Edelweiss Comprehensive Bike Insurance

Every two-wheeler owner or rider needs to have insurance for his vehicle. Bike insurance doesn't just protect the vehicle but also compensates for any additional damages to the property of a third party or any injuries caused to the third party involved in the accident. Even if there’s a death associated with the accident and it is proved that the death of the third person is your fault, the insurance does take care of it and all other legal issues altogether.

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Edelweiss Bike Insurance

The Edelweiss Comprehensive Bike Insurance has a plethora of benefits along with third-party coverage benefits. Some of the advantages of the insurance are that it covers damages of the policyholder's vehicle and a third party vehicle, person, or property. With further add-ons, the benefits can be enhanced with only a minor increase in the premium rates.

Benefits of Edelweiss Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy

The Edelweiss Comprehensive Bike Insurance has a plethora of advantages. A few of them include coverage of the policyholder's vehicle and property of the third-party. Comprehensive Insurance is optional. It is not mandatory to carry while riding, although third party insurances are mandatory to be carried by the Government.

If the person fails to carry the insurance, there can be a penalty and even imprisonment of up to 3 months. No such penalties are imposed for comprehensive insurances.

Edelweiss Comprehensive bike Insurance policy also has various add-ons that will further strengthen the protection of the vehicle. One can also add extended coverage that will cover the pillion rider in the event of a mishap. Such add-ons are absent for third party insurances.

Edelweiss Comprehensive Bike Insurance VS Third-Party Bike Insurance

The following table lists out the significant differences between the two insurances:


Third-Party Insurance

Comprehensive Insurance


Covers legalities and financial liabilities only of the third party

Covers legalities and financial liabilities for both third parties as well as "Own Damage."

Add-ons or Covers

No add-ons or covers are available for third party insurances

Variety of add-ons or covers available to further strengthen the insurance


Cheaper than most insurances due to limited coverage

Comparatively expensive due to added benefits and extensive coverage

Nature of Requirement

Compulsory to be carried by the rider

Not mandated to be carried by the rider

What is covered under Edelweiss Comprehensive Bike Insurance?

Edelweiss Comprehensive Bike Insurance covers various incidents and accidents. The ones that are of prime importance and concern to any person while purchasing the insurance are listed.

 The company will indemnify the policyholder as and when the bike is damaged under the conditions:

  • Damage due to fire explosion, self-ignited or by lightning
  • Burglary, theft
  • Damage to the vehicle due to riots and strikes
  • Fire and Shock damage due to natural calamities like Earthquake
  • Damage due to Floods, Typhoon, Hurricanes, Cyclones, Frost, Hailstorm, etc.
  • Damage due to malicious activities
  • Damage due to terrorist activities
  • Damage due to landslide or rockslide

Apart from the conditions mentioned above, the bike is also liable to depreciate as it ages, and various depreciation percentages will be applied to each part. To avoid this, one can also purchase an add-on with Zero Depreciation and get the most out of the insurance. Many such add-ons extend the coverage of the Edelweiss Comprehensive Bike Insurance.

What is not covered under Edelweiss Comprehensive Bike Insurance?

The exclusions under the Edelweiss Comprehensive Bike Insurance policy are as follows:

  • The policy shall be deemed void if the bike is used for purposes other than mentioned while purchasing the policy
  • If the bike meets with an accident and the bike is ridden by any person other than the one mentioned in the driver's clause
  • The insurer shall not cover any contractual liabilities
  • No compensation will be paid out if the damage is incurred due to radioactive or nuclear activity
  • Any accidents that are a direct result of the policyholder being under the influence of psychedelics, drugs or alcohol


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Edelweiss Comprehensive Bike Insurance Reviews & Ratings

