National Bike Insurance Claim

An insurance claim is a formal request by a policyholder to the insurance company for payment based on the insurance policy's terms. The National General Insurance Company has set benchmarks when it comes to settling the claims of its customers. In the year 2019-2020, the company's claim settlement ratio was 85.47%. The extensive use of digital platforms and a quality customer care experience have made claim settlements smoother for the customers. The company provides a smooth and quick claim settlement process for its customers and the details are given below.

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List of Documents Required

At the time of settling a National bike insurance claim, a policyholder will need to furnish the following documents:

  • Claim form (duly filled and signed by the policyholder)
  • Self-attested copy of registration copy (RC) of the vehicle
  • FIR copy
  • Driving license photocopy of the person who was driving the bike at the time of the accident.
  • The original copy of the repair estimate, invoice & payment receipts required for non-cashless claims.
  • The original copy of the repair invoice.

How to file a Cashless Claim for National Two-Wheeler Insurance Insurance?

National General Insurance company allows its policyholders to file claims on their two-wheeler policies as per the following steps:

Step 1: Contact: After the theft, damage to the bike, or an accident, the policyholder shall inform the National insurance company within 24 hours. A policyholder can get in touch with the National Insurance Company via the customer care number or by sending them an email.

Step 2: Register claim: Upon contact, a company representative will revert in a day. The policyholder then has to register the claim & submit the following details:

  • Policy number
  • Date & time of the accident
  • Description of the estimated loss
  • Survey location of the vehicle
  • Name of the driver with contact no & driving license details
  • Contact details of the insured

Upon registration, the policyholder is provided with a claim reference number which acts as an id of sorts for future reference.

Step 3: Survey of damages: The company sends a surveyor to assess the extent of damage incurred by the insured bike. The policyholder can submit claim forms, other relevant documents & proofs to the surveyor.

Step 4: Repair: After the assessment is done, you can take your two-wheeler to a network garage, to get the repair done.

Step 5: Claim Settlement: If the surveyor approves, the insurer confirms its financial and legal liabilities and compensates the insured for the loss and damages. The claim is decided after taking into consideration all deductions and depreciations.

How to file a Reimbursement Claim for National Two-wheeler Insurance Insurance?

A reimbursement claim is needed when the policyholder cannot or doesn't take the bike to a network garage. The policyholder can seek from the insurer reimbursement for repairing the bike in other garages.

The process of filing a reimbursement bike insurance claim is as follows:

Step 1: Contact: The policyholder should reach out to the National Insurance Company immediately after the accident or theft.

Step 2: Claim registration: When in touch with the customer care executive, the insured informs about the accident and the policy number of the insured bike. In return, the company issues a unique reference number to the policyholder.

Step 3: Survey of the damage: The insurer appoints a surveyor who checks and inspects the bike's condition before it is sent for repairs. The surveyor makes the estimates regarding repair costs of the insured bike. 

Step 4: Repair and reimbursement: Once the surveyor approves the claim, the policyholder can send the bike to the desired garage. The bills of repair and other policy documents are sent to the insurer for reimbursement. The company then reimburses the claimant after considering the deductibles.

Common National Two-Wheeler Insurance Claim Rejection Reasons

The insurer can reject a claim application under the following circumstances:

  • Intoxication
  • Negligent act of the policyholder
  • Driving the bike without a license
  • Misinterpretation of facts on the policyholder's part
  • Registration of a fraud Claim
  • Claiming wrong sum assured
  • Improper functioning of the bike parts
  • Lack of details required to process the claim
  • Delay of more than 24 hours in intimation about the accident  to the company

National Bike Insurance No-Claim Bonus

The Insurer offers a no-claim bonus in a comprehensive health insurance policy for not filing a claim during the policy term. The main features of No-claim bonus are given below:

  1. For every claim-free year, the policyholder is rewarded with a reduction in premiums.
  2. The no-claim bonus is a cumulative reward that becomes higher every consecutive year.
  3. It can be a maximum of 5 years. In the 5thyear, the no-claim bonus will reach 50%.
  4. The bonus lapses when the policyholder files a claim.
  5. The insurance policy shall be renewed at appropriate times to maintain the no-claim bonus.


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