National Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

The National Insurance comprehensive bike insurance policy provides coverage for third-party liabilities as well as own damage liabilities. In addition, the Comprehensive Policy allows for add-on covers like zero depreciation insurance, which further enhances the benefits of the policyholder. Bike owners should purchase comprehensive insurance because it diminishes their liability in case of any damage caused by them to a third party or their own bikes or themselves while driving on the road.

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National Comprehensive Bike Insurance vs. Third-Party Bike Insurance

Below is a table for comparison between the two types of bike insurance policies by National Insurance two-wheeler insurance:

Comprehensive Bike Insurance

Third-Party Bike Insurance

The policy covers own-damage expenses incurred by the insured's bike as well as Third Party Liabilities

This type of  policy only covers third party damages caused by the insured's bike

Various add-ons such as Consumables Cover, Zero Depreciation, and Return to Invoice Cover etc., are available along with the Comprehensive Bike Insurance cover

Policyholders cannot opt for any add-on covers

The premium of this policy is relatively higher as it provides higher coverage benefits

This policy is cost-effective for the policyholders due to the limited coverage benefits

Benefits of the National Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy

The National comprehensive bike insurance policy benefits the policyholder in the following ways:

  • No third party liability to the insured. Any damage that is caused to a third party is covered and compensated by the insurer
  • The comprehensive insurance policy covers the own-damagedliability of the insured
  • The policyholder is allowed to avail of add-ons along with the comprehensive insurance policy
  • Other benefits include round-the-clock customer care availability and quick claim settlement

What is Covered under National Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy?

 The National comprehensive bike insurance policy covers the following claims during the policy term:

1. Third-party Liabilities:

The National comprehensive bike insurance policy covers the insured for third party liabilities. The insurer compensates for any damage, death, or injury caused to a third party due to the insured's bike.

 2. Own damage caused by Natural Calamities:

The National comprehensive bike insurance policy covers the damages caused to the insured's bike due to natural calamities like floods, landslides, etc.

 3. Own damage caused by Manmade Disasters:

The National comprehensive bike insurance policy covers the damages caused to the insured's bike due to any manmade disaster like a terrorist attack, fire, riots, and so on.

4. Theft:

In case the insured bike gets stolen, the insurer provides coverage for the same. 

What is not covered under the National Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy?

The National Insurance comprehensive bike insurance policy doesn't cover the following expenses:

  • Normal wear and tear of the bike
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown of the bike
  • Damage incurred due to willful negligence
  • Damage incurred due to contractual liability
  • Damage incurred due to driving without a valid driving license or under intoxication.
  • Damage incurred during a war, mutiny, nuclear risk, rebellion, or during any such terrorist activity.


  • Q. Why national comprehensive bike insurance policy?

    The National Insurance comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy covers the third party financial liabilities and the own-damage financial liability of the policyholder. This extensive coverage provided by comprehensive insurance instills a sense of security in the mind of the policyholder. The premium cost of comprehensive insurance is higher owing to the comprehensive coverage benefits.

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National Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy Reviews & Ratings

