Max Term Insurance for Coronavirus

The current scenario of COVID-19 has shaken the nation to its core. As more and more people are getting infected with COVID-9, in this challenging time it has become imperative to be prepared for eventualities with an insurance plan for COVID-19.  Seeing the severity of the pandemic, the Max Life Insurance policy has come up with Max Term Insurance for Coronavirus known as Covid-19 Insurance plan. As the name suggests the plan provides risk coverage to life that arises due to COVID-19. Let’s read further to know in detail about the Max term Insurance for Coronavirus. 

What is COVID-19 Insurance?

COVID-19  insurance is a specifically designed insurance plan or rider that provides financial protection against the medical expenses that occur due to the treatment of COVID-19 diseases.  The COVID-19 insurance provides coverage to the insured after the completion of 15 days waiting period from the date of policy purchase.  Thus if an individual is diagnosed with the COVID-19, he/she is covered for their expenses, provided the diagnosis is received 15 days from the date of policy issuance.  An individual can also purchase this policy as a rider along with a life insurance policy. 

Benefits of Buying Max Term Insurance for Coronavirus?

Here are the benefits of buying COVID-19  insurance. 

Enhanced life Protection 

The Covid-19 insurance provides the right financial assistance to the family against coronavirus.  In case, the life assured has opted for Covid-19 rider along with the base term insurance policy, then in case of death of the life assured due to Coronavirus a sum assured amount in addition to the basic sum assured amount of the policy is paid to the beneficiary of the policy. 

Financial Assitance 

In case of the unfortunate demise of the life assured to the Covid-19, the term insurance policy with COVID-19 rider benefit provides the right financial assistance to the family of the insured and take care of the future liabilities. 

Tax Benefit 

As Covid-19 rider can be purchased along with the base term insurance policy, the life assured can avail tax benefit on the premium paid towards the policy as per the prevailing tax laws. 

How to Buy COVID-19 Insurance Rider?

To purchase Max term insurance Covid-19 rider, you will need to follow these steps.

Choose the Sum Assured Amount 

Visit the portal and click on the option of ‘calculate premium’ to start the process of buying covid-19 rider. You will need to provide basic details like your age, income, smoking habits and contact information. 

Customize your Plan 

As per your requirement and suitability choose the variant of the term insurance policy. f term insurance policy. 

Add Various Riders

Along with the covid-19 rider option, you can also choose a different rider to enhance the coverage of the policy. The term insurance policy offer riders like premium waiver benefit, critical illness rider, etc. 

Accept the Quote and Pay Premium 

Once you go through all the benefits offered by the policy and choose the relevant sum assured and rider, fill in the other required details and pay the premium of the policy online. 

How Does Max Term Insurance for Coronavirus, COVID-19  Rider Benefit You and Your Family?

  • Under the covid-19 rider, a specific amount is paid on the diagnosis of covid-19  disease.  In case, the life assured is diagnosed with COVID-19, then 20% sum assured is paid as a fixed lump-sum amount under a rider that provides protection against the medical expenses. 
  • The beneficiary of the policy receives a death benefit as specified in the policy documents.

Wrapping it Up!

Currently, as the whole nation is affected by the pandemic it is a must to have an insurance policy that provides coverage against COVID-19. With COVID-19 insurance by your side, you can ensure to be financially secured against the financial load that may arise due to being affected by the COVID-19. As a rider benefit along with the term insurance policy, you can ensure to provide the right financial security to your family in case of an emergency.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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Max Term Insurance for Coronavirus Reviews & Ratings

