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Health Insurance Coverage for HIV Patients

Health Insurance for HIV Positive Patients in India

Since the last decade, HIV/AIDS has spread in epidemic proportions in India. At present, this nation bears the world's third largest number of HIV/AIDS-affected individuals. Despite such a huge number, it's a pity no insurer in the country (with the possible exception of Star Health) yet has taken any initiative in fighting AIDS. Most of the insurers treat HIV/AIDS as exclusion to the policy. Others deny them the cover altogether. Even those who give coverage, slap them with a high premium. Unlike other conditions, HIV/AIDS as a pre-existing condition is not covered even after enduring the waiting period. It remains exclusion, now and always.

With a frequent string of illnesses and infections, living with HIV/AIDS can be quite wearisome. On that, most of the insurers give these people a hard time getting decent health insurance coverage. More often than not, their application for a health insurance cover is turned down.

Star Health NetPlus

We were not surprised to discover that the one and only best health insurance plan designed specifically for HIV/AIDS patients is offered by Star Health. The name of the plan is NetPlus.

Premium Details

Insured Amount



Rs. 2,890


Rs. 4,650

Key Highlights:

  • It can be issued to people already infected with HIV
  • Cost of pre-medical tests borne by Star Health
  • Complete confidentiality of the person covered under the plan
  • Lends financial support at the critical stage (AIDS)
  • No age limit for the applicants
  • The policy has to be proposed by NGOs, governmental agencies and other such bodies
  • The insured must be member/beneficiaries of the proposed


  • Expenses incurred in treating HIV
  • AIDS confirmation within 90 days of commencement of the policy
  • All pre-existing medical conditions

The things are changing for the better. Thanks to the advanced chemotherapy, people with HIV/AIDS can now live long, healthy and happy life. But to be able to continue this chemotherapy, such individuals need financial support from health insurance companies. There's an immense need for affordable health insurance among HIV affected individuals. More Medical insurance companies should come forward to financially aid such individuals. It is expected that IRDA is soon going to intervene and take some steps to make sure HIV affected people are not denied insurance coverage by the insurers.