Health Insurance in Mangalore

Mangalore, which has the 7th largest port in India, is also one of the major medical tourism hubs in the country. In 2017, it was ranked as the 12th best city in the world for healthcare services. However, to afford top-notch hospitals and medical professionals in Mangalore without burning a hole in your pockets, you must purchase health insurance in Mangalore.

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      Health Statistics of Mangalore

      Below are some of the vital health statistics of Mangalore:

      • Breast cancer cases are rising among women aged 35-55 years in Mangalore.
      • 47.8% of the older people suffer from depression in Mangalore.
      • More than 330 cases of HIV were detected in Mangalore in 2022-23.
      • Mangalore has 123 spots prone to road accidents.

      Why Do You Need Health Insurance in Mangalore?

      Below are some of the key reasons to purchase health insurance in Mangalore:

      1. Prevalence of Vector-borne Diseases

        Vector-borne diseases, such as malaria and dengue, are widespread in Mangalore, presenting a significant health challenge. In fact, malaria has been a persistent issue in the city for over 30 years, leading to recurring healthcare costs for the local population. The city's warm and humid climate creates the perfect conditions for mosquito breeding and disease spread. Nonetheless, by buying health insurance for vector-borne diseases in Mangalore, you can stay prepared for these persistent healthcare expenses.

      2. Get Quality Medical Treatment

        Getting quality medical treatment can often put a heavy burden on your pockets. As per a study, around 82.5% of the people seeking medical help visit a private hospital for treatment in the city. Thus, to obtain the best quality medical treatment in Mangalore without burdening your finances, purchasing a policy from the best health insurance companies in Mangalore is necessary.

      3. Protect Yourself from Respiratory Ailments 

        The city of Mangalore suffers from an air pollution problem. According to reports, the city has 6 to 7 times higher PM2.5 concentration in the air than the World Health Organization’s (WHO) safe levels. The polluted air is leading people to several respiratory illnesses and severe diseases like lung cancer. Treatment of these diseases is expensive and can put a heavy burden on your pockets. But with a critical illness insurance plan, you can afford these costly treatments in Mangalore, as your insurer will pay for your treatment cost.

      4. Water Pollution is a Big Concern

        The quality of water in Mangalore has deteriorated due to improper waste mismanagement and industrial water pollution. This has led to an increase in cases of cancer and skin infections. Additionally, there have been several complaints related to cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery, hepatitis A, and typhoid due to the consumption of contaminated water in Mangalore. Treatment for these illnesses can contribute to significant health spending and, thus, necessitates the purchase of a health insurance plan.

      5. Increase in Soil Contamination

        Open garbage dumping is a big health issue in Mangalore. These garbage dumps contaminate the soil, causing serious health problems like cancer, abnormalities in the newborn baby, etc. To get the right treatment for these diseases without exhausting all your savings, you must purchase the best health insurance plan for yourself and your family.

      Major Health Problems in Mangalore

      1. Malaria

        Malaria is a substantial problem in Mangalore. As per the District Malaria Office in Mangalore, around 689 cases of malaria were identified in the city in 2022. In fact, the city reports the maximum malaria cases in the Dakshina Kannada area.

      2. Cancer

        Cancer is a major illness in Mangalore city. Poor lifestyle, long working hours, increasingly stressful lives, smoking, and alcohol consumption are some of the significant causes of cancer in the city. Besides, industrial pollution is another reason for the increasing numbers of cancer cases among the residents of Mangalore city. 

      3. Respiratory Ailments 

        Respiratory ailments, such as bronchitis, lung cancer and asthma, are quite prevalent in Mangalore due to poor air quality. According to the Central Pollution Control Board data, the PM2.5 concentration in Mangalore is 6 to 7 times higher than the WHO safe air quality guidelines. As per a study, 70% of the pollution in Mangalore comes from its industries.

      4. Measles

        Measles has affected both children and youths in Mangalore. As per the health data, close to 150 cases of measles were recorded in 2023. Moreover, 81 people were admitted to hospitals in Mangalore due to measles in 2022.

      How Much Health Insurance Coverage Do You Need in Mangalore?

      Determining adequate health insurance coverage can be tedious. In a tier-2 city such as Mangalore, your medical insurance coverage amount should ideally be a minimum of half your yearly earnings. Moreover, the sum insured should be able to cover medical expenses incurred on severe illnesses, including the cost of high-end medical procedures and specialized treatments.

      Keeping the cost of healthcare services in mind, purchasing a health insurance plan of at least Rs 5-10 lakh per person in Mangalore is recommended. For complete family’s medical coverage, it is prudent to opt for a family floater health insurance policy that guarantees a minimum sum insured of Rs 20 lakh in Mangalore.

      On the other hand, you are advised to get health insurance for senior citizens with a minimum coverage amount of Rs 15 lakh as they are more prone to diseases and have a high risk of hospitalization.

      Health Insurance in Mangalore for NRIs

      The cost of medical procedures is much less in Mangalore than in other urban cities of India. Therefore, NRIs or people staying abroad who return for a personal or business visit in Mangalore should purchase health insurance from an insurer in India. This health insurance for NRIs policy will enable them to pay for their medical treatments in Mangalore at nominal fees.

      Moreover, you must buy health insurance for parents living in Mangalore to provide them with quality medical treatment without any financial hurdles.

      Additionally, as an NRI, you can receive an 18% GST refund if you get a health insurance plan in Mangalore, as you have already fulfilled your tax obligations in your country of residence.

      People also read- GST Refund on Health Insurance for NRIs.

      Is Government Health Insurance Enough to Cover Medical Expenses in Mangalore?

      In 2018, the Karnataka Government launched the Ayushman Bharat - Arogya Karnataka Scheme to provide universal health coverage to all the residents of the state. However, the scheme lacks comprehensive medical coverage for various diseases and procedures. 

      Take a look at the table below to know why the Ayushman Bharat - Arogya Karnataka Scheme may not fulfil your medical needs in Mangalore:

      Categories Ayushman Bharat - Arogya Karnataka Scheme Private Health Insurance
      Scope of Coverage You can get coverage for 1650 procedure packages under the Ayushman Bharat - Arogya Karnataka Scheme. Private health insurance covers pre-post hospitalization and in-patient hospitalization expenses for a broader range of diseases.
      Sum Insured The coverage offers a guaranteed amount of Rs 5 lakh for each family. Those in the general category with an APL ration card are eligible for a sum insured of Rs 1.5 lakh annually. You can get up to Rs 6 crore coverage in a private health insurance policy.
      Eligibility Only people with a ration card and beneficiaries of Rashtriya Swasthya Bhima Yojana & SECC are eligible for the scheme. Anyone can purchase a private health insurance policy in Mangalore as per their financial capabilities and health needs.
      Exclusions This scheme does not provide benefits to people who already have other insurancе covеragе like ESI, CGHS or private insurancе. You can take multiple health insurance plans with different private health insurers.

      Wellness and Prevention Tips in Mangalore

      Below are some of the wellness tips for people living in Mangalore:

      • Use mosquito repellents to protect yourself from dengue and malaria in Mangalore.
      • Wear protective clothing, such as long-sleeved shirts, long trousers and socks, to stay safe from mosquitoes.
      • Sleep under the mosquito nets in Mangalore for a double layer of protection.
      • Do not allow water to stagnate near your house/office.
      • Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated in Mangalore.
      • Consume a nutrient-rich diet with fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
      • Practice yoga and meditation in Mangalore to reduce your stress levels.
      • Avoid smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol in Mangalore.
      Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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