4 / 5 (Based on 51 Reviews)
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Bhikiyasen, March 02, 2021
Fulfil the requirement
My term insurance plan has fulfilled my and my family requirements. It has so many additional features which will make my term plan worth it. I got the max life term insurance policy. Great team.
Barwani, February 19, 2021
Survival plan
I have got the survival plan when I bought this max life term insurance policy from the policybazaar. I checked few plans into the website and found this amazing plan. I am thanks to team policybazaar.
Uttamnagar, October 17, 2016
Beneficial Policy
The max life term insurance plan i have bought in low premium is fully satisfactory to me. Services provided by the members of the insurance company is fantastic, online renewal facility reduces the paperwork. The updates regarding insurance plan is mailed to me regularly.
Amalapuram, September 26, 2016
Fair Insurance
Got max life term insurance plan in less premium. The service is fantastic with 24X7 customer service. Online renewals and updates are on website of the company. Policy covers maximum expenditure and claims are simple to sanctioned.
Greater_noida, July 26, 2016
Max insurance plan
My friend suggest me to buy a insurance policy. After some researching i purchase term insurance plan from max newyork life insurance. The insurance plan is perfect. Even the online portal service is so simple anyone can access it. Good returns in low premiums.
Nainital, July 26, 2016
Term plan
Max life term plan of mine is fantastic which has maximum benefits and high returns in less investments. Policy coverage is high ~89% and the claims are easy to get. Service is fabulous provided by the executives and staff of the company.
Aallapalli, March 29, 2016
Gonda, February 29, 2016
Good Service
Max life policy is a good policy in Term market. Policy Bazaar is a good supporter for customer. Thanks Policy Bazaar
Kolkata, February 06, 2016
I have life insurance and the premium is low. The claim is around 19 lakh at the end of the policy. The service is real good and on time. But the claiming process is slow. An average policy.
Plan Name: Online Term plan
Agent Code: BPW01312
Dehradun, February 06, 2016
Life secure with max insurance. Service is nice and fast. Policy coverage is 90% and claims are high but the premiums are very less. Around eighteen lakh is amount of payback at the end of policy.
Plan Name: Online Term plan
Agent Code: BPW01312
Ghaziabad, February 06, 2016
I have life policy with max insurance and the policy is really nice with good policy coverage. The claims are twelve lakh rupees. The time period to get claim is few days and the daily update is mailed and texted to my account.
Plan Name: Online Term plan
Agent Code: BBE06765
Navi_mumbai, February 06, 2016
"Not Good"
The policy i have is from max insurance is bad. The number of hospital is large but the service is bad. All service is slow, the policy coverage and claims are none. Bad policy, really disappointed.
Plan Name: Online Term plan
Agent Code: BPW01312
Mumbai, February 06, 2016
"Good One"
I purchase term plan from max life, the policy provide good benefits like low premiums, policy coverage is 70%, claims are high ~Rs.18 lakh, services are very fast. I like the policy, good job guys.
Plan Name: Online Term plan
Agent Code: BBE06895
Bengaluru, February 06, 2016
I have a policy with max life, it is an average policy with low premiums. The policy coverage is 60% and the service is slow that's why the payback amount is not on time. Claim is ~Rs.12 lakh.
Plan Name: Online Term plan
Agent Code: BBE06765
Navi_mumbai, February 06, 2016
Buy insurance by Max life. Really need one because of insecure life in today's world. Policy cover Pretty much high coverage with low premiums. Claims are 90% and the service is best and fast. I Like the policy.
Plan Name: Term plan-Monthly Income
Agent Code: BBE06765
Chennai, February 05, 2016
"Good Policy"
Recently bought insurance from Max life. The service is good with low premiums. Policy coverage is 80% and claims are easy to get approx. Rs.21 lakh. I'm happy with the services you provide.
Plan Name: Online Term plan
Agent Code: BPW01312
Chennai, February 05, 2016
I bought policy by max insurance. Claims are 60% and premium is low. The coverage is less and no free ambulance provided. The service is slow and few hospitals are available at a time. An average policy i say.
Plan Name: Term plan-Monthly Income
Agent Code: BBE06765
Pune, February 05, 2016
"Fine Policy"
Max life gave me very fine policy with good benefits. Policy coverage is attractive with ambulance facilities. Claims are about Rs.19 lakh and premium is low. Fine deal with good service.
Plan Name: Online Term plan
Agent Code: BBE06765
Durgapur, February 05, 2016
The policy i buy has all benefits. Policy coverage is high, even the ambulance is provided and cover the whole treatment. The claims are about 80% with low premiums. Really good prolicy.
Plan Name: Online Term plan
Agent Code: BBE06765
Kolkata, February 05, 2016
I have insurance like every one with max life. Policy provide's great coverage and claims with low premiums. Having great experience yet, the service is good which done on time. Huge number of hospitals are there to provide cure in this policy.
Plan Name: Online Term plan
Agent Code: BPW01312
Nasik, February 05, 2016
"Good Returns"
I have insurance with max life. The premiums are low and the returns are high. The policy coverage is 60% and the claims are 80%. The service is fast enough to done things on time with safety. Good policy.
Plan Name: Online Term plan
Agent Code: BPW01312
Bhopal, February 05, 2016
"Good Benefits"
Max is having great policies in all. I have one, with great benefits. The service is really very fast and on needed time. Policy coverage is good. Claims are high around 90%. Premiums are even low. The good one in all.
Plan Name: Term plan-Monthly Income
Agent Code: BBE06002
Patna, February 05, 2016
"Best for Life"
I have life insurance like every one else. My policy have great terms and conditions. The service you provided is the best and so quick on time. The daily update is send on cellphone. Claims and policy coverage is high with low premiums.
Plan Name: Online Term plan
Agent Code: BPW01312
Raipur, February 05, 2016
I purchase policy with max life. The policy coverage is around 80-89%. Claims are also high approx. Rs. 17 lakhs. The services are really fast with good response. Cashless garages are 90% of the city. Nice insurance with low premiums.
Plan Name: Online Term plan
Agent Code: BPW01312
Delhi, February 05, 2016
Max insurance offer me the finest policy which is so catchy I can't refuse. The customer services is so quick with great resopnse. Claims, policy coverage cashless garages all are highly simple with marvelous services.
Plan Name: Online Term plan
Agent Code: BBE06765
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