The biggest and most attractive feature of this plan is that the basic sum insured is automatically restored to the policyholder if it is used up in one year. The policyholder therefore has fewer hassles to take care of.

The other features of the plan include cashless hospitalisation, coverage for day care procedures (hospitalisation not required), up to an annual 50% no-claim bonus, treatment costs of the organ donor, and so on. The plan is available for individuals as well as for the entire family.


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2. Apollo Munich Easy Health Premium Plan

The Easy Health Premium plan from Apollo Munich is beneficial because it offers a comprehensive cover without any sublimits or co-pay clauses. The policyholder can opt for a large sum assured, as high as Rs. 50 lacs. A very unique and wonderful feature of this plan is that it also covers expenses incurred by hospitalised patients of alternative therapies such as Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha and Homeopathy (AYUSH). This plan too is available for an individual as well as for the whole family.

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3. Apollo Munich Dengue Care Plan

Apollo Munich is the only insurance provider in India that provides a cover specifically for dengue. With dengue cases on the rise, this plan comes in handy when you want the best treatment at the best hospital when affected by dengue. Under this plan, the pre and post hospitalisation costs are covered. All consultations with doctors in relation to dengue in the OPD are also covered. All the medicines that are needed for the treatment of the disease are also covered. Like the other plans, this special health insurance plan can also be availed by the entire family.

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4. Apollo Munich Optima Senior Plan

Often, health insurance providers burden their elderly customers with a host of terms and conditions when selling a policy because the elderly require medical assistance more frequently. However, Apollo Munich has come up with this lovely plan specifically designed for the senior citizens that has provisions for regular treatments. Under this plan, the policyholder is eligible to make a claim when he is hospitalised and also when he seeks a day-care treatment without getting admitted. Treatments received at home are also covered. Anyone above the age of 61 can opt for this plan.

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5. Apollo Munich Optima Vital Insurance Plan

This is a very useful critical illness insurance plan from Apollo Munich Health Insurance. Under this plan, the policyholder will be eligible to receive a lump sum amount of money if he gets diagnosed with any of the listed 37 critical illnesses. He is then free to use the money in any way to treat his illness or make provisions for his family. The sum assured for this policy ranges between Rs. 1 lac and Rs. 50 lacs.

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6. Apollo Munich Optima Cash Insurance Plan

The Optima Cash Insurance plan works more like an alternate support system! The plan provides cash benefits to the policyholder for every day that he is in the hospital. This cash can even be used by his family to take care of him or themselves while he is hospitalised. Under the terms of the policy, the policyholder will get a fixed amount of cash for every 24 hours completed in the hospital for the treatment of illnesses and accidents. For the treatment of illnesses and accidents in the ICU, the policyholder will be eligible to get twice the cash allowance for every 24 hours he spends admitted in the ICU. Day-care allowances are also available. A convalescence (recovery) cash allowance is also provided if the policyholder has to stay in the hospital for seven or more continuous days.

The health insurance plans from Apollo Munich are very useful. So if you are looking to get some comprehensive health insurance coverage for yourself and your family, you could very well consider taking a look at the plans mentioned above.

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Disclaimer: The ranking of the insurance companies in this content is not in any particular order. The list is not complied as per the IRDA ranking.

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