4.8 / 5 (Based on 45 Reviews)
(Showing Newest 25 reviews)
Agra, October 09, 2021
Good features
I have saved my savings from getting wasted in unwanted expenses. I took National Two Wheeler Insurance for my bike and It provided me the facility of cashless repair in case of damage to the insured bike due to an accident.
Nashik, October 09, 2021
Add on cover
Customization is the best option on the website of Policybazaar. After comparison I bought national two wheeler insurance and with add ons I added additional features under it. I really liked the coverage that is provided in my plan.
Ghaziabad, August 18, 2021
Easy payment mode
I have seen so many deals on the various website then i bought a national insurance plan for my vehicle from policy bazaar. i am so satisfied and happy with the services of policy procedure was smooth and making payment was easy.
Ludhiana, August 18, 2021
faster claim settlement
I got low cost plan for my two wheeler from National two wheeler insurance which i took from policy bazaar. they are providing me faster claim settlement under my plan.i do not need to go anywhere to track my status i can do this from home itself.
Agra, August 18, 2021
Best deals
I was not satisfied with my previous policy and I talked to my friend about this and my friend suggested me to switch your plan and buy from policy bazaar, you will like their i am satisfied with my new plan.
Gadag, May 10, 2021
Quick and easy claiming process
I was looking for a two wheeler insurance policy for my bajaj pulsar 125. I wanted to purchase a policy which does not require me to run around to get the claiming done. I ended up purchasing the National two wheeler insurance policy because the promise to provide quick claiming process. Thanks team
Faridabad, May 10, 2021
Low premium rates
I recently bought a Honda active and I was looking to purchase a two wheeler insurance policy. I went online and went on the policybazaar website. I was amazed to see so many insurance policies and I chose the national two wheeler insurance policy because it fit my budget and the premium rates were low. Thanks guys.
Hadol, May 10, 2021
Good coverage
I was looking for a two wheeler insurance policy for my Honda shine. I purchased the bike recently and I wanted a policy that could provide cover in case of accident happens. I went on policybazaar and I bought national two wheeler insurance policy because it fit my needs. Thanks team
K.c. Pur, March 19, 2021
Numerous Methods to Make Online Payment
I purchased National Two-Wheeler Insurance for my Bajaj Pulsar 150CC bike through First of all, I want to say that despite being new at online purchase I did not find any difficulty in online purchase of bike insurance policy as their user interface is very easy, Moreover, provides numerous options to make an online purchase which includes the use of debit/ credit card, NEFT transfer, using UPI payment, Net-Banking, etc. are to name a few. I used debit card payment and purchased policy without any issue.
K.c. Pur, March 09, 2021
Quick and Simple Policy Renewal
I wanted to renew the National Two-Wheeler Insurance policy online and I selected as a platform. The understandable user interface of this website helped me to quickly renew my policy.
J.n.prasad, March 09, 2021
Easy Claim Settlement Process
My Honda Activa is insured with a National Two-Wheeler insurance policy. Due to an accident, I had to file a reimbursement claim for my two-wheeler and I took the help of Here I want to mention that this is the best decision that I have made as the executive at helped me throughout the claim settlement process. The settlement process would not be that simple and quick if I would have contacted the insurance provider directly. Thank you, team,
K.c. Pur, February 18, 2021
Tight budget is not a problem
I bought my dream bike recently but I have put almost all my money into it. I had to get it insured but I had tight budget. I went on policybazaar’s website and found the National insurance policy which suited my budget. Thanks team.
Laharpur, February 18, 2021
Would suggest you all
I bought a Royal Enfield recently and got it insured under National insurance which I purchased from Policybazaar’s website. I would suggest you all to buy your insurance policy from this website only. It provides you with all kinds of information. Thanks team
J.n.prasad, February 18, 2021
All kind of information
I got all the information I needed before buying the National insurance for my brand new Bajaj pulsar 220. Policybazaar made it possible for me as it was an effortless experience and I loved it.
N.e.khawdungsei, February 17, 2021
User-friendly website
I bought a Honda Activa for my kid and wanted to get it insured. People in my office advised me buy the National insurance so I went on to Policybazaars website as I see their advertisement on TV and I must say it is a user-friendly website and I bought the policy very quickly.
Sabang, February 17, 2021
Claim assistance
My bike was insured with National Insurance which I bought from the Policybazaar. At the time of claim settlement Policybazaar assisted me and got it done in a few minutes. Thanks team.
Babhleshwar, February 17, 2021
National insurance is good
I was looking for an insurance policy for my Honda Access and after going through many insurance policies I landed on National insurance as it fulfills all the requirements. It is a good policy for two wheelers.
Babhleshwar, February 10, 2021
Renewal of the policy
Last year I renewed my two wheeler insurance policy from the website of the national insurance. It was easy and quick and I really don’t have to follow long steps. I easily renewed my policy online. Great work team.
Habra, February 08, 2021
Online payment is safe
I bought a Yamaha FZ25 recently and wanted to get it insured with National insurance. I wanted an online solution for this with a safe payment gateway. I was suggested by my friend to do it on Policybazaar’s website and yes he was right, everything was precisely explained and the payment gateway was secure. Thanks team
Baarod, February 08, 2021
All information on whatsapp
This is something exciting that I experienced recently. I got all the details related to the National insurance policy for my bike on my whatsapp in a doc file in a very précised manner from policybazaar. I am amazed. Thanks team.
Nabadwip, February 05, 2021
Guidance is provided
Policybazaar’s customer executive guided me when I was looking for a bike insurance policy. It was my first time as I bought a Royal Enfield Classic and the customer executive guided me through-out the process. Thanks man.
Nabadwip, February 05, 2021
Time savior
I got my TVS Jupiter insured with National insurance. My policy was about to expire so I had to renew it. I got it done in a few minutes from Policybazaar’s website and saved a lot of time in my busy schedule.
Ichoda, February 01, 2021
Quick and easy renewal
My bike is insured under National insurance and I was looking for an online solution to get my insurance renewed. I just went on the Policybazaar’s website and the renewal process was pretty quick and easy. It took me a few minutes and my insurance was renewed.
J.n.prasad, February 01, 2021
Smooth experience
I bought a Bajaj Pulsar 150 CC and wanted to get it insured under National insurance. I just wanted a smooth process without much hassle. As I have seen the advertisements of Policybazaar on TV so I thought of trying it and trust me it is exactly like they say on the advertisement. Smooth and hassle-free experience. Good Job guys.
Ichoda, January 29, 2021
Compare and buy
I was looking for an insurance policy of my TVS Apache RTR 180. I just went on to the Policybazaar website which let me compare among different policies and buy the one best suited for me.