IFFCO Tokio Bike Insurance Claim

Bike insurance provides a financial cushion in case of accidents, thefts, fires, natural disasters, riots, etc. when a claim is raised. The IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance Company has a simple and straightforward system to raise a claim. They have 24/7 claim assistance customer service and have a good record of settling most claims as their claim settlement ratio is 95.80%.

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Documents Required to Raise an IFFCO Tokio Bike Insurance Claim

To raise a bike insurance claim, the policyholders have to submit some documents to the insurer. If they fail to submit any of the documents, then your insurer might reject your claim. Take a look at the list of documents below:

Documents Required to Raise an Accident Claim:

  • Proof of the bike insurance policy
  • Copy of bike registration book and tax receipts
  • Original copy of the driving license of the person who was riding the bike
  • Police FIR report
  • Estimate for repairs from the garage where the vehicle will be repaired
  • Repair bills, payment receipts after the repair is complete
  • Claims discharge signed across a revenue stamp 

Documents Required to Raise a Theft Claim:

  • Original policy document
  • Bike registration book or certificate.
  • All the keys, service booklet, original purchase invoice, and Non-Repossession Letter from the financer are required
  • Police FIR report
  • The copy of the acknowledged letter addressed to RTO (Regional Transport Office) informing the theft and declaring vehicle "NON-USE."
  • Form 30, 29, and 28, signed by the policyholder, and form 35, signed by the insurer
  • Letter of Subrogation
  • Consent towards decided claim settlement value from the policyholder and the financer
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) of financer if the claim is settled in the policyholder's favour
  • Blank and updated Vakalatnama

How to Raise an IFFCO Tokio Bike Insurance Claim?

The steps to raise a bike insurance claim with IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance company are:

Step 1– Contact the insurer and inform them about the mishap involving the two wheeler

Step 2– File an FIR in case of theft or accident

Step 3– Bring the damaged two-wheeler/ bike to a repair shop. If the repair shop is authorized for the cashless claim facility, then the policyholder does not have to pay for the repairs. Instead, the insurer will pay the repairer directly.

Step 4– If the shop is not registered for the cashless claim facility, get the bike repaired and pay the bills. Keep these bills safely as they will be required to be submitted to the insurer.

Step 5– Submit all the necessary documents that the insurer has asked for

The insurance company will verify and analyze the documents, and if the documents are satisfactory, they will accept the claim.

Common Reasons for Claim Rejection

Here are some of the common reasons why IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance Company might reject a bike insurance claim:

  • Drunk Riding– If an accident involving the insured bike/ two-wheeler occurred while the rider was intoxicated/drunk, then, the insurance company will not be liable to compensate for the damages.
  • Driving License– If a person was riding the insured bike without a valid driving license, then the insurer will not compensate for own damages or any third-party liabilities.
  • Riding without a Valid License Holder– Any learner's license holder must ride the insured bike only if someone with a valid driving license is seated behind him/her. If not, the insurance company will not compensate for any damages or liabilities.
  • Coverage for Excluded Damages– If any coverage was not promised, then the insurance company will not compensate for such damage. For example, if the bike owner has third-party insurance and he/she raises a claim for damage caused to the insured bike by fire or natural disaster, then the claim will be rejected.

IFFCO Tokio No-Claim Bonus

A No Claim Bonus or NCB is a reward given to a policyholder if they do not request any claim in the previous policy year. This reward will be given in the form of a discount on the policy premium next year. With IFFCO Tokio bike insurance plans, policyholders can save up to 50% on renewal premiums through NCB benefits.


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IFFCO Tokio Bike Insurance Claim Reviews & Ratings

4.6 / 5 (Based on 62 Reviews)
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Ludhiana, October 09, 2021
Complete support
Policybazaar is one of the best service providers. I did not expect that I would get so much support. I went to Policybazaar for bike insurance and with the help of the team I took iffco Tokio two wheeler Insurance. the team shared with me all the details of my policy.
Ghaziabad, October 09, 2021
Outstanding service
I am planning to buy more plans from Policybazaar as I am satisfied with the services provided by Policybazaar. the team facilitated me with outstanding service. I have had a wonderful experience while buying iffco Tokio Two Wheeler Insurance.
Vadodara, October 09, 2021
Faster claim settlement
I had lost my documents which were required to make the claim. I visited Policybazaar from where I had taken iffco Tokio Two Wheeler Insurance. The team resolved my problem in a single conversation. They are very good in problem solving. i got the claim settlement without any hassle.
Patna, October 09, 2021
Best plan
The services provides by the Policybazaar to its customers are remarkable. i have received full attention and assistance while purchasing iffco tokio plan for my bike. An executive who helped me find the best plan at the best price was brilliant at his work.
Pimpri Chinchwad, October 09, 2021
Right plan
My father had gifted me a bike and a friend of mine suggested me to get my bike insured as it will help me financially in case of any kind of mishappening. So I came across the policybazaar website and after comparing the plans I found the right plan for me which was iffco tokio plan.
Pimpri Chinchwad, August 18, 2021
Great plans
I did not like my previous policy so i decided to switch and i went to policy bazaar office and i took a IFFCO Tokio two wheeler insurance policy. in the new policy i got what i need in my policy and satisfied with the service provided by the company.
Varanasi, June 04, 2021
Easy renewal
I bought Iffco Tokio two wheeler insurance online through policybazaar. The process was very easy. I renewed the same policy this year as well. I like their services.
Noida, June 04, 2021
Easy online claims
I purchased Iffco Tokio two wheeler insurance three years ago through policybazaar. I had to claim the policy once last year due to minor accident. Entire process was very smooth and I was able to get the claim very quickly.
Amabala, June 04, 2021
New policy holder
I bought Iffco Tokio two wheeler insurance three months ago through policybazaar. Online buying process and payment was very easy. I could compare 10 different plans before deciding on one. Thank you policybazaar.
R.udayagiri, October 13, 2020
I have saved a lot more money when I got the iffco tokio two wheeler insurance policy from the policybazaar and it has been an amazing experience for me and my family. Thank you policybazaar.