IFFCO Tokio Family Health Insurance Policy

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The greatest wealth is health.” Iffco Tokio family health insurance policy provides coverage against healthcare expenses in unfortunate event of illness. This policy gives cashless hospitalization benefit across 3000 network hospitals throughout India.

Key Features

  • Fees of all medical practitioner’s (surgeon, anesthetist) is covered.
  • Ambulance charges are covered up to Rs 750.
  • Charges of hospital for some specific treatments are covered up to 80% of sum insured.
  • There are two plans available one is base plan and another is wider plan based on coverage and features.

Base plan: it covers pre-existing diseases after 4 years, day care treatments, vitamins and tonics for illness, dental surgery arising out of accident, transplant.

Wider plan: it covers health checkup after 4 years, cumulative bonus ranging from 5% to 50% on claim free renewals.


  • Income tax benefit is available under section 80D.
  • Sum insured can be increased from 5% to 50% on claim free renewals.
  • There is no co-payment or excess admissible under this policy.
  • Proposer will get a certain discount on premium if he holds his two wheeler motor policy with IFFCO Tokio Insurance

Details about Premium

There are four sum insured options allowed under this policy ranging from Rs 2,00,000 to Rs 5,00,000. Premium will depend on the number of family members, sum insured chosen and age of the eldest person in the family. Premium can be calculated from the company’s premium calculator.

Policy Details

Minimum sum insured: Rs 2, 00,000

Maximum sum insured: Rs 5, 00,000

Coverage: self, spouse and two dependent children (below 23 years of age)

Policy period: Policy is issued for 1 year and need to be renewed after every one year.

Portability: Portability is allowed under this policy wherein the policyholder can switch from one insurer to another and cumulative bonus gained over the period will be transferred respectively.

Additional Riders or Features

Critical illness cover:For 10 defined critical illnesses, proposer can take critical illness coverage (doubling the sum insured) by paying an extra premium of 30% of basic premium.

Documents Required

  • The proposer has to fill an application/proposal form to buy this policy. The company can ask the proposer to submit past medical history.

Eligibility Criteria

Persons in the age slab of 3 months to 60 years can be covered. But proposer has to be in the age slab of 18 years to 60 years. The proposer coverage might continue till the age of 80 years on continuous renewal with the same company.



Base plan

Wider plan

Daily allowance

Rs 150 per day

Rs 250 per day

Ambulance charges

Rs 750

Rs 1500

Limit of liability

Basic sum insured

Option I: basic sum insured+ cumulative bonus if earned

Option II: basic sum insured+cumulative bonus+critical illness extension

Sublimit for intensive care unit

2% of sum insured

2.5% of sum insured


Blood cancer, heart disease, renal failure



  • Pre-existing diseases are not covered at the time of inception of policy.
  • Acupuncture, naturopathy is not covered.
  • HIV/AIDS is excluded.
  • Intentional self-injury, cosmetic surgery is not covered.
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