4.8 / 5 (Based on 32 Reviews)
(Showing Newest 25 reviews)
Indore, October 09, 2021
Good deal
I have got so many benefits in edelweiss Two Wheeler Plan. In case of accidents, I can avail cashless repair services in their network garages. At first I was confused that from where to buy the bike plan, then I got a good deal on the website of Policybazaar.
Thane, October 09, 2021
Add on cover
During the renewal of my edelweiss bike plan, I got a no claim bonus. i got a little discount on the premium rate so I decided to customize my plan. I have added additional features to the existing plan. it has enhanced the coverage and made my plan even more better.
Visakhapatnam, August 18, 2021
Services are good
One of my relative suggested me to buy two wheeler plan. recently have bought Edelweiss two wheeler policy from policy bazaar. it is way convenient to buy policy online and i got a great work. i really liked the service provided by the policy bazzar team.
Noida, June 04, 2021
Quick and hassle free services
I have recently bought the edelweiss two wheeler insurance policy from the website of the policybazaar. The plan is good and under my budget. Also, the facilities provided by the team is very nice.
Amabala, June 04, 2021
Saves my time
Buying two wheeler insurance policy online is easy and also it saves the time. I checked various edelweiss two wheeler insurance plans online and have save the time by buying it online. It is one of the best plan I had.
Varanasi, June 04, 2021
Protection coverage
My two wheeler insurance plan has been providing a protection coverage to me and my bike since 2 years. I have a edelweiss two wheeler insurance policy. A best plan to take care of my bike.
Dabhoda, July 03, 2020
Great plans
I searched for many plans in the website of policybazaar and all were good. But I found the best one of edelweiss with great benefits and low premium rate.
S.c. Pur, July 02, 2020
Good coverage
I searched on the website of policybazaar and found this good plan of edelweiss company for my bike insurance. The coverage provided by them is good and I am happy with it.
R.g.pur, July 01, 2020
Insurance for third party
I have taken the policy which is good for third party too. If by chance accident occurred then it will covered me my vehicle as well as the person with whom I have been met with an accident.
G.k. Bhatar, July 01, 2020
The reputation of edelweiss company is very good. They provided with the best policy to me regarding the two wheeler policy. Thanks.
Aranthangi, June 30, 2020
Turn aroundtime
The turn around time of Edelweiss company as well as policybazaar is quite good and they quickly reply to the customer.
Adkur, June 29, 2020
The premium rate of the policy plans available in policybazaar is less and not so costly.
Ahmedpur, June 29, 2020
Before buying a policy for my bike. I compared a lot many plans in the website and then bought the best one with great benefits.
Farenda, June 21, 2020
Happy customer
I am the happy customer of policybazaar as well as edelweiss. It was happy to be connected with policybazaar team.
Rabanaguda, June 21, 2020
Timely renewal
One of the best thing about edelweiss is that they help remembering of renewal of the policy. They always give us the reminder by sending the sending.
Dahanu, June 21, 2020
Great comparison
While searching for two wheeler policy I went to policybazaar website and after giving good time I found the edelweiss policy plans very apt and according to my budget.
East Singhbhum, June 21, 2020
Third party insurance
It provides the services related to third party assistance. I found the services of edelweiss great and I would definitely recommend people.
Raath, June 21, 2020
Claim assistance
I got the better claim assistance from edelweiss company and I bought with the help of policybazaar. Also, after a call they quickly started working on my claim.
Etah, June 21, 2020
Pan India
The company edelweiss is available at every location and most importantly all work is done in digital manner. It is hassle free and quick.
Edamaruk, June 20, 2020
All time assistance
I got the best assistance from edelweiss company and it was actually great and unique. I am happy and blessed.
Machantola, June 20, 2020
EMI availability
I got the option of emi and it is very good. I can easily manage my all the policies.
Gadat, June 20, 2020
Soft copy
I got my soft copy within 10 minutes of buying the two wheeler policy. Thanks team for quick services.
Dahiwadi, June 20, 2020
Customer centric
The customer care of edelweiss company is very good. They helped me a lot in my resolving the concern.
Nabarangpur, June 20, 2020
Evaluate and study
While taking the policy I evaluated and studied the whole market and found the best one bike insurance policy.
Kachchh, June 19, 2020
The plans which are available in the website of policybazaar is unique and superb. I checked and reviewed all and bought the